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Review: Masterplan - Time to be King
Time to be King

Label: AFM Records
Year released: 2010
Duration: 44:56
Tracks: 10
Genre: Power Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: June 27, 2010
Reviewed by: MetalMike
Readers Rating
Time to be King

Rated 4.14/5 (82.86%) (21 Votes)

With members whose pedigrees include Helloween, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iron Savior, Rage and Not Fragile, amongst many others, it's understandable to expect great things from Masterplan. Their new album, Time to Be King, is very good, but not as "great" as I was expecting. I can remember being blown away by Masterplan's self-titled debut and then losing track of them when they changed vocalists and direction for their album MK II. When I heard Jorn Lande would be back behind the mic for Time to Be King, I had high hopes. What I got was an album that should have been called Masterplan II as it sounds like a rehash of much of that excellent debut.

Of course, if you're going to retrace your steps, you might as well visit the site of your past successes. Time to Be King is an excellent Power Metal album from start to finish. The opening salvos of big riffs and bigger choruses on the first four tracks, "Fiddle of Time" through "Time to Be King," are absolute delights. Lande's powerful vocals soar over the guitars and double-bass drums like some majestic bird of prey. "Blue Europa," near the end of Time to Be King is also classic Masterplan, racing along through the verses then stopping short before Lande lets loose with another infectious chorus. Even the obligatory "ballads," "The Dark Road" and "Under the Moon" rock pretty hard.

Still, I can't get over the similarity between Time to Be King and Masterplan's debut. The anticipated step forward just never materialized. Nonetheless, if you've never experienced Masterplan, Time to Be King is as good as any album to start with. Fans of the band should also be pleased, more so if you like it when bands recreate the wheel occasionally. Grapow, Lande, et al definitely brought their "A" game on Time to Be King, and even though you've heard it before, it's still recommended.

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