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Review: Vulnificus - Inextricable

Label: Independent
Year released: 2023
Duration: 10:27
Tracks: 3
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: February 6, 2024
Reviewed by: Gruesome Sean
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Rated 2.75/5 (55%) (4 Votes)

This is my first time hearing Vulnificus. They are best described as a gritty, super guttural sounding brutal death metal band. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, this is their 2023 three song single entitled Inextricable. When I first looked up these guys, I read that this is for fans of Deeds of Flesh and Cryptopsy. I can see what they meant to an extent, especially the Cryptopsy comparison. They do have a bit of the rawness, mixed with total insanity that old Cryptopsy possesses. The bass is up in the mix in a nice way, which reminds me of older Cryptopsy as well. I don't hear a ton of Deeds of Flesh here, but these guys are super brutal.

Vocalist Eston Browne is ultra-guttural in his delivery, which is always appealing to someone like me. The riffing is a cool combination of super catchy groove with lots of pinch harmonics and fast technical insanity. However, the riffs never seem to get out of control to the point where you have no idea what's going on, which is an easy pitfall to find yourself in when it comes to tech death.

Overall, Vulnificus has tremendous potential and I'm looking forward to a full-length album. If you dig super guttural death metal with groove, catchiness and technical insanity, then check these guys out. There's something potentially really special happening here.

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