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Interviews Doublegeddon

Interview with vocalist Randy Geddon

Interview conducted by Mjölnir

Date online: April 5, 2022

In ages past, two mighty Sumerian gods grew weary of our realm and ascended to the 7th dimension in search of glory and entertainment. Millenia later, they returned to our realm and beheld the splendor and excellence of Heavy Metal, and decided henceforth to use their godly might to create their own under the name Doublegeddon. After releasing a badass demo and full-length, I was inspired to pray to them in the hopes they would hear my calls to answer my questions, and sure enough, I was granted an audience with the god known as Randy Geddon, and he bequeathed to me his infinite wisdom while his partner Ricky Geddon watched us from afar in case mole men from the Earth's core decided to invade with their fearsome dinosaur steeds and needed to be stopped.

Greetings, oh mighty gods known collectively as Doublegeddon. Your presence here today honors us all. The faithful have many questions to ask about you and your sacred doctrine.

Randy: Thank you, Lord Mjolnir. You may proceed.

What compelled such divine beings as yourselves to leave the luxury of the 7th dimension to communicate with us mere mortals through song? Why have you declared that you be called Doublegeddon by the faithful and fearful alike as you do so?

Randy: Glory and stuff. We must exist in a not too dissimilar way that you must. Most of the universe is extraordinarily boring, and an infinitesimally small number of planets create anything as excellent as heavy metal. Also, we write songs about the future of this world and there are two of us.

Over what domains of musical instruments do you each reign over?

Randy: Ricky reigns over all except vocals and Randy reigns over all of the vocals except for the ones that Ricky does.

Among the litany of mortals who work tirelessly to bring Metal to the masses, are there any you found to be worthy of the blessing, nay, the privilege of being incorporated into your divine works?

Randy: Yes. There are many that are truly worthy: The Iron of the Maiden, The Priest of Judas, The Hell of the Ween, The Luca of the Turilli, The Fate of the Mercyful, The King of the Diamond, The Whoracle and the Colony.

From where do the tales you preach in your divine works come from? What is the process of translating them from ancient Sumerian to our modern tongue?

Randy: These tales come from our minds, from prophecies, from what we've seen of the future and the past. It's all real as hell.

What is the ritual invoked to create the blessed tones of your divine works? Do you venture forth from your realms to congregate for this ritual, or do you simply communicate with each other from your homes at light speed?

Randy: Any time we occupy the same space in the same plane, we are compelled to do mighty battle, so remote work works best. Typically, we share ideas telepathically for a time before things come together. Once the basic form of the songs becomes clear, Ricky begins creating the thunderous geddons. After the geddons come to life, Randy does the thing where he sings words over it. After a time, Ricky may alter a geddon somewhat. Then Randy may have an idea to change a particular geddon in some way and then Ricky may have an idea to change things as well.

How have the mortals taken to your works? Do they praise you enough, or must more be given to please the gods? Do you intend to spare those foolish enough to reject your righteous message?

Randy: Excellent mortals such as yourself have found us and continue to find us, but, yes, praise fuels the fires of geddon. It stokes the flames of the depth-bewildering, abyssal pits of the 7th dimension and the reverberations echo throughout the realm. Those who resist are but future converts.

Have the mortals had difficulty in discovering your existence? Through what means have you tried revealing yourselves and your works to them, and how do you plan on doing so going forward?

Randy: There's an endless stream of shit competing for attention at all times, and our music has come out largely unpromoted, save for a few supreme humans who have taken it upon themselves to share our geddons with the rest of humanity. It seems that with Geddon Dangerous, more people get what we're doing, but there's still a "what the fuck is this?" factor happening with those just discovering it. When the EP came out, it was really a shout into the void, and the void responded; the people from the Powerful: A Power Metal Podcast and some others found it, and the support has really kept us motivated throughout the writing and recording process. It's been awesome to behold.

Have you ever considered humbling humankind by holding court across the world's taverns and venues to spread your doctrine in the flesh?

Randy: Doublegeddon should never be played on earth in a live setting. This would truly bring about the end of times before the true end of times is due to arrive.

If there is one unifying message you wish to communicate to us mortals through your holy works, what would it be?

Randy: No.

What great adventures have you already embarked on that we of the 3rd dimension lack the ability to perceive until what we perceive as the future?

Well, yesterday we exploded a rift from the seventh dimension to the 11th with a time-bending gravity laser fueled by human blood and bone dust. The 11th dimensional beings were not happy at all, they came across tremendously self-superior and we had to tell them that we don't give a fucking fuck that they're 4 dimensions away. After some negotiation about how to repair the sub-matter-annihilating hole we created in their world, we partied with them and discovered that they're pretty fucking cool after all. Is that what you were asking? We weren't totally sure if that was what you were after there. Also, we are planning on releasing more 2-song EPs going forward. Because, you know, two things. The platforms will call them "singles," but they are, in fact, doubles.

Thank you for graciously granting us this audience. Before you depart to your respective realms, are there any words of wisdom you wish to impart on the mortals reading this scripture?

Randy: No.

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