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Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed
 B.E.N.T.  Eleven Progressive Power Metal20014Michel Renaud2001-03-16
 Bâ'a  Egrégore Black Metal20224.25Michel Renaud2022-03-29
 Ba'alzamon  A Desolate Place Black/Death20194Mjölnir2020-05-24
 Baalphegor  Post Earthquake Age Death Metal20064.25Tony Augsburg2009-08-26
 Babylon Mystery Orchestra  Axis of Evil Heavy Metal20084Michel Renaud2008-05-10
 Babylon Mystery Orchestra  Divine Right of Kings Heavy Metal20024.5Michel Renaud2003-04-04
 Babylon Mystery Orchestra  On Earth As It Is In Heaven Heavy Metal20043.75Michel Renaud2004-07-14
 Babylon Mystery Orchestra  The Godless, the Godforsaken and the Goddamned Melodic Heavy Metal20103.5Michel Renaud2010-05-23
 Babylon Mystery Orchestra  The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy of Satanic Christianity Melodic Heavy Metal20063.5Michel Renaud2006-10-09
 Backhill  Shadow Man Heavy Metal20153.75MetalMike2015-10-25
 Backstabber  Conspiracy Theorist Death Metal20194Michel Renaud2019-01-22
 Bael  Bleeding for Him Black Metal20034.8Ktb2005-10-01
 Baest  Justitia Death Metal20224.75Michel Renaud2022-07-02
 Baest  Necro Sapiens Death Metal20214.75Michel Renaud2021-04-14
 Bahal  Ikelos Black Metal20102.5Memnarch2010-12-17
 Bahimiron  Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror Black Metal20113.5Michel Renaud2011-10-23
 Baht  Bilincten Derine Melodic Death Metal20083Sargon the Terrible2010-06-01
 Baht  Resurgence Hour Death Metal20093.25Sargon the Terrible2010-06-02
 Baise Ma Hache  F.E.R.T Black Metal20185Michel Renaud2020-03-09
 Baise Ma Hache  Vive la mort! Black Metal20174.25Michel Renaud2019-02-14
 Bak De Syv Fjell  Bak De Syv Fjell Folk Metal20093.5Michel Renaud2010-03-06
 Bakken  Death of a Hero Heavy/Power Metal20123.25MetalMike2012-12-29
 Bakken  This Means War Heavy/Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-04-24
 Bakken  Worldwide Genocide Heavy Metal20143.5MetalMike2014-09-23
 Bal-Sagoth  A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria Black Metal19954.5Sargon the Terrible2003-07-21
 Bal-Sagoth  Apocryphal Tales Black Metal20133.75Sargon the Terrible2014-07-04
 Bal-Sagoth  Atlantis Ascendant Unclassifiable20014.25Sargon the Terrible2004-10-28
 Bal-Sagoth  Battle Magic Black Metal19984.5Sargon the Terrible2003-07-17
 Bal-Sagoth  Battle Magic Black Metal19984.25Ulysses2006-04-17
 Bal-Sagoth  Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule Black Metal19964.5Sargon the Terrible2003-03-19
 Bal-Sagoth  The Chthonic Chronicles Black Metal20065Jason Cominetto2009-01-02
 Bal-Sagoth  The Chthonic Chronicles Black Metal20065Sargon the Terrible2006-04-11
 Bal-Sagoth  The Chthonic Chronicles Black Metal20065+Ulysses2006-04-11
 Bal-Sagoth  The Power Cosmic Unclassifiable19994.5Sargon the Terrible2004-10-27
 Balance of Power  Perfect Balance Progressive Power Metal20015Steel Warrior2002-10-07
 Balfor  Barbaric Blood Black/Death20103.25Michel Renaud2011-10-26
 Balfor  Barbaric Blood Black/Death20103.5Sargon the Terrible2011-02-20
 Ballistic  Ballistic Thrash Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2003-12-22
 Balmog  Testimony of the Abominable Black Metal20122Sargon the Terrible2013-01-23
 Bane  Esoteric Formulae Black/Death20184.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-11-12
 Bane of Winterstorm  The Last Sons Of Perylin Power Metal20133Christopher Foley2013-12-14
 Banishment  Cleansing the Infirm Death Metal20083.5Michel Renaud2008-09-10
 Bann  Æschatologia Black Metal20094Lars Christiansen2009-05-23
 Banshee  Mindslave Heavy Metal20123.75Sargon the Terrible2013-02-03
 Baphomet  The Dead Shall Inherit Death Metal20064Michel Renaud2006-08-29
 Baphomet's Blood  Metal Damnation Speed/Thrash20094.5Michel Renaud2010-01-31
 Baptism  Grim Arts of Melancholy Black Metal20084Brett Buckle2009-01-31
 Barad Dür  Dunkelheit Black Metal19991.5Bruce Dragonchaser2011-05-22
 Barathrum  Battlecry (Demo) Doom/Black19924.25Ulysses2007-04-21
 Barathrum  Fanatiko Black Metal20173.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-06-25
 Barbarian  Cult of the Empty Grave Black/Thrash20163.5MetalMike2016-06-02
 Barbarian  To No God Shall I Kneel Black/Thrash20193.5Michel Renaud2019-10-18
 Barbarian Swords  Worms Doom/Black20163.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-13
 Barbarian Swords  Worms Doom/Black20163.75Sargon the Terrible2017-04-17
 Barbatos  Rocking Metal Motherfucker Black/Thrash20142.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-02-26
 Barbatos  Straight Metal War Black/Thrash20153.5MetalMike2015-09-13
 Barren Altar  Entrenched in the Faults of the Earth Doom/Black20184Sargon the Terrible2018-07-22
 Barren Earth  On Lonely Towers Doom/Death20154.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-06-01
 Barshasketh  Barshasketh Black Metal20194Michel Renaud2020-05-22
 Basilisk  A Joyless March Through the Cold Lands Black Metal20044Lars Christiansen2007-03-09
 Bassinvaders  Hellbassbeaters Metal/Hard Rock20081Sargon the Terrible2008-05-02
 Bastard  Hades Command Black/Thrash20153.75Edward T. Head2017-12-17
 Bastard Priest  Ghouls of the Endless Night Death Metal20113.75Michel Renaud2012-03-06
 Bastard Priest  Under the Hammer of Destruction Death Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2010-09-13
 Bastardator  Bastards of Mayhem Thrash Metal20074.25Michel Renaud2007-05-10
 Bastardator  Identify the Dead Thrash Metal20084.75Michel Renaud2009-12-17
 Bat  Axestasy Heavy Metal20193.5MetalMike2019-06-25
 Bat  Axestasy Heavy Metal20193.75Michel Renaud2019-03-17
 Bat  Cruel Discipline Speed Metal20153.25MetalMike2015-05-28
 Bat  Primitive Age Heavy Metal20144Michel Renaud2014-08-09
 Bat  Wings of Chains Black/Thrash20164.25MetalMike2016-08-13
 Bat Magic  Feast of Blood Black Metal20213.5MetalMike2022-02-15
 Bathory  Bathory Black Metal19904.25Michel Renaud2001-11-03
 Bathory  Blood Fire Death Black Metal19885Sargon the Terrible2004-10-18
 Bathory  Blood on Ice Viking Metal19964MetalMike2021-03-06
 Bathory  Destroyer Of Worlds Black Metal20012.5Michel Renaud2001-11-20
 Bathory  Hammerheart Viking Metal19894.5Sargon the Terrible2004-07-05
 Bathory  Hammerheart Viking Metal19895Ulysses2006-04-20
 Bathory  Katalog Black Metal2001 Michel Renaud2001-10-17
 Bathory  Nordland I Viking Metal20024.25Christian Renner2003-02-27
 Bathory  Nordland I Viking Metal20025Sargon the Terrible2004-05-21
 Bathory  Nordland II Viking Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2004-05-28
 Bathory  Twilight of the Gods Viking Metal19915Sargon the Terrible2007-11-23
 Bathory  Under the Sign of the Black Mark Black Metal19864Sargon the Terrible2004-05-25
 Battalion  Generation Movement Thrash Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-07-05
 Battle Axis  Bones of the Aggressor Heavy Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-06-13
 Battle Beast  Battle Beast Heavy/Power Metal20134.5Luxi Lahtinen2013-05-21
 Battle Beast  Battle Beast Heavy/Power Metal20134MetalMike2014-01-25
 Battle Beast  Battle Beast Heavy/Power Metal20134Sargon the Terrible2013-06-19
 Battle Beast  Bringer of Pain Power Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-03-18
 Battle Beast  Circus of Doom Heavy Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-04-09
 Battle Beast  No More Hollywood Endings Metal/Hard Rock20193Michel Renaud2019-04-10
 Battle Beast  Steel Heavy Metal20114.75Sargon the Terrible2011-06-24
 Battle Beast  Unholy Savior Heavy Metal20154.5MetalMike2015-02-14
