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Review: Blood Ritual - Black Grimoire
Blood Ritual
Black Grimoire

Label: Moribund Records
Year released: 2005
Duration: 45:02
Tracks: 9
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: January 23, 2007
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
Readers Rating
Black Grimoire

Rated 3.14/5 (62.86%) (7 Votes)

With a short spoken introduction, the esoteric enigma that is Blood Ritual return for their sophomore album with a bang. The bassy heads down death metal riffage grinds and tears holes in your speakers like an angry Doberman, rumbling angrily and satanically to such and extent that they could surely be measured on the Richter scale. Sporadic melodious solos are thrown intermittently into the mix, adding to the daunting and fear-provoking 'Descending into Hades' aura of supreme evil and darkness.

Blood Ritual are hugely reminiscent of Belphegor at times, and have definitely made me sit up and pay attention to this impressive collection of hymns with their frighteningly forceful and aggressively claustrophobic atmosphere, each song having its own unique edge and vibe, a novelty nowadays and certainly a testament to the immeasurable talent behind the skeleton mask donned by the band member in the promotional photo.

These guys are certainly passionate about their art, and are true Satanists who stand firmly against the 'faux' wannabes of various death metal bands portraying themselves as such as a mere marketing ploy. Each riff is structured perfectly for pure devastation and they are at times terrifyingly fearsome, feeling like some sort of biblical beast rising from the flames of hell to finish off the stragglers of humanity left on earth.

Very much the real McCoy, and very good death metal too; Moribund have yet another winner on their hands, and you really must hear this before the Armageddon hits….

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