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Review: Alghazanth - Wreath of Thevetat
Wreath of Thevetat

Label: Woodcut Records
Year released: 2008
Duration: 48:00
Tracks: 8
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3/5

Review online: September 19, 2008
Reviewed by: Pagan Shadow
Readers Rating
Wreath of Thevetat

Rated 3.46/5 (69.23%) (13 Votes)

One of the aspects I really enjoy about Black Metal is its true darkness. This music is cold, stark, and often mysterious. On many occasions, it is filled with mysticism and/or referring to ancestral or even natural themes. All this make this metal genre very attractive to my ears. Apparently, this Finnish band that goes by the name of Alghazanth is not aware of this! Of the three promos I got from Woodcut Records, I enjoyed the Death Metal ones better than this, and I'm really not a fan of that genre!

I was never into this CD from the first spin to the last, when I actually take notes and write comments for reviewing. The best way I could describe Alghazanth's work is: generic Symphonic Black Metal, which is not that bad per se. The best description I can come up with for Wreath of Thevetat would be: a low quality clone of Dimmu Borgir, which is worse. Not that the music is bad, and the compositions terrible as such, but they lack that cold/darkness and/or mysticism as mentioned before. Perhaps it is conveyed in their lyrics, I'm not real sure about that. All is not lost though. The guitar work is very good, and one can also be glad to hear some nice acoustic guitar parts here and there. Such is the case for these couple good tracks: "On Blackening Soil" and "As Nothing Consumes Everything". The vocals are pretty good, a bit forced/thrashy for me, still they remain discrete. Then comes the bad items: the drum and keyboards. First, the use of a drum machine or a very bad quality double bass, or a poor production. Whatever the cause, the result is an awful and mechanical, way too upfront sound, whenever it's being triggered. Second, and I really don't say that often, the keyboards are cheesy! Way too present and overwhelming. This is supposed to be cold and dark, remember? On a more positive note, the pace is usually calming to a mid-fast tempo, while the crushing vs. tremolo picking, beside the acoustic guitars, and are often present to save the show.

Those into Symphonic Black Metal might find this release sweet. Personally, it won't make a lasting impression in my memory.

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