 Battle Beast  Unholy Savior Heavy Metal20154Sargon the Terrible2015-02-04
 Battle Dagorath  Abyss Horizons Black Metal20204.25Mjölnir2020-07-04
 Battle Dagorath  Cursed Storm of Ages Black Metal20134.25Sargon the Terrible2013-05-15
 Battle Dagorath  Eternal Throne Black Metal20084.5Lars Christiansen2009-07-24
 Battle Dagorath  II - Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness Black Metal20174.5Sargon the Terrible2017-10-23
 Battle Raider  Battle Raider Heavy Metal20173MetalMike2017-12-19
 Battle Ram  Battle Ram (Demo) Heavy Metal20034.25Sargon the Terrible2005-10-29
 Battle Ram  Long Live The Ram Heavy Metal20134.25Sargon the Terrible2013-11-28
 Battleaxe  Power from the Universe Heavy Metal19844MetalMike2018-05-18
 Battlecross  Pursuit of Honor Melodic Death Metal20113.5Michel Renaud2011-11-13
 Battlecross  Rise to Power Melodic Death Metal20151.75Michel Renaud2015-08-29
 Battlecry  Today Belongs to Us Heavy Metal20094Hermer Arroyo2009-08-14
 Battlelore  ...Where The Shadows Lie Power Metal20024Sargon the Terrible2005-09-13
 Battlelore  Doombound Heavy Metal20113.5MetalMike2011-01-18
 Battlelore  Sword's Song Power Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2003-11-29
 Battlelore  The Last Alliance Symphonic Metal20084.5Sargon the Terrible2008-11-16
 Battlelore  The Return of the Shadow Symphonic Metal20224.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-21
 Battlelore  Third Age Of The Sun Epic Metal20054.25Sargon the Terrible2005-09-26
 Battlelust  Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft Black/Thrash19983Sargon the Terrible2004-02-17
 Battlerage  Blood, Fire, Steel Heavy Metal20093.75Sargon the Terrible2009-12-23
 Battlerage  Dreams in Darkness Heavy Metal20183.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-11-06
 Battlerage  Steel Supremacy Heavy Metal20044Sargon the Terrible2005-02-13
 Battlerage  The Slaughter Returns Heavy Metal20084.5Sargon the Terrible2009-12-22
 Battlerage  True Metal Victory Heavy Metal20114.5Sargon the Terrible2012-01-01
 Battleroar  Age of Chaos Heavy Metal20055Sargon the Terrible2005-11-15
 Battleroar  Battleroar Heavy Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2004-01-29
 Battleroar  Blood of Legends Heavy Metal20144MetalMike2014-09-07
 Battleroar  Blood of Legends Heavy Metal20144.75Sargon the Terrible2014-04-13
 Battleroar  Codex Epicus Heavy Metal20184MetalMike2018-06-09
 Battleroar  Codex Epicus Heavy Metal20184Sargon the Terrible2018-05-20
 Battleroar  To Death and Beyond... Heavy Metal20085Sargon the Terrible2008-04-28
 Battlesword  And Death Cometh Upon Us Death Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2019-11-30
 Battlesword  Banners of Destruction Death Metal20164.5Sargon the Terrible2016-06-19
 Battlesword  Failing In Triumph Melodic Death Metal20024Sargon the Terrible2003-07-13
 Batushka  Hospodi Black Metal20193.75Michel Renaud2019-11-14
 Baxaxaxa  Catacomb Cult Black Metal20214Michel Renaud2021-08-22
 Baxaxaxa  Devoted to HIM Black Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-12-13
 Bear Mace  Charred Field of Slaughter Death Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-10-14
 Beast in Black  Berserker Power Metal20174MetalMike2018-03-01
 Beast in Black  Dark Connection Power Metal20213MetalMike2022-02-06
 Beast in Black  Dark Connection Power Metal20214Michel Renaud2021-11-26
 Beast in Black  From Hell with Love Power Metal20193MetalMike2019-04-22
 Beast in Black  From Hell with Love Power Metal20194Michel Renaud2019-03-08
 Beast of Revelation  The Ancient Ritual of Death Doom/Death20204Luxi Lahtinen2019-09-08
 Beastmaker  Inside the Skull Doom Metal20173MetalMike2017-10-15
 Beastmaker  Lusus Naturae Doom Metal20163.5MetalMike2016-07-17
 Beatrik  Requiem of December Doom/Black20054.5Lars Christiansen2006-11-06
 Becerus  Homo Homini Brutus Death Metal20214Luxi Lahtinen2021-07-05
 Bedemon  Symphony of Shadows Doom Metal20123.5MetalMike2012-08-21
 Beehler  Messages to the Dead Speed/Thrash20114MetalMike2011-12-07
 Beehler  Messages to the Dead Speed/Thrash20114.5Michel Renaud2011-11-06
 Before Eden  The Legacy of Gaia Progressive Power Metal20114.5Sargon the Terrible2011-05-28
 Before Silence  The Screaming Wolves Progressive Power Metal20043.5Sargon the Terrible2005-10-31
 Before the Dawn  4:17am Melodic Death Metal20043.25Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-24
 Begerith  A.D.A.M. Black/Death20174Michel Renaud2018-08-26
 Begrafven  Dödsriket Black Metal20203.25MetalMike2020-08-27
 Beheaded  Never to Dawn Death Metal20123.5Sargon the Terrible2013-01-11
 Beheaded  Only Death Can Save You Death Metal20194.5Sargon the Terrible2019-06-26
 Behemoth  A Forest Black/Death20203.75Michel Renaud2020-05-31
 Behemoth  And the Forests Dream Eternally Black Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2020-11-22
 Behemoth  Crush.Fukk.Create - Requiem for Generation Armageddon 20044.5Michel Renaud2004-11-21
 Behemoth  Demigod Death Metal20045Chaossphere2005-01-05
 Behemoth  Demigod Death Metal20044.25Sargon the Terrible2005-07-27
 Behemoth  Evangelion Death Metal20094Larry Griffin2009-08-19
 Behemoth  Evangelion Death Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2009-07-30
 Behemoth  Ezkaton Death/Black20084Michel Renaud2008-11-30
 Behemoth  I Loved You at Your Darkest Black/Death20183.75Michel Renaud2018-10-24
 Behemoth  In Absentia Dei Black/Death20214Michel Renaud2022-03-21
 Behemoth  Live Eschaton: The Art of Rebellion 20024.25Michel Renaud2002-08-05
 Behemoth  Messe Noire: Live Satanist Black/Death20184.25Michel Renaud2018-11-03
 Behemoth  Satanica Death Metal19994.5Sargon the Terrible2007-10-12
 Behemoth  Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) Black Metal20214.25Michel Renaud2021-08-20
 Behemoth  The Apostasy Death Metal20074.75Lars Christiansen2007-07-20
 Behemoth  The Satanist Death Metal20143.25Christopher Foley2014-02-28
 Behemoth  Thelema.6 Black/Death20014.25Christian Renner2001-08-09
 Behemoth  Thelema.6 Black/Death20014Sargon the Terrible2005-08-31
 Behemoth  Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) Black/Death20023.5Christian Renner2003-03-01
 Behemoth  Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) Black/Death20025Sargon the Terrible2003-05-09
 Behemoth  Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) Black/Death20024.75Scott Murray2003-04-09
 Beherit  At the Devil's Studio 1990 Black Metal20113Michel Renaud2012-01-31
 Beherit  Drawing Down The Moon Black Metal19934.5Sargon the Terrible2006-06-02
 Beherit  The Oath Of Black Blood Black Metal19914Sargon the Terrible2006-09-07
 Behexen  By the Blessing of Satan Black Metal20044.25Michel Renaud2006-09-09
 Behexen  My Soul For His Glory Black Metal20084.25Sargon the Terrible2008-08-07
 Behexen  Rituale Satanum Black Metal20004.25Bruce Dragonchaser2011-02-16
 Behexen/Satanic Warmaster  Behexen / Satanic Warmaster Black Metal20084.25Lars Christiansen2009-01-14
 Behind Chaos  Behind The Sound Of Chaos Power/Thrash20013.5Michel Renaud2001-05-03
 Beholder  Lethal Injection Power Metal20044Bruce Dragonchaser2011-01-30
 Beholder  The Legend Begins Power Metal20013Bruce Dragonchaser2011-01-29
 Bejelit  You Die And I... Heavy Metal20102Sargon the Terrible2010-03-19
 Bekëth Nexëhmü  De evigas gravrit Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-04-18
 Bekëth Nexëhmü  De fornas likgaldrar (Forna nordiska besvärjelsen omfamnat i tre kapitel) Black Metal20214Sargon the Terrible2022-02-26
 Bekhira  Demo 1996 Black Metal20104.25Michel Renaud2010-05-04
 Belenos  Argoat Pagan Metal20194.5Sargon the Terrible2019-10-17
