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Review: Arghoslent - Hornets of the Pogrom
Hornets of the Pogrom

Label: Drakkar Productions
Year released: 2008
Duration: 42:06
Tracks: 8
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 1.75/5

Review online: January 18, 2009
Reviewed by: Larry Griffin
Readers Rating
Hornets of the Pogrom

Rated 3.94/5 (78.8%) (50 Votes)

Author's Note: I will be the first to admit to you how wrong I was about the first Arghoslent album I reviewed, Incorrigible Bigotry. Yes, it had some good riffs, and yes, it was listenable, but further listens, after the hype wore off, revealed a band with no passion or anger or any other kind of emotion to their music. It sounded like music made by machines, and I'm sorry I ever endorsed such laughable, pathetic and contrived crap. Allow me to use this review as repentance for my mistakes.

People mystify me. I'm not only talking about the mainstream masses, who constantly eat up corporate marketing schemes like The Jonas Brothers and crappy movies like Underworld, but as soon as I start to appreciate the artistic value of some modern music, even the underground metal scene surprises me with the puzzling praise of shitty, shitty bands like Biomechanical, Arsis and now Arghoslent. What do all of these bands have in common? Heinously dull, fraudulent and artificial music that tries to disguise itself by being fast and heavy and offensive for the dumbass kids who don't know any better. Ridiculous, monotonous crap for morons who only want faceless technicality and brutality out of their music, without any regard for atmosphere or creativity or anything, you know, interesting.

Now, granted, Arghoslent isn't quite as bad as those other two abominations, but their 2008 album Hornets of the Pogrom is still pretty wretched, and undeserving of any real praise. Aside from being a bunch of racist cock-knockers, they are also incredibly derivative songwriters, with most of the shit on this album sounding like a bad The Chasm ripoff, with melodies that recall Iron Maiden and sometimes even 80s Helloween. Arghoslent get a lot of praise for their riffs, which are notably classic metal inspired, with only one major difference: these riffs suck and will not evoke anything but a tired yawn. The band, again, plays through this stuff like machines, never trying to sound evil or twisted or anything that you would expect a band with racist lyrics to be in the first place.

Okay, okay, the riffs aren't that bad by themselves, but they're never played into the songs in any way that sounds interesting or catchy or headbangable, or anything that metal should be. A riff is only as good as the song it's meshed into, after all. Hornets of the Pogrom is about as exciting as watching paint dry. This is so sterile and uninspiring that it might as well be fucking elevator music. Iced Earth have written more exciting stuff than this on their last couple of albums. Why don't people demand more from their music than this un-likable, un-memorable horseshit? Where is the love for music without plastic guitar tones and that doesn't try to sound heavier than it really is? If you want something with classic metal-inspired riffs, don't listen to this watered down garbage, JUST GO LISTEN TO ACTUAL CLASSIC METAL. IT DOESN'T SUCK LIKE THIS DOES. IT ACTUALLY HAS PRIDE AND A SENSE OF DIGNITY AND EVERYTHING THAT THIS ALBUM DOESN'T HAVE. It's common sense, people, holy shit. God, this is terrible.

I would say that the lyrics are deplorable, but they really aren't. Here, Arghoslent's lyrics are terrible and bland. I mean, just look at them. They're not even really lyrics, they're just sort of...sentences, broken up into stanzas. They aren't even really racist anymore, either, they're just historical anecdotes. The band doesn't even seem to be trying here. Look at this, from the first song: "Marooned at Sierra Leone/Galleons prepared for the ride loaded with the nation's raw source of labor/With not a courtesan in the swarthy bunch." I mean, what the hell? Couldn't you at least try harder to make your deplorable lyrics deplorable in the first place, you lazy bunch of fucks? This is an insult to my intelligence. It's like hearing about the big, mean dog at the corner of the street for weeks, only to finally go down and see that his teeth have all rotted out.

I'm done with this crap. Don't support this band, don't buy into their shit, and don't believe a word of the praise anyone says about this album. In fact, the next time you hear someone praising this, punch them in the face. Arghoslent have made some of the worst Death Metal I've heard since Decrepit Birth's last noodly pile of fecal matter, and I hope more metalheads will come to their senses and realize that this is nothing short of mediocre on all fronts. Avoid.

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