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Review: Deadhole - Curse of the Ghoul
Curse of the Ghoul

Label: Acid Victim Records
Year released: 2006
Duration: 16;47
Tracks: 5
Genre: Black/Death

Rating: 2/5

Review online: September 18, 2006
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
Curse of the Ghoul

Rated 5/5 (100%) (1 Vote)

Oh my. This almost makes the French Black Legions' recordings sound like polished power metal. I don't know what Deadhole used to record this, but I've heard stuff coming out of cheap answering machines that sounded better than this. The vocals are half way between Death Metal growls and Black Metal shriekds, muddied by the atrocious production (if I dare call that "production"...) There isn't much decipherable in terms of guitars, even the drums are a bit lost in this pile of mud. That said, the band still manages to create a violent (yeah, no shit) and haunting atmosphere that saves this recording from... Well... Whatever über-necro thing they were trying to do here (too much is just as bad as not enough, guys.) After several listens one can even manage to isolate some good passages here and there, including what seems like a little wink to KEA-era Metallica. At times this sounds a bit like Darkthrone's "The Cult is Alive" if it had been recorded on an answering machine with the instruments played over a cheap cordless phone with a weak battery. So... A few well hidden ideas, but unfortunately lost by cranking the necro to 11. Or is that 12. I guess the cult kiddies will worship this.

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