 Belenos  Chants de bataille Black Metal20062.5Ktb2006-02-24
 Belenos  Chants de bataille Black Metal20064.75Sargon the Terrible2006-03-23
 Belenos  Chemins de Souffrance Black Metal20074.5Pagan Shadow2008-01-23
 Belenos  Errances Oniriques Black Metal20095Nahsil2009-08-27
 Belenos  Kornog Power Metal20164Sargon the Terrible2016-10-09
 Beleth  Silent Genesis Death Metal20213Micah.Ram2021-05-12
 Belfegor  The Kingdom Of Glacial Palaces Black Metal20013.75Michel Renaud2001-10-28
 Belial  Diabology Death Metal20093.25Jason Cominetto2009-08-30
 Belial (Finland)  The Gods of the Pit pt. II (Paragon So Below) Black/Death20214Michel Renaud2021-01-08
 Belial (Finland)  The Invocation of Belial Black/Death20194.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-04-27
 Believer  Gabriel Progressive Metal20092Christopher Foley2009-03-28
 Bell Witch  Longing Funeral Doom20124.25Mjölnir2020-06-25
 Belore  Journey Through Mountains and Valleys Black Metal20203.75Sargon the Terrible2020-05-18
 Belphegor  Bondage Goat Zombie Death/Black20084Sargon the Terrible2008-04-09
 Belphegor  Goatreich - Fleshcult Death/Black20054.5Chaossphere2005-04-26
 Belphegor  Lucifer Incestus Black/Death20034Sargon the Terrible2004-05-04
 Belphegor  Pestapokalypse VI Death/Black20063Sargon the Terrible2007-01-04
 Belphegor  Totenritual Black/Death20173.5Michel Renaud2018-05-24
 Beltane  Expressionist Progressive Metal20084Jason Cominetto2009-04-23
 Ben Blutzukker  Analog Blood Heavy Metal20153MetalMike2016-02-15
 Beneath  The Barren Throne Death Metal20144Sargon the Terrible2018-01-20
 Beneath the Massacre  Marée Noire Death Metal20103Michel Renaud2010-09-29
 Benediction  Killing Music Death Metal20084Lars Christiansen2008-12-04
 Benediction  Scriptures Death Metal20204.75Michel Renaud2020-11-03
 Benediction  The Grand Leveller Death Metal19914.75Hermer Arroyo2010-01-30
 Benedictum  Obey Heavy Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-10-08
 Benedictum  Uncreation Heavy Metal20064.25Sargon the Terrible2006-05-17
 Benighted  Identisick Death Metal20063.75Sargon the Terrible2006-04-11
 Benighted  Insane Cephalic Production Death Metal20032.5Sargon the Terrible2004-04-29
 Benighted Soul  Start from Scratch Symphonic Metal20112.5Christopher Foley2011-04-03
 Benothing  Temporal Bliss Surrealms Death Metal20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2022-04-25
 Beorn's Hall  Estuary Black Metal20183.5Sargon the Terrible2018-03-12
 Beorn's Hall  In His Granite Realm Black Metal20193.75Bruno Medeiros2019-04-09
 Bergraven  Dodsvisioner Black Metal20074.5Pagan Shadow2008-05-01
 Bergraven  Dodsvisioner Black Metal20073.25Sargon the Terrible2007-04-30
 Beriedir  AQVA Power Metal20224.25MetalMike2022-03-24
 Berserk  Cries of Blood and Hate Pagan Metal20064Pagan Shadow2008-05-12
 Berserk  Cries of Blood and Hate Pagan Metal20064Sargon the Terrible2007-01-11
 Berserk  Return of the Ancient Laws Black Metal20043.5Sargon the Terrible2005-01-11
 Berserk  Rites of Supremacy Black Metal20034.25Sargon the Terrible2003-08-10
 Berserk  …From the Celtiberian Woods Black Metal20014Sargon the Terrible2003-07-07
 Berserker  Blood Of The Warriors Heavy Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2008-03-21
 Berzerker Legion  Obliterate the Weak Death Metal20204.5Luxi Lahtinen2019-12-18
 Berzerker Legion  Obliterate the Weak Death Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-04-10
 Besatt  In Nomine Satanas Black Metal19974Wilhelm2001-06-22
 Besieged  Victims Beyond All Help Death/Thrash20133.5MetalMike2013-08-12
 Bestia Arcana  Holokauston Black Metal20174.5Sargon the Terrible2017-08-10
 Bestial Death  Suicide of the Immortal Death/Thrash20102Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2011-05-06
 Bestial Deform  ...Ad Leones Death Metal20162.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-10-24
 Bestial Deform  Bellum Contra Omnes Death Metal20144.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-05-22
 Bestial Deform  Together We'll Destroy the World Death Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2016-03-27
 Bestial Invasion  Monomania Thrash Metal20194.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-08-17
 Bestial Mockery  Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw Black/Thrash20104.25Michel Renaud2010-02-22
 Bestial Warlust  Vengeance War 'Till Death Black Metal19944Ulysses2007-02-04
 Bestialized  Termestella Cvltvs Black Metal20161Luxi Lahtinen2017-06-06
 Bestialord  Black Mass Wedding Death Metal20193.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-10-02
 Bethlehem  Stönkfitzchen Black Metal20104Adam McAuley2011-09-13
 Beto Vasquez' Infinity  Beto Vasquez' Infinity Power Metal20033.75Sargon the Terrible2003-10-28
 Beto Vasquez' Infinity  Darkmind Power Metal20082Sargon the Terrible2010-09-13
 Betrayer  Rusted Icons Heavy/Thrash20013.754th Horseman2004-07-14
 Betrayer  Rusted Icons Heavy/Thrash20014.25Michel Renaud2004-10-18
 Between the Zones  Shiftings Progressive Metal20142MetalMike2014-12-16
 Bewitched  Rise Of The Antichrist Black/Thrash20023.5Michel Renaud2002-06-01
 Bewitched  Spiritual Warfare Black/Thrash20064Sargon the Terrible2007-08-30
 Bewitcher  Bewitcher Black/Thrash20164.5MetalMike2016-11-20
 Bewitcher  Bewitcher Black/Thrash20164Sargon the Terrible2016-09-16
 Bewitcher  Cursed Be Thy Kingdom Black/Thrash20214.25Michel Renaud2021-04-23
 Bewitcher  Too Fast for the Flames Black/Thrash20193.5Michel Renaud2019-01-25
 Bewitcher  Under the Witching Cross Black/Thrash20194MetalMike2019-04-06
 Bewitchment  Towards Desolation Thrash Metal20173.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-08
 Beyond Black Void  Desolate Funeral Doom20064Lars Christiansen2008-08-21
 Beyond Black Void  Desolate Funeral Doom20063.5Pagan Shadow2008-03-15
 Beyond Fallen  As the Spires Fall Heavy Metal20174.5Bruno Medeiros2017-08-22
 Beyond Hell  The Sleeper Awakens Death Metal20103.25Michel Renaud2010-09-12
 Beyond Surface  Destination's End Gothic Metal20042.54th Horseman2004-04-27
 Beyond The Flesh  What The Mind Perceives Death/Thrash20034.5Sargon the Terrible2003-09-30
 Beyond Twilight  For The Love Of Art And The Making Progressive Metal20064Christopher Foley2009-02-11
 Beyond Twilight  Section X Progressive Metal20054.75Larry Griffin2008-05-31
 Beyond Twilight  The Devil's Hall Of Fame Progressive Metal20014.25Steel Warrior2002-10-10
 Bibleblack  The Black Swan Epilogue Death/Thrash20093.75Michel Renaud2009-09-27
 Bifröst  Heidenmetal Pagan Metal20104.5Pagan Shadow2010-03-07
 Bilocate  Sudden Death Syndrome Doom/Death20083.75Larry Griffin2008-08-26
 Bilocate  Sudden Death Syndrome Doom/Death20083.75Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2011-03-28
 Binary Creed  A Battle Won Progressive Metal20163.75MetalMike2018-04-08
 Biomechanical  Cannibalised Unclassifiable20071Larry Griffin2008-05-11
 Biomechanical  The Empires of the Worlds Heavy/Progressive20054Lars Christiansen2006-10-15
 Bionic Angel  Digital Violence Gothic Metal20083.25Pagan Shadow2008-09-11
 Bishop of Hexen  Unveil The Curtain Of Sanity (Promo) Black Metal20042Sargon the Terrible2004-12-09
 Bitch  The Bitch is Back Heavy Metal19874Michel Renaud2005-07-23
 BitchHammer  Offenders of the Faith Black/Thrash20193.75Luxi Lahtinen2019-08-19
 Bitter Dawn  Winterthorns Black Metal20081Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-23
 BK 49  Join the Dead Death/Thrash20033.5Sargon the Terrible2003-07-27
 Black Abyss  Angels Wear Black Power Metal20041.5Larry Griffin2007-12-05
 Black Abyss  Angels Wear Black Power Metal20043.75Sargon the Terrible2008-02-05
