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Review: Death - Chuck Schuldiner - Zero Tolerance
Chuck Schuldiner - Zero Tolerance

Label: Hammerheart Records
Year released: 2004
Duration: 53:19
Tracks: 10
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 2.75/5

Review online: February 15, 2007
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
Readers Rating
Chuck Schuldiner - Zero Tolerance

Rated 2.87/5 (57.39%) (23 Votes)

I would have given this CD a 0 rating had it not been for the music enclosed. This is an unashamed cash-in on the name of Death, Control Denied and of course Chuck Schuldiner after his death. No doubt poor Chuck is still spinning in his grave like an industrial turbine with news of this half produced ragged work of money-grabbers released in his name.

Anyway - to the music. There are four tracks from the unreleased Control Denied album (if you can call them that in their bare-boned forms of drum tracks and guitar only). Even so, they could have been made into great songs had Chuck not unfortunately fallen ill and moved onto the next plain of existence. Fantastic Death-styled riffs mixed with the killer melodic lead work of Schuldiner over pretty rough sounding drum tracks (thanks to the demo style of the recording, not Richard Christy's ability). Overall, the songs seem maybe a bit long without variation, although this is only because of the lack of vocals and bass in my opinion. Also, it seems as if the song structures were not properly formed as the songs are still at a very early stage of development.

To make up for the lack of new tracks they have tacked on the Infernal Death and Mutilation demos of Death. These are good for what they are, but to be honest, any Death fan worth his salt will already have these in some shape or form already (plus, seeing as they have been taken from tapes onto this actual CD itself, it's not like the sound is any better than the copies tape traders or MP3 download fans would have).

I would say; if you can't get the demos elsewhere, pick it up. Otherwise, if you're only after the unreleased material, wait until the Schuldiner family finally do the official release of the album in its entirety, and stay well away from this piece of crap.

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