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Review: Aborym - Kali Yuga Bizarre
Kali Yuga Bizarre

Label: WWIII Music
Year released: 2002
Tracks: 9
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: December 31, 2002
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
Readers Rating
Kali Yuga Bizarre

Rated 3.82/5 (76.36%) (11 Votes)

At this point the main claim to fame this band has is their vocalist, Atilla Csihar, who has been involved with some very big names in the black metal scene (Mayhem, Tormentor…). I have heard of this band as well but have never really taken the time to really listen to any of their albums. Well as luck would have it I received this promo from World War III and have finally been given the opportunity to see if I have been missing anything.

The band hails from Italy and play black metal with a slight twist. They mix a bit of industrial sound as well as atmospheric style in with their brand of black metal. At times this reminds ever so slightly of …And Oceans. This album is a re-release of their debut since it was never available here in the U.S. and if this is an indication of their follow up and soon to be released third album I am going to have to pick these up as well. This is another one of those albums that seems to draw you in without you knowing exactly why. The vocals are what you would normally expect from the genre although at times the guitar does sound heavier almost to a point of death metal. I think where this album starts to draw you in is in the songwriting itself. There are a lot of tempo changes and not just in the speed of the drumming. The tempo changes also will add a new guitar sound or melody going over the top. This doesn’t happen every time but enough to make you sit back and wonder what is next. This adds a great deal of variety and keeps the album from just sounding like one big blur (Which is a problem I have with some of the harder core black metal).

Overall this album I would have to say actually surprised me. Just from the press blurb included I didn’t think I would actually like this album as much as I did. Well worth picking up and something that will make me seek out their other albums as well. Recommended.

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