 Black Abyss  Land of Darkness Power Metal20003Sargon the Terrible2003-09-11
 Black Altar  Death Fanaticism Black Metal20084.5Pagan Shadow2008-09-22
 Black Anvil  As Was Black Metal20172.5Bruno Medeiros2017-02-05
 Black Anvil  Hail Death Black/Thrash20143.5MetalMike2014-10-22
 Black Aurora  Polar Night Melodic Heavy Metal20073Bruce Dragonchaser2007-04-24
 Black Autumn  Losing the Sun Doom/Black20144Sargon the Terrible2014-10-14
 Black Beast  Nocturnal Bloodlust Black Metal20194.5Michel Renaud2019-11-08
 Black Blood Invocation  Atavistic Offerings to the Sabbatic Goat Black Metal20173.75Michel Renaud2018-07-14
 Black Breath  Heavy Breathing Thrash Metal20103Sargon the Terrible2010-06-08
 Black Breath  Razor to Oblivion Thrash Metal20083Sargon the Terrible2010-03-03
 Black Breath  Sentenced to Life Death/Thrash20124.5Christopher Foley2012-05-31
 Black Candle  Nightfire Black Metal19993.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-11-30
 Black Cobra  Invernal Heavy/Doom20113MetalMike2012-01-27
 Black Crown  Caverns of Thantifaxath Black Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-24
 Black Crown  Caverns of Thantifaxath Black Metal20203.75Sargon the Terrible2020-07-26
 Black Crucifixion  Lightless Violent Chaos Black Metal20194.25Michel Renaud2020-05-14
 Black Cult  Nekropola Black Metal20204.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-09-24
 Black Curse  Endless Wound Death Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-05-29
 Black Death  Black Death Heavy Metal20003.75Hermer Arroyo2009-06-26
 Black Death  Black Death Heavy Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-11-10
 Black Death  Until We Rock: The Early Recordings of Black Death Heavy Metal20174.25Omni2017-03-24
 Black Death Resurrected  The Return of the Iron Messiah Heavy Metal20174.5Omni2017-05-26
 Black Dementia  Dictum of Negation Black Metal20083.75Pagan Shadow2008-04-13
 Black Destiny  In Neo Noir Power Metal20044.75Larry Griffin2009-12-03
 Black Fate  Between Visions & Lies Progressive Metal20143.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-10-05
 Black Fate  Ithaca Progressive Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-12-07
 Black Fate  Ithaca Progressive Power Metal20203.75Mjölnir2020-09-28
 Black Flare  Black Flare Heavy Metal20213MetalMike2021-06-29
 Black Fucking Cancer  Procreate Inverse Black Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-03-31
 Black Funeral  Belial Arisen Black Metal20013.25Sargon the Terrible2006-02-15
 Black Funeral  Empire Of Blood Black Metal19983.75Sargon the Terrible2004-07-31
 Black Funeral  Scourge of Lamashtu Black Metal20203.5Sargon the Terrible2020-07-19
 Black Funeral  The Dust and Darkness Black Metal20183MetalMike2018-12-23
 Black Funeral  The Dust and Darkness Black Metal20183Michel Renaud2018-09-11
 Black Funeral  Vukolak Black Metal20104.25Michel Renaud2010-07-31
 Black Hawk  Destination Hell Heavy Metal20203.75Michel Renaud2020-03-11
 Black Hawk  Dragonride Heavy Metal20074.25Michel Renaud2007-07-22
 Black Hawk  Straight to Hell Heavy Metal20102.5MetalMike2010-12-21
 Black Hawk  Straight to Hell Heavy Metal20102.5Sargon the Terrible2010-12-11
 Black Hole Generator  Black Karma Black Metal20064Sargon the Terrible2007-03-27
 Black Horizon  The Choice Heavy Metal20102.5Michel Renaud2017-11-28
 Black Hosts  Times of Eternal Torture Thrash Metal20193.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-01-27
 Black Knight  Master of Disaster Heavy Metal19854.5Ulysses2006-05-31
 Black Knight (Netherlands)  Tales from the Darkside Heavy Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-01-30
 Black Label Society  Kings of Damnation - Era '98-'04 Heavy Metal2005Michel Renaud2005-11-11
 Black Lotus  Harvest of Seasons Black Metal20093.25Pagan Shadow2009-07-10
 Black Lotus (Spain)  Sons of Saturn Doom Metal20182.5Sargon the Terrible2018-10-02
 Black Magic  Wizard's Spell Heavy Metal20194.25Michel Renaud2019-04-07
 Black Majesty  Children of the Abyss Power Metal20183.75Bruno Medeiros2018-11-20
 Black Majesty  In Your Honour Power Metal20104.75Larry Griffin2010-06-12
 Black Majesty  In Your Honour Power Metal20104.5MetalMike2010-05-29
 Black Majesty  Sands of Time Power Metal20034.75Sargon the Terrible2003-11-27
 Black Majesty  Silent Company Power Metal20054.5Sargon the Terrible2005-11-24
 Black Majesty  Stargazer Power Metal20124MetalMike2012-08-10
 Black Majesty  Stargazer Power Metal20124Sargon the Terrible2012-10-06
 Black Majesty  Tomorrowland Power Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2007-06-12
 Black Masquerade  Holy And Bright Heavy/Power Metal20073.75Michel Renaud2008-07-19
 Black Masquerade  Spread Your Wings Heavy/Power Metal20054Michel Renaud2005-07-12
 Black Mass  Ancient Scriptures Thrash Metal20153.5Michel Renaud2019-01-05
 Black Mass  Feast at the Forbidden Tree Black/Thrash20213.75MetalMike2021-08-09
 Black Mass  Warlust Thrash Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-04-26
 Black Mass  Warlust Thrash Metal20194Michel Renaud2019-01-26
 Black Messiah  The Final Journey Folk Metal20123.25Christopher Foley2012-04-07
 Black Messiah  The Final Journey Folk Metal20123.75MetalMike2012-08-18
 Black Messiah  The Final Journey Folk Metal20123Sargon the Terrible2013-04-02
 Black Moor  The Conquering Heavy Metal20093.75Michel Renaud2009-09-14
 Black Night (Netherlands)  Road to Victory Heavy Metal20203.5MetalMike2020-08-31
 Black Oath  Emeth Truth and Death Doom Metal20223MetalMike2022-04-22
 Black Oath  Ov Qliphoth and Darkness Doom Metal20133.75MetalMike2013-08-16
 Black Oath  To Below and Beyond Doom Metal20153.75Sargon the Terrible2016-03-10
 Black Pestilence  Hail the Flesh Black Metal20204Mjölnir2020-04-04
 Black Phantom  Zero Hour Is Now Heavy Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-08-14
 Black Propaganda  Black Propaganda Death/Thrash20113.25MetalMike2012-09-18
 Black Pyramid  Black Pyramid Doom Metal20094.5Adam Kohrman2011-07-15
 Black River  Black 'n' Roll Heavy Metal20104Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-12-21
 Black Royal  Firebride Doom/Death20204.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-02-04
 Black Royal  Lightbringer Death Metal20184Luxi Lahtinen2018-04-05
 Black Sabbath  Black Sabbath Heavy/Doom19704.25MetalMike2011-04-12
 Black Sabbath  Born Again Heavy/Doom19833MetalMike2021-03-14
 Black Sabbath  Headless Cross Heavy Metal19894.5Sargon the Terrible2004-08-02
 Black Sabbath  Heaven and Hell Heavy Metal19804MetalMike2011-09-25
 Black Sabbath  Master of Reality Doom Metal19714.75MetalMike2011-07-26
 Black Sabbath  Mob Rules Heavy Metal19814.25MetalMike2011-11-19
 Black Sabbath  Never Say Die! Heavy Metal19782.5MetalMike2011-09-06
 Black Sabbath  Paranoid Heavy/Doom19704.75MetalMike2011-07-03
 Black Sabbath  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Doom Metal19734MetalMike2011-08-15
 Black Sabbath  Sabotage Doom Metal19753.75MetalMike2011-08-21
 Black Sabbath  Technical Ecstasy Heavy Metal19762MetalMike2011-09-02
 Black Sabbath  The Black Sabbath Story Volume One 20024.5Michel Renaud2003-03-16
 Black Sabbath  The Black Sabbath Story Volume Two 20023.5Michel Renaud2003-03-16
 Black Sabbath  Tyr Heavy Metal19904.25Sargon the Terrible2004-08-05
 Black Sabbath  Vol.4 Doom Metal19724MetalMike2011-07-28
 Black Shadow  Against the God - In the Name of Darkness! Black Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2016-03-31
 Black Shadow  Hell's Retribution to False Prophets' Scums Black Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2016-04-02
