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NOTE FOR MEMBERS WHO HAD REGISTERED ON THE OLD BOARD:  Some of the rules below have changed and some new ones have been added to clarify some things.  Please read this attentively.  Also note that rules will now be enforced to prevent the board from sinking as low as the previous one had.

Forum Rules of conduct are simple and easy to follow, and we are finally posting them for everyone to see. If you break a rule we will point you to this FAQ. If you deliberately and purposely break the rules again you will be banned from posting for a week. 3rd strike and you'll be banned at the administrator's discretion, he may choose not to ban you as the situation may warrant.  Obvious trolls and morons will be banned without warning.  This also goes for people who register to post spam/advertisements elsehwere than in "News & Promotion" - banning and deletion of their post awaits.

Rules of Conduct for Forums:

  • This is not a rap board.  Write in English, not in ebonics.  If for example you can't write "you" in its entirety, go post elsewhere.

  • No political discussions.  Experience on the previous board have shown that they always turn to crap.  If you want to discuss politics, go to another board.  Such threads will be deleted and the originator banned for a week.  Repeat offense is a permanent ban.

  • No links to illegal music downloads.  Use e-mail to share those with your friends or whatever, but don't post such links on the board.

  • No openly racist remarks, pictures, or links as a matter of practise. If there is a band that is obviously neo-nazi in theme then it is different, but keep the discussions on the band and not on their ideology or the intent behind it. Similarly, overly politically-correct idiots who start calling other people racists just because they listen to this or that band or because they made an off-hand remark will get the boot treatment.

  • Do not post "offending" pics or links on the board - including but not limited to porn, rotten crap (in the non-P.C. sense), Nazi stuff, etc...  This is not about censorship, but rather because a good number of people here sometimes read the board from work, and since images are downloaded in a temporary directory on their work computer, such imagery could land them in trouble (eg. getting fired) if they happen to work in a company with a zero-tolerance policy for such things. If you do post a link to an image, add a quick warning so that people reading for their workplace can choose not to click on it while at work.  This goes for avatars as well.

  • No cross posting. That is, posting the same post more than once in different forums. This rule is a no-brainer but as the board grows in popularity there is likely going to be people cross posting promotional material in many forums.

  • No thread crapping. If there is a discussion going on about how awesome death metal band A is, and you are a prog metal fan, you do NOT go into the thread and post how much you think the band/genre sucks. If you don't "get