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Interviews Krossfire

Interview with vocalist Dimo Petkov

Interview conducted by MetalMike

Date online: February 27, 2012

MetalMike: How does it feel to have your debut album, Learning to Fly, get a worldwide release? Does it feel like all those years of hard work have paid off?

DP: Yes, definitely. We are very happy to sign with PURE STEEL RECORDS. Before that, it was very hard to do something on our own. Now, many people will find out about us and our music. We are very excited and will continue to work even harder.

MetalMike: How did Learning to Fly come together? Were the songs all written strictly for the album or did you have a catalog of material from across your career to draw upon?

DP: It took us almost a year to compose the songs and six month to record them. We had around eight songs composed until 2007 and we were ready to record them, but one of our guitar players left the band. We decided to go for keyboards instead of second guitar, because we wanted to go into a different direction - power/progressive metal. We had to put aside these eight songs and go for brand new ones. The composing process in general is a little bit slow, because we had our day jobs, families and other responsibilities. We are not professional musicians.

MetalMike: I assume the band members' native language is Bulgarian (correct me, if I'm wrong!) so do you find it difficult or challenging to write and sing in English? Many bands these days are singing in their native languages. Would it make sense for Krossfire to sing in Bulgarian?

DP: Yes, our native language is Bulgarian. We want our market to be outside our home land and we thing that this is the way to be done - to write in English. I know that music matters, but people in the western countries will understand what is all about when they read the lyrics, too. But who knows - may be one day we will record songs in Bulgarian. :-)

MetalMike: A lot of Power Metal bands write about fantasy-based topics but Krossfire's lyrics don't seem to follow that trend. For instance, the song "War machine" conjures images of Alexander the Great when I hear it. What do you like to write and sing about?

DP: Yes, you are correct. "War machine" is a song about the story of Alexander the Great. We are big fans of fantasy movies, really. We love "The Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars", etc, but we prefer to write about historical facts, myths, legends and about thing that surrounds us every day. One song from the album has a social theme. This is "False Reality" and it is a song about how many people need help, but receive none. The other is Greek myth of Icarus trying to escape the isle of Crete - it's "Learning to Fly".

MetalMike: Does the name of the band, Krossfire, have any special meaning? How about the album title, Learning to Fly?

DP: The band's name does not have special meaning. We chose Crossfire in the beginning, but we decided to replace "C" with "K" just like Kamelot :-). The title song "Learning to Fly" is a song about Greek myth of Icarus. The other meaning we put into this songs is that the band has been striving all these years to grow and to strive for higher and higher peaks, to learn to "fly". I hope it is only the beginning.

MetalMike: Who are your influences? Who or what drew you to Power Metal?

DP: Our influence is heavy rock music, especially heavy, power and progressive metal. We all love bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, Primal Fear, Iron Savior, etc. I have a friend who took me in this world of metal music back in 1985 with Iron Maiden and since then I've been hooked. This music is like narcotic for us - we want more and more. It's truly privilege for us to play it, not only to listen it.

MetalMike: Is Krossfire a full-time job for the guys in the band?

DP: No. We are not professional musicians. We have our day jobs.

MetalMike: What is the Heavy Metal scene like in Bulgaria? Are there places to play or do you find you need to go to other countries where the scene might be bigger?

DP: It's very hard to be in a band here in Bulgaria. Maybe in other countries it is different, too, but our standard of living is very low. We do not have proper money to buy good instruments, you know. There are music clubs here, but not much. In general, heavy metal music is not very profitable. Last year we managed to do 34 dates to promote "Learning to Fly", which is very good for us. There are also many good bands, but they are underground. But somehow we managed to survive these ten years and here we are - stronger than ever. After all there is a bright light in the end of the tunnel for metal music.

MetalMike: What was it like to open for Jag Panzer back in 2005? Did you get to spend any time with the guys?

DP: It was great. We could believe it, really. This was the first time to be on stage with such metal legends as Jag Panzer. We never dreamed about this. It was an honor. We spent time after the concert, chatted with them, took photos. Unbelievable.

MetalMike: Which bands would you like to share a stage with? Are there any countries you would like to play?

DP: For me, I want to be on one stage with two bands - Iron Maiden and Kamelot. I love them. I've been listening to Iron Maiden for 25 years and Kamelot since 1997, so it would be a privilege for me. As a band, we would like to have concerts in western countries, not specific ones. We want as many people as possible to experience our "(c)krossfire". We have a lot of thing to show on stage.

MetalMike: What is next for Krossfire?

DP: This year we will concentrate on composing songs for our second album and hope to be ready for recording next year. Also, we would like to have as many concerts as possible, not only in Bulgaria, but other countries, too. We started the year with three concerts in Greece and it was great. Hope to continue like that.

MetalMike: Anything else you'd like us to know that we haven't covered?

DP: We do a lot of concerts for bikers meetings during summer time each year. We have many friends from the biker society who support us and believe in us. We would like to thank them for this. Also, we want to thanks to all our fans for their great support.

MetalMike: Thanks for taking some time to answer these questions and Congratulations on Learning to Fly!

DP: Thanks, Mike. Thanks for the interesting questions and for this interview. All the best to you and your readers.

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