 Black Soul Horde  Land of Demise Heavy Metal20204.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-12-03
 Black Steel  Battle Call Heavy Metal20013.5Michel Renaud2000-10-22
 Black Steel  Destructor Heavy Metal20024.75Michel Renaud2003-02-05
 Black Steel  Hellhammer Heavy/Power Metal20054.75Michel Renaud2021-01-29
 Black Sun  Silent Enemy Power Metal20203.5MetalMike2020-09-28
 Black Sun  Silent Enemy Power Metal20203.75Mjölnir2020-08-23
 Black Talon  Endless Realities Thrash Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-07-20
 Black Trip  Shadowline Heavy Metal20153.75MetalMike2016-01-06
 Black Whispers  Dusk Black Metal20213.5Luxi Lahtinen2022-06-14
 Black Witchery  Inferno of Sacred Destruction Black Metal20103.5Sargon the Terrible2010-12-03
 Black Witchery  Upheaval Of Satanic Might Black Metal20053.5Sargon the Terrible2005-09-07
 Black Wreath  A Pyre of Lost Dreams Funeral Doom20094Sargon the Terrible2010-02-28
 Blackened  Underground Attack Thrash Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-10-28
 Blackened (France)  The Aftermath Thrash Metal20183.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-11-20
 Blackevil  Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire Black/Thrash20203.75MetalMike2020-11-22
 Blackhearth  Blackhearth Heavy Metal20193.5MetalMike2020-08-07
 Blackhearth  The Wrath of God Heavy Metal20213.25MetalMike2022-01-21
 Blackhorned Saga  Lathspell Black Metal20103.25Pagan Shadow2010-06-29
 Blackmass (Brazil)  Gloria Diaboli Black Metal20063.8Chaossphere2006-07-21
 Blackosh  Whores, Booze & Black Metal Black Metal20153Michel Renaud2015-10-23
 Blackrat  Dread Reverence Black/Thrash20184.25Michel Renaud2018-12-16
 Blackseed Boys  Pandamonium (The Principle Of Evil Made Cash) Black Metal20033.54th Horseman2004-05-23
 Blackshift  Chimera Death/Thrash20054th Horseman2005-02-24
 Blackshift  Haunted Grounds Thrash Metal20043.754th Horseman2004-05-22
 Blackslash  Lightning Strikes Again Heavy Metal20184MetalMike2018-07-13
 Blackslash  Lightning Strikes Again Heavy Metal20183Michel Renaud2020-11-19
 Blackslash  No Steel No Future Heavy Metal20224.5MetalMike2022-03-17
 Blackslash  No Steel No Future Heavy Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-03-05
 Blacksmith  Blacksmith Heavy/Doom20154MetalMike2016-11-07
 Blackstar  Barbed Wire Soul Heavy Metal19971.75Lars Christiansen2008-01-23
 Blacksword  Alive Again Heavy Metal20214MetalMike2021-08-03
 Blacksword  The Sword Accurst Heavy Metal20104Larry Griffin2012-08-12
 Blacksword  The Sword Accurst Heavy Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2010-09-25
 Blackthru  Is Tamsos... Black Metal20074Lars Christiansen2007-07-01
 Blackthru  Is Tamsos... Black Metal20073.75Pagan Shadow2007-11-27
 Blackwelder  Survival of the Fittest Power Metal20153.5MetalMike2015-09-03
 Blackwinds  Flesh Inferno Black Metal20083.5Sargon the Terrible2008-09-10
 Blakulla  Darkened by an Occult Wisdom Black Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2012-07-31
 Blasphemic Cruelty  Crucible of the Infernum Death/Thrash20154Mjölnir2020-05-27
 Blasphemous  Bearer of the Darkest Plagues Black/Death20103.5Michel Renaud2010-09-18
 Blasphemous Creation  Battle of the Ancients Death/Black20124.25Sargon the Terrible2012-06-03
 Blasphemous Creation  Diabolical Kingdom Black/Thrash20094Sargon the Terrible2012-07-21
 Blasphemous Creation  Forsaken Dynasty Death/Thrash20214Sargon the Terrible2021-02-25
 Blasphemous Creation  Shadows Of Evil Death/Black20084Sargon the Terrible2008-04-21
 Blasphemous Creation  The Rise of Marduk Black/Thrash20154.25Sargon the Terrible2015-11-20
 Blasphemous Nudity  Desecration Demo '01 Black Metal2001 Michel Renaud2001-08-19
 Blasphemy  Blood Upon the Altar Death/Thrash20183.5Michel Renaud2018-10-20
 Blasphemy  Blood upon the Soundspace Black/Thrash2018Michel Renaud2018-10-16
 Blasphemy  Fallen Angel of Doom Black/Death20153MetalMike2015-10-21
 Blasphemy Rites  Hideous Lord Black Metal20104Nahsil2010-09-19
 Blaspherian  Infernal Warriors of Death Death Metal20113.75Sargon the Terrible2011-05-21
 Blastanus  Odd Death/Grind20092Sargon the Terrible2010-05-13
 Blastfame  Abstract Evolution Death Metal20014.5Michel Renaud2002-04-17
 Blaze  Blaze Heavy Metal20123.75MetalMike2012-03-26
 Blaze  The Rock Dinosaur Heavy Metal20144MetalMike2014-05-31
 Blaze Bayley  Blood & Belief Heavy Metal20044.54th Horseman2004-06-16
 Blaze Bayley  Infinite Entanglement Heavy Metal20164Bruno Medeiros2016-11-05
 Blaze Bayley  Promise and Terror Heavy Metal20104.25Michel Renaud2010-06-22
 Blaze Bayley  Silicon Messiah Heavy Metal20004Michel Renaud2000-09-07
 Blaze Bayley  Tenth Dimension Heavy Metal20024.5Michel Renaud2002-03-28
 Blaze Bayley  The Man Who Would Not Die Heavy Metal20084Hermer Arroyo2010-06-15
 Blaze Bayley  War Within Me Heavy Metal20214.25Michel Renaud2021-05-30
 Blaze of Perdition  The Burning Will of Expansion Black Metal20103.75Christopher Foley2011-02-15
 Blaze of Perdition  The Harrowing of Hearts Black Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-02-29
 Blazing Eternity  A World To Drown In Gothic Metal20031.5Christian Renner2003-06-18
 Blazing Rust  Armed to Exist Heavy Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-11-28
 Blazing Rust  Line of Danger Heavy Metal20203.5MetalMike2020-09-20
 Blazing Rust  Line of Danger Heavy Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-06-18
 Blazon Rite  Dulce Bellum Inexpertis Heavy Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-11-07
 Blazon Rite  Endless Halls of Golden Totem Heavy Metal20213.25MetalMike2021-06-07
 Blazon Rite  Endless Halls of Golden Totem Heavy Metal20212.75Sargon the Terrible2021-05-13
 Blazon Stone  Damnation Power Metal20214MetalMike2021-11-07
 Blazon Stone  Down in the Dark Power Metal20174MetalMike2017-11-06
 Blazon Stone  Hymns of Triumph and Death Heavy Metal20194.25MetalMike2019-07-04
 Blazon Stone  No Sign of Glory Power Metal20153.75MetalMike2016-01-22
 Blazon Stone  Return to Port Royal: Definitive Edition Power Metal20204MetalMike2021-02-07
 Blazon Stone  War of the Roses Power Metal20164.5MetalMike2016-12-26
 Bleeding Fist  Devil's Ferox Black Metal20113.25Michel Renaud2011-11-20
 Bleeding Utopia  Darkest Potency Death Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-08-25
 Bleeding Zero  Scenophiliac Symphonic Metal20152Christopher Foley2016-02-05
 Blessed Offal  Blessed Offal Death Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2011-04-24
 Blind Fury  Out of Reach Heavy Metal20044.5Hermer Arroyo2010-01-19
 Blind Guardian  A Night At The Opera Power Metal20025+Christian Renner2002-02-21
 Blind Guardian  A Twist In The Myth Power Metal20065Sargon the Terrible2006-08-26
 Blind Guardian  And Then There Was Silence Power Metal20015Christian Renner2001-11-29
 Blind Guardian  At the Edge of Time Power Metal20104.5Adam Kohrman2010-09-10
 Blind Guardian  At the Edge of Time Power Metal20104.25Hermer Arroyo2010-08-22
 Blind Guardian  At the Edge of Time Power Metal20104MetalMike2010-10-07
 Blind Guardian  Battalions of Fear Speed Metal19884.5Nahsil2009-03-11
 Blind Guardian  Beyond the Red Mirror Power Metal20154.25Edward T. Head2015-01-28
 Blind Guardian  Beyond the Red Mirror Power Metal20154MetalMike2015-02-28
 Blind Guardian  Follow the Blind Power Metal19893.5MetalMike2021-02-27
 Blind Guardian  Imaginations From the Other Side Power Metal19954.75Larry Griffin2008-07-27
 Blind Guardian  Imaginations Through The Looking Glass 200454th Horseman2005-01-21
 Blind Guardian  Live Power Metal20035Baldr2009-01-29
