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Review: Assassin - Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence

Label: Steamhammer
Year released: 2011
Duration: 43:12
Tracks: 10
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 2.25/5

Review online: November 17, 2020
Reviewed by: Mjölnir
Readers Rating
Breaking the Silence

Rated 3.5/5 (70%) (4 Votes)

Assassin are a band that have a bit of a checkered history, to say the least. Their debut album, The Upcoming Terror, is often considered a minor classic of '80s Thrash, yet every release after that gets little respect or attention. The only albums I've heard from them are the lame Interstellar Experience and the intolerable The Club, so I can at least say there's a good reason no one gives a damn past that, and I honestly have little interest in checking out even their more lauded works based on what I've heard. This leads me to Breaking the Silence, released six years after their largely hated comeback album and often considered something of a return to form. If that's really the case, maybe avoiding them like I have was for the best.

It's a shame, too, because this album starts out pretty strong. When I heard the blazing opening lead to the title track, I was ready to say the band had turned themselves around, as it's actually a killer song with cool riffs, a better production than I've ever heard from them, and even a good chorus with competent gang shouts and vocal lines that didn't make me want to drown my head in an acid vat. The next two songs, "Raise the Dark" and "Judas", are a lot less exciting, but still passable, and we at least get one more decent song with "Destroy the State". Sadly, everything else is either lame generic Thrash like "Turf War" or shitty hardcore posing like literally the rest of the album, with lowlights including barely reworked versions of songs off The Club (I cannot understand why anyone thought they'd be worth revisiting) and the horrendous cover of Outo's "I Like Cola", which takes a shitty low-fi Punk song and renders it completely unlistenable with punched up audio and absolutely horrible yattering vocals that might serve as Robert Gonnella's worst performance. This is still the best album I've heard from this band, and maybe I'll get around to their debut one day, but with each turgid release I hear, the less confident I become that I should bother wasting my time.

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