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Review: Akhenaten - Golden Serpent God
Golden Serpent God

Label: Satanath Records
Year released: 2018
Duration: 45:43
Tracks: 8
Genre: Death/Black

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: October 3, 2018
Reviewed by: Luxi Lahtinen
Readers Rating
Golden Serpent God


Manitou Springs, Colorado, is the place where tales of the Mesopotamian times are told. This two-man band, Akhenaten, has been taken care of that since 2012 and released three studio albums and one EP in six years.

The band's latest opus, Golden Serpent God, and in all honesty this is something completely different that I have heard in a while. It's always great and uplifting to hear something other than your regular 'meat-and-potatoes' Black and Death Metal. Jerred Houseman is the guy responsible for all instruments behind Akhenaten, except for the vocals which are handled by his brother, Wyatt. Their musical vision, a mix of Black and Death Metal with some Middle Eastern folky elements thrown in, makes a pretty epic journey through the ancient times of the Egyptian pharaohs, which they have also been capable of locking well in their atmospheric and pompous music. However, do not expect to hear anything similar to what bands like Nile and Melechesh have done because Akhenaten isn't nearly as extreme sounding. In a way, they are more mysterious and unique sounding and even a bit of artsy so to speak, especially due to their tendency to suck in those folky Middle Eastern influences. It all sounds very interesting, of course, but then again, the material also has a bit of a disjointed feel to it. What they should consider doing better next time is to get rid of those programmed drums because they bring in a robotic feel. Plus, towards the end, the album turns a bit too, may I say, 'industrial' sounding (on "Sweat of the Sun" especially), which at best made me only raise my eyebrows in pure disgust. Every time they concentrate more on real playing is where they are at their best. I also like many of those (perhaps programmed?) Middle Eastern sound effects that they have used, almost creating a cinematic atmosphere. The title track, "Golden Serpent God", is a fine example of that, a completely programmed instrumental tune, which ends the album in a great way.

If folky Middle Eastern-tinged Black/Death Metal is your cup of a black-necked spitting cobra's poison, with a mild industrial touch, then nothing should stop you from checking out this band. If you don't do that, Akhenaten will cast an evil curse to haunt you forever. You have been warned...

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