 Blind Guardian  Nightfall In Middle Earth Power Metal19983.25Larry Griffin2007-12-17
 Blind Guardian  Nightfall In Middle Earth Power Metal19984.5Sargon the Terrible2005-08-04
 Blind Guardian  Somewhere Far Beyond Power Metal19925Larry Griffin2008-07-24
 Blind Guardian  Tales From The Twilight World Speed/Power Metal19904.754th Horseman2004-02-20
 Blindead  Autoscopia/Murder in Phazes Doom Metal20082Sargon the Terrible2008-12-30
 Blinded By Faith  Chernobyl Survivor Death Metal20124.25MetalMike2013-08-18
 Blinded By Faith  Under an Occult Sun Melodic Black Metal20033.75Michel Renaud2003-12-20
 Blinded By Faith  Veiled Hideousness Melodic Black Metal20005Michel Renaud2000-03-18
 Bliss of Flesh  Beati Pauperes Spiritu Black/Death20133Sargon the Terrible2013-10-09
 Blitzkrieg  A Time of Changes Heavy Metal20214.5MetalMike2021-04-25
 Blitzkrieg  Judge Not! Heavy Metal20183Bruno Medeiros2018-07-14
 Blizzard Hunter  Heavy Metal to the Vein Heavy Metal20153.75MetalMike2015-09-19
 Bloden Wedd  Eye Of Horus Power Metal20054.5Larry Griffin2009-02-02
 Blodfest  Lejres Fald Black Metal20102.5MetalMike2012-02-01
 Blodsrit Blood Black Metal20013.75Michel Renaud2002-04-20
 Blodsrit  Helveteshymner Black Metal20044.25Sargon the Terrible2005-01-01
 Blodsrit  Hinterland Black Metal20073.75Michel Renaud2008-01-27
 Blodsrit  Ocularis Infernum Black Metal20034Michel Renaud2003-07-23
 Blodtru  A Brighter Sun Black Metal20113Memnarch2011-10-15
 Blood  Dysangelium Death Metal20033Michel Renaud2022-02-23
 Blood  Dysangelium Death Metal20031.5Sargon the Terrible2003-04-11
 Blood Ceremony  Blood Ceremony Heavy/Doom20124Christopher Foley2012-03-24
 Blood Ceremony  Living with the Ancients Doom Metal20114.5Sargon the Terrible2011-06-28
 Blood Curse  Sorceress Heavy Metal20183.75MetalMike2018-11-27
 Blood Devotion  Defile of Innocence Black Metal20082.5Memnarch2010-11-26
 Blood Incantation  Hidden History of the Human Race Death Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2020-03-14
 Blood Incantation  Interdimensional Extinction Death Metal20154.25Mjölnir2020-07-22
 Blood Legion  Promo 2012 Death Metal20123.75Mjölnir2020-11-19
 Blood Money  One Nation Under Hate Death/Thrash20083.5Michel Renaud2008-12-09
 Blood of Kingu  De Occulta Philosophia Black Metal20074.75Lars Christiansen2007-12-23
 Blood of Kingu  De Occulta Philosophia Black Metal20074Pagan Shadow2009-08-12
 Blood of Kingu  Sun in the House of the Scorpion Black Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2010-07-28
 Blood of Serpents  Sulphur Sovereign Black Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2018-10-11
 Blood of the Black Owl  A Banishing Ritual Black Metal20103Adam McAuley2010-07-30
 Blood of the Black Owl  A Feral Spirit Doom Metal20082.75Lars Christiansen2009-04-23
 Blood of the Sun  Burning on the Wings of Desire Metal/Hard Rock20123.5MetalMike2013-02-13
 Blood Pollution  Monster Truck Man Thrash Metal20122.5Christopher Foley2013-10-20
 Blood Red Angel  The State Of Insanity Thrash Metal20013.54th Horseman2005-05-01
 Blood Red Fog  Harvest Black Metal20123Sargon the Terrible2013-01-19
 Blood Red Throne  Blood Red Throne Death Metal20133Sargon the Terrible2013-05-29
 Blood Red Throne  Fit to Kill Death Metal20194.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-04-30
 Blood Red Throne  Union of Flesh and Machine Death Metal20164.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-05-04
 Blood Ritual  Black Grimoire Death Metal20054Lars Christiansen2007-01-23
 Blood Spill  Demonic Plague Death/Thrash20094.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-10-31
 Blood Sport  Hot Blood and Cold Steel Speed Metal20214MetalMike2021-12-23
 Blood Star  The Fear Heavy Metal20204MetalMike2020-07-10
 Blood Storm  The Atlantean Wardragon Black Metal19974Sargon the Terrible2005-06-24
 Blood Thirsty Demons  Misanthropy Thrash Metal20102.5Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2011-03-07
 Blood Tsunami  Grand Feast For Vultures Thrash Metal20094.25Sargon the Terrible2009-10-08
 Blood Tsunami  Thrash Metal Thrash Metal20073.75Sargon the Terrible2007-03-21
 Bloodaxe  Bloodthrone Black Metal20014.25Michel Renaud2002-01-14
 Bloodaxe  In Battle Black Metal20003.5Michel Renaud2002-01-31
 Bloodaxe  Raping the Ancient Black Metal20044.25Michel Renaud2004-11-29
 Bloodbath  The Fathomless Mastery Death Metal20082Risser2009-01-01
 Bloodbeast  Bloodlust Death Metal20121Sargon the Terrible2013-04-03
 Bloodbeat  Process of Extinction Death/Thrash20214.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-07-13
 Bloodbound  Creatures of the Dark Realm Power Metal20214.5MetalMike2021-05-25
 Bloodbound  In the Name of Metal Heavy/Power Metal20124.25MetalMike2013-04-14
 Bloodbound  Nosferatu Power Metal20064.5Bruce Dragonchaser2007-12-18
 Bloodbound  Rise of the Dragon Empire Power Metal20194MetalMike2019-04-02
 Bloodbound  Stormborn Heavy/Power Metal20143.75MetalMike2014-12-27
 Bloodbound  Tabula Rasa Power Metal20094.5Christopher Foley2009-05-12
 Bloodbound  Tabula Rasa Power Metal20095Larry Griffin2009-08-11
 Bloodbound  Tabula Rasa Power Metal20094MetalMike2009-08-05
 Bloodbound  Unholy Cross Power Metal20114Christopher Foley2011-03-18
 Bloodbound  War of Dragons Power Metal20174MetalMike2017-04-08
 Bloodfeast Ritual  Altars of Sacrifice Death Metal20203.75Mjölnir2020-08-19
 Bloodhunter  Bloodhunter Death/Thrash20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-05-13
 Bloodkill  Throne of Control Thrash Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-03-27
 Bloodlands  Nihilistic Dimension Death Metal20143.75Luxi Lahtinen2014-11-03
 Bloodoline  Storm & Brilliance Black Metal20053Sargon the Terrible2006-01-14
 Bloodred Hourglass  Heal Melodic Death Metal20174.25Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-04
 Bloodride  Idiocracy Thrash Metal20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-10-31
 Bloodride  Planet Alcatraz Thrash Metal20163.25Luxi Lahtinen2017-09-17
 Bloodrocuted  Doomed to Annihilation Thrash Metal20133Luxi Lahtinen2013-11-08
 Bloodshed Assault  Boundary of Cruelty Black/Thrash20202.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-28
 Bloodshed Walhalla  Second Chapter Viking Metal20213.75Sargon the Terrible2021-05-17
 Bloodshed Walhalla  Thor Viking Metal20173.75Sargon the Terrible2018-04-19
 Bloodsport  Lethal Tender Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-06-16
 Bloodstained Ground  Horrors of a Withered Dimension Death/Black20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-03-28
 Bloodsworn  All Hyllest Til Satan Black Metal20082.5Pagan Shadow2009-02-12
 Bloodsworn  All Hyllest Til Satan Black Metal20083.75Sargon the Terrible2008-12-28
 Bloodthirst  Sanctity Denied Black/Thrash20103.75Larry Griffin2010-05-17
 Bloodthorn  Genocide Black Metal20063Sargon the Terrible2006-05-24
 Bloodthorn  Onwards Into Battle Black Metal19991Michel Renaud2005-03-10
 Bloodwritten  Whore Death/Thrash20103Sargon the Terrible2010-05-17
 Bloody Brotherhood  Ritual of Blood Death Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-07-29
 Bloody Hell  The Bloodening Heavy Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-05-23
 Blooming Carrions  Sisters in Blooming Flesh Death Metal20193.75Michel Renaud2019-11-13
 Blot Mine  Porphyrogenesis Black/Death20214.25Michel Renaud2021-06-26
 Blotted Science  The Machinations of Dementia Progressive Metal20073Lars Christiansen2007-10-28
 Blue Hummingbird on the Left  Atl Tlachinolli Black Metal20194.25Michel Renaud2019-03-31
