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Review: Mercyful Fate - "9" Tour
Mercyful Fate
"9" Tour
Venue: Le Medley
City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Show date: October 04, 1999
Guests: Nevermore, Overkill

Rating: 4/5

Review online: October 6, 1999
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
"9" Tour

Rated 4.33/5 (86.67%) (3 Votes)

Well, that was quite an interesting evening.  I only knew Nevermore by name, I have a few Overkill albums, and I had just bought my first Mercyful Fate album, "9" four days before.  So in mid-afternoon I decided to drive up to Montreal to see the show.  Somehow we don't get much metal shows in Ottawa.  Odd.  Really.

Things didn't start too well since they opened the doors over one hour late.  Hellooooo, October nights are cold in Montreal.  Finally got in, got a beer to heat things up :-)

The show started with Nevermore who played for about 45 minutes.  Their performance on stage was pretty good, and they had a good number of fans present.  The only negative point I have is that the sound was not too good.  During the last song some fans got on the stage, I must have missed something because at the end of the song the singer gave a load of s... to some guy in the audience.

Next was Overkill who played for nearly one hour.  Again, the sound sucked.  I know quite a few songs and sometimes I had a real hard time finding out which one they were playing.  Still, they put on a good show.  I wish I will eventually be able to see both bands with a better sound.

An hour after Overkill had finished, Mercyful Fate came on stage.  The crowd really woke up then and went crazy when The King himself showed up.  First thing I noticed, the sound was *way* better than for the opening acts.  I was really impressed with the King's performance on stage, litteraly communicating with the fans who responded very well during the whole act.  Here again, no set list, since I barely knew the songs from "9", however most of the songs from the album were played, as well as some classics such as Melissa.  From the satanic background of Mercyful Fate, I was expecting absolute disrespect toward the crowd, but I found the King to be the exact opposite, even signing a fan's album while on stage, and, at the end of the show, asking which songs we wanted to hear (I haven't seen many shows, but this was the first time I saw that!)  Somehow, unlike many bands, he didn't feel the need to call us motherfuckers.  Refreshing.

Overall, a great show, the only problems being the show starting late (I had to drive back to Ottawa after the show - got home at 5am) and the poor sound for the opening acts.  If this is a typical Mercyful Fate show, don't miss them the next time they are in your area.

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