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Review: Battleroar - Age of Chaos
Age of Chaos

Label: Black Lotus Records
Year released: 2005
Duration: 58:13
Tracks: 10
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 5/5

Review online: November 15, 2005
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
Age of Chaos

Rated 3.97/5 (79.44%) (36 Votes)

This was one of the releases I was awaiting most eagerly this year. I loved Battleroar's debut album to death, and they could not get this one out soon enough for me. But as much as I hoped for with this album, the guys from Athens have surpassed it. With bands like Battleroar, Airged L'amh, and now even the immortal Manilla Road on their roster, I'm going to have to stop making cracks about Black Lotus' crappy taste in bands, as somebody over there is sure picking out good shit. "Age Of Chaos" is the true metal album of the year, and a major coup for everyone involved.

If you heard Battleroar's last album, then you know what to expect here: epic, tolling true metal that never goes too fast, but never slows down into real Doom territory either. Battleroar have their own distinct sound that draws on influences from Manilla Road to Cirith Ungol, but isn't really strongly reminiscent of anyone. Their debut was full of fun crunchers like "Swordbrother" and "Egyptian Doom", but was kept from being classic by a mediocre production job and slightly restrained performances. All that is fixed this time out, and "Age Of Chaos" sounds huge, without sounding modern. I expected that this band would get a better recording the second time out, what I did not expect was the huge leap in songwriting.

Speaking of Manilla Road, when a band opens their album with a four-minute acoustic ballad sung by Mark Shelton, it tells you two things: they are serious MR fans, and they have big frigging balls. I'm sure lots of people will scratch their heads over that one, but for 'Road fans, hearing Mark the Shark sing the titular line in his magic croon is just a treat. No other voice evokes forgotten times and mystic places so well as his.

But after the warm-up, Battleroar start kicking your face in with the swift, pummeling "Vampire Killer", which is the fastest, most direct song on here. After that Battleroar begin to show off the melodic intricacy that is the hallmark of this album with stellar cuts like "Siegecraft", "Deep Buried Faith", the haunting "Tower Of The Elephant" and the awesome "Dyvim Tvar". Yes, they cover the expected Conan, Lord Of The Rings, and Elric territory, but nothing can disguise the serious intent behind their music, or the catchy, haunting, and even beautiful melodies they have filled this CD with. There is not a bad song on here. Not. One. I can't pick favorites because I love them all too much. "Dreams On Steel" closes out the album with another beautiful acoustic number, showing off what singer Marco Concoreggi can do when he wants to. A beautiful, haunting song. And when it's over, you press 'play' again.

I have the double digipack with the DVD, and it's fun, though not essential. You get some studio featurettes that are honestly pretty dull, an interview with very bad sound so you can hardly hear anyone speak, and some live clips. The live clips have truly terrible video and sound quality, but you can see the band and the crowd are having a great fucking time, and you wish you were there. The part where they drag Mark Shelton on stage and do the MR classic "The Ram" is worth it all by itself. You won't see shows like this here in the states, as there are guys in the front row waving frigging swords around. Super cool.

I was hoping this would be good, but Battleroar have completely surpassed my expectations and made the True Metal album of the year – and I say that in a year when Manilla Road released the awesome "Gates Of Fire", but I am forced to admit that their admirers have surpassed them this time. I haven't been able to pry "Age Of Chaos" out of my player for weeks now, and it keeps getting better. If you only buy one True Metal album this year, it had better be this one. Stellar.

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