 Blut Aus Nord  777-The Desanctification Black Metal20113.25MetalMike2012-04-15
 Blut Aus Nord  Deus Salutis Meae Black Metal20173.25Sargon the Terrible2018-06-18
 Blut Aus Nord  Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses Black Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-06-19
 Blut Aus Nord  Hallucinogen Black Metal20194.25Michel Renaud2019-11-16
 Blut Aus Nord  Memoria Vestuta III: Saturnian Poetry Black Metal20144Sargon the Terrible2014-12-09
 Blut Aus Nord  Memoria Vetusta I: Father of the Icy Age Black Metal19965Brett Buckle2009-03-17
 Blut Aus Nord  Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With The Stars Black Metal20094.75Sargon the Terrible2009-02-16
 Blut Aus Nord  MoRT Black Metal20065Lars Christiansen2006-10-30
 Blut Aus Nord  Odinist - The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination Black Metal20073Sargon the Terrible2007-11-25
 Blut Aus Nord  Ultima Thulée Black Metal20054.75Brett Buckle2009-03-13
 Blutfeld  Kingdom of Mine Death Metal20193MetalMike2019-05-20
 Blutklinge  Reflection Of A Bleak Mind Black Metal20074.5Sargon the Terrible2009-08-05
 Blutmond  Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days Black Metal20102Michel Renaud2010-09-16
 Blynd  The Enemy Thrash Metal20102MetalMike2011-05-21
 Bodies Lay Broken  Eximinous Execration of Exigous Exequies Grindcore20021Christian Renner2003-05-29
 Bodom After Midnight  Paint the Sky with Blood Melodic Death Metal20214.25Michel Renaud2021-09-02
 Body Harvest  Parasitic Slavery Death Metal20193.75Michel Renaud2019-06-25
 Bodyfarm  Into Battle Death Metal20184.25Michel Renaud2018-07-02
 Bodyfarm  The Coming Scourge Death Metal20133.75Christopher Foley2014-03-03
 Bog of the Infidel  To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters Black Metal20132.5Sargon the Terrible2014-05-28
 Bohemyst  Čerň a smrt Black/Death20214.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-11-24
 Boiling Blood  Lost Inside a Morbid World Thrash Metal20193.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-02-15
 Bokor  Anomia1 Progressive Metal20072Bruce Dragonchaser2007-08-21
 Bolero  Voyage From Vinland Folk Metal20113.5Bruce Dragonchaser2011-07-01
 Bolido  Against the World Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-07-16
 Bolido  Heavy Bombers Heavy Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-11-04
 Böllverk  Heading for the Crown Heavy Metal20213Sargon the Terrible2022-05-08
 Bolt Thrower  ...For Victory Death Metal19945Dakuroth2002-08-08
 Bolt Thrower  Honour, Valor, Pride Death Metal20024.5Dakuroth2002-05-19
 Bolt Thrower  Realm of Chaos Death Metal20054.5Hermer Arroyo2009-01-25
 Bolt Thrower  Realm of Chaos (Vinyl reissue) Death Metal20174.75Michel Renaud2018-07-15
 Bolt Thrower  War Master Death Metal19914.5MetalMike2021-03-01
 Bolt Thrower  Who Dares Wins Death Metal19984.5Chaossphere2007-08-01
 Bombarder  Bez Milosti Heavy Metal20173.75Michel Renaud2017-11-24
 Bombarder  Speed Kill Speed Metal20174Michel Renaud2017-11-08
 Bomber  Sommation Thrash Metal20184Luxi Lahtinen2018-10-07
 Bombscare  Bastions of Blood Thrash Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-04-20
 Bonded by Blood  Exiled to Earth Thrash Metal20104Christopher Foley2010-11-09
 Bonded by Blood  Extinguish the Weak Thrash Metal20073.5Michel Renaud2007-09-29
 Bone Gnawer  Cannibal Crematorium Death Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-12-03
 Bone Gnawer  Feast of Flesh Death Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2009-08-28
 Bone Tomb  Tombs of Blood Black Metal20153.5Christopher Foley2015-07-11
 Bonehunter  Children of the Atom Black/Thrash20183.5MetalMike2018-12-17
 Bonehunter  Children of the Atom Black/Thrash20184Michel Renaud2018-09-09
 Bonehunter  Dark Blood Reincarnation System Black/Thrash20214.25MetalMike2021-08-25
 Bonehunter  Evil Triumphs Again Black/Thrash20153.5MetalMike2015-11-20
 Bonehunter  Evil Triumphs Again Black/Thrash20153.25Michel Renaud2017-01-22
 Bonehunter  Sexual Panic Human Machine Black/Thrash20174MetalMike2017-11-21
 Bones  Bones Death Metal20114.5Luxi Lahtinen2013-06-14
 Bones  Diseased Death Metal20194Michel Renaud2019-12-24
 Bonesaw  The Illicit Revue Death Metal20133.75Christopher Foley2013-11-06
 Book of the Dead  Bound in Flesh, Inked in Blood Death Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-04-26
 Booze Control  Forgotten Lands Heavy Metal20194.25MetalMike2019-06-04
 Borealis  Purgatory Power Metal20151.5Bruno Medeiros2015-08-26
 Borealis  Purgatory Power Metal20153.5MetalMike2015-10-30
 Borealis  The Offering Progressive Power Metal20183.75Bruno Medeiros2018-03-28
 Borealis  World of Silence Power Metal20083.75Christopher Foley2009-05-06
 Borealis  World of Silence Power Metal20083.5PowerMetal592009-02-28
 Borean Dusk  Borean Dusk Progressive Metal20102.5Mjölnir2019-08-26
 Boris  Absolutego Doom Metal19964.5Ktb2005-03-15
 Borknagar  Empiricism Black Metal20014.5Christian Renner2001-11-18
 Borknagar  Quintessence Black Metal20004.25Michel Renaud2000-08-26
 Borknagar  True North Black/Folk Metal20194.5Bruno Medeiros2019-10-15
 Borknagar  Winter Thrice Black/Folk Metal20164.75Bruno Medeiros2016-02-26
 Born Again  Neverending Fire Heavy Metal20104MetalMike2010-03-22
 Born Again (France)  Strike with Power Heavy Metal20172.5MetalMike2017-04-24
 Born Of Ire  Born Of Ire Heavy/Thrash20184.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-01-21
 Bornholm  Apotheosis Black Metal20214Sargon the Terrible2021-12-07
 Bornholm  Inexorable Defiance Black Metal20135Sargon the Terrible2017-11-15
 Bornholm  Primaeval Pantheons Black Metal20164.5Sargon the Terrible2017-01-22
 Borrowed Time  Borrowed Time Heavy Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-04-14
 Bosse-de-Nage  Bosse-de-Nage Black Metal20102Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-02
 Bound by Entrails  The Oath to Forbear and the Burden of Inheritance Black Metal20094.25Tony Augsburg2009-09-09
 Bound by Entrails  The Stars Bode You Farewell Black/Death20123Sargon the Terrible2012-12-05
 Bovary  Mes racines dans le désert Black Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2020-10-05
 Brònach  Bloodshed Black Metal20064.25Ulysses2006-10-19
 Brain Damaged  Nación infecta Thrash Metal20162.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-02-20
 Brain Drill  Apocalyptic Feasting Death Metal20084Lars Christiansen2008-01-31
 Brain Drill  Quantum Catastrophe Death Metal20102.25Michel Renaud2010-09-24
 Brain Fog  The Weedzard Doom Metal20202Mjölnir2020-03-08
 Brainfever  Capture the Night Heavy Metal19844.25MetalMike2009-01-22
 Brainstorm  Ambiguity Heavy/Power Metal20004.44th Horseman2005-01-08
 Brainstorm  Downburst Heavy/Power Metal20084.54th Horseman2009-02-12
 Brainstorm  Downburst Heavy/Power Metal20084Michel Renaud2007-12-19
 Brainstorm  Firesoul Power Metal20144.5MetalMike2014-04-26
 Brainstorm  Liquid Monster Power Metal20054th Horseman2005-03-16
 Brainstorm  Memorial Roots Power Metal20093.75Christopher Foley2009-09-16
 Brainstorm  Memorial Roots Power Metal20094MetalMike2010-01-03
 Brainstorm  Metus Mortis Power Metal20014Bruce Dragonchaser2011-01-12
 Brainstorm  Midnight Ghost Power Metal20184.25Bruno Medeiros2018-09-29
 Brainstorm  Midnight Ghost Power Metal20183.75MetalMike2018-10-18
 Brainstorm  On the Spur of the Moment Power Metal20113.5MetalMike2012-01-25
 Brainstorm  Scary Creatures Power Metal20164.5Bruno Medeiros2016-01-20
 Brainstorm  Scary Creatures Power Metal20164MetalMike2016-03-29
 Brainstorm  Soul Temptation Power Metal20034.75Bruno Medeiros2015-04-29
 Brainstorm  Unholy Power Metal19984.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-08-17
 Brainstorm  Wall of Skulls Power Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-09-11
 Brainteasers  15.01.1773 Death Metal20141.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-11-14
 Brainthrash  Brain Rangers Thrash Metal20174.25Luxi Lahtinen2017-07-15
 Brand  II Black/Death20103.75MetalMike2011-10-22
 Breaker  Get Tough! Heavy Metal20004.25Michel Renaud2004-03-28
 Breitenhold  The Inn Of Sorrowing Souls Speed Metal20153.75MetalMike2016-01-31
 Briar Rose  Dark Lord Heavy Metal20123.75MetalMike2013-06-07
 Briargh  Krigas Black Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2011-02-25
 Brilliant Coldness  Poisoned Reality Death Metal20093Sargon the Terrible2010-03-20
 Brimstone  Carving A Crimson Career Power Metal19983.5Bruce Dragonchaser2012-02-25
 Briton Rites  For Mircalla Heavy/Doom20105Larry Griffin2010-06-20
 Briton Rites  For Mircalla Heavy/Doom20104.75Sargon the Terrible2010-05-03
 Briton Rites  Occulte Fantastique Doom Metal20205MetalMike2021-02-15
 Briton Rites  Occulte Fantastique Doom Metal20205Sargon the Terrible2021-01-01
 Brocas Helm  Defender of the Crown Metal/Hard Rock20044.25Michel Renaud2005-01-06
 Brocas Helm  Defender of the Crown Metal/Hard Rock20045Ulysses2006-06-06
 Brocas Helm  Into Battle! Heavy Metal19844Adam Kohrman2011-03-09
 Brocken Moon  Das Märchen vom Schnee Black Metal20084.5Pagan Shadow2008-06-01
 Broken Edge  Unleash My Soul Thrash Metal20121Sargon the Terrible2013-05-07
 Broken Melody  Face the World Power Metal20083Bruce Dragonchaser2008-07-03
 Broken Rain  Here Comes the Pain Metal/Hard Rock20153.25MetalMike2015-06-13
 Brother Firetribe  Break Out Melodic Heavy Metal20083.5Bruce Dragonchaser2008-04-08
 Brother Firetribe  Heart Full of Fire Melodic Heavy Metal20084.5Bruce Dragonchaser2008-04-30
 Brothers of Metal  Emblas Saga Power Metal20204.25Bruno Medeiros2020-01-16
 Brothers of Metal  Emblas Saga Power Metal20204MetalMike2020-01-02
 Brothers of Metal  Prophecy of Ragnarök Power Metal20184.25MetalMike2019-01-16
 Brown Jenkins  Angel Eyes Black Metal20083.75Brett Buckle2009-01-23
 Brown Jenkins  Dagonite Black Metal20074.25Pagan Shadow2008-02-29
 Bruce Dickinson  Accident Of Birth Heavy Metal19975Hermer Arroyo2010-03-02
 Bruce Dickinson  The Chemical Wedding Heavy Metal19985Hermer Arroyo2010-03-07
 Bruce Dickinson  Tyranny of Souls Heavy Metal20053.75Mjölnir2019-11-25
 Brujeria  Matando Gueros Death Metal19933Sargon the Terrible2003-05-15
 Brulvahnatu  Frozen Obscene Deliverance Black Metal20154Mjölnir2020-12-24
 Brulvahnatu  Last Living Dream Black Metal20104.5Mjölnir2020-08-10
 Brulvahnatu  Menstrual Extraction Ceremony Black Metal20114Mjölnir2020-09-11
 Brulvahnatu  Sick Creature Nightmare Black Metal20194.25Mjölnir2020-03-22
 Brulvahnatu  Uterine Acid Swishes Black Metal20094.5Mjölnir2019-09-10
 Brutality  The Complete Demo Recordings 1987-1991 Death Metal20214Michel Renaud2021-05-28
 Brutallian  Reason for Violence Thrash Metal20183.75Bruno Medeiros2018-10-18
 Brutally Deceased  Dead Lover's Guide Death Metal20103.5Adam McAuley2011-02-26
 Brutally Deceased  Satanic Corpse Death Metal20163.5Michel Renaud2017-05-14
 Brute Forcz  Kick Ass Heavy Metal Heavy Metal20113MetalMike2011-11-30
 Brute Forcz  Out for Blood Heavy Metal20123.25MetalMike2013-01-05
 Brymir  Slayer of Gods Black/Death20164.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-05-25
 Building Chaos  Promo 2008 Thrash Metal20082Sargon the Terrible2009-07-03
 Bull-riff Stampede  Scatter the Ground Death/Thrash20123.25Luxi Lahtinen2014-12-17
 Bullet  Bite the Bullet Heavy Metal20085Christian Renner2008-08-20
 Bullet  Dust to Gold Heavy Metal20183.5Michel Renaud2019-08-19
 Bullet  Speeding in the Night Heavy Metal20104Michel Renaud2010-08-08
 Bulletbelt  Rise of the Banshee Black Metal20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-03-17
 Bulletproöf  Dynamite Heavy Metal20213.5MetalMike2022-02-28
 Bulmasatarra  Denial of Death Black/Thrash20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-30
 Bulmasatarra  Now Feel the Stench Black/Thrash20174Luxi Lahtinen2018-05-06
 Bunker 66  Beyond the Help of Prayers Black/Thrash20214.25Michel Renaud2021-03-15
 Bunker 66/Hellcrash  Hell & Sulphur Black/Thrash20224Michel Renaud2022-02-28
 Bunkur  Bludgeon Funeral Doom20044.5Lars Christiansen2007-02-22
 Burden  A Hole in the Shell Heavy Metal20103.75Christopher Foley2011-05-06
 Burden of Life  In the Wake of My Demise Melodic Death Metal20103Christopher Foley2011-02-06
 Burial Hordes  Devotion To Unholy Creed Black Metal20083.5Sargon the Terrible2009-04-29
 Burial Ritual  Genocidal Theory Death Metal20153Sargon the Terrible2018-04-12
 Burialkult  A Call From Beyond The Grave Black Metal20134.25Sargon the Terrible2013-10-13
 Buried Realm  Embodiment of the Divine Melodic Death Metal20203.5Mjölnir2020-06-28
 Burned In Effigy  Burned In Effigy Heavy Metal20072Larry Griffin2008-12-12
 Burning Black  Mechanichell Power Metal20092.5Christopher Foley2009-12-21
 Burning Black  Remission of Sin Heavy/Power Metal20143.5MetalMike2015-03-01
 Burning Earth  Chronicles of the Calling Death/Black20074Sargon the Terrible2009-12-08
 Burning In Hell  Believe Power Metal20061Larry Griffin2009-04-30
 Burning In Hell  Burning In Hell Power Metal20043.75Larry Griffin2009-05-04
 Burning Nitrum  Pyromania Thrash Metal20123MetalMike2012-09-12
 Burning Point  Arsonist of the Soul Heavy/Power Metal20214MetalMike2021-12-30
 Burning Point  Burned Down the Enemy Power Metal20073Larry Griffin2008-07-04
 Burning Point  Burning Point Power Metal20154MetalMike2015-06-23
 Burning Point  The Blaze Power Metal20164MetalMike2017-02-08
 Burning Point  The Ignitor Power Metal20124Bruce Dragonchaser2013-01-09
 Burning Saviours  Boken om förbannelsen Doom Metal20143.5MetalMike2014-07-14
 Burning Shadows  Beneath the Ruins Heavy Metal20193.25MetalMike2020-04-04
 Burning Shadows  Gather, Darkness! Heavy/Power Metal20124.25MetalMike2012-08-11
 Burning Shadows  Gather, Darkness! Heavy/Power Metal20123.25Sargon the Terrible2012-10-23
 Burning Witches  Burning Witches Heavy Metal20173.5Sargon the Terrible2017-09-28
 Burning Witches  Dance with the Devil Heavy/Power Metal20204MetalMike2020-03-14
 Burning Witches  Hexenhammer Power/Thrash20183.75MetalMike2018-12-13
 Burning Witches  The Witch of the North Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-07-02
 Burzum  Anthology Black Metal20024.25Pagan Shadow2008-08-25
 Burzum  Anthology Black Metal20024.25Sargon the Terrible2008-04-04
 Burzum  Belus Black Metal20103.5Sargon the Terrible2010-03-16
 Burzum  Burzum/Aske Black Metal19954.75Michel Renaud2003-12-04
 Burzum  Filosofem Black Metal19963.75Lars Christiansen2009-02-11
 Burzum  Hvis Lyset Tar Oss Black Metal19945+Lars Christiansen2007-01-26
 Burzum  Umskiptar Pagan Metal20123MetalMike2012-06-09
 Bütcher  666 Goats Carry My Chariot Speed Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-05-04
 Butcher  Welcome to the Night Heavy Metal20102Michel Renaud2017-12-03
 Byfist  Adrenalin Heavy Metal20014.75Michel Renaud2001-09-17
 Byfist  In the End Heavy Metal20204.25MetalMike2020-11-16
 Byfist  In the End Heavy Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2020-08-22
 Byfrost  Black Earth Black/Thrash20094.25Michel Renaud2009-12-31
 Byfrost  Byfrostmetal Black/Thrash20084.25Michel Renaud2008-12-20
 Bythos  The Womb of Zero Black Metal20204.5Michel Renaud2020-07-19
 Bølzer  Hero Black Metal20164.25Mjölnir2021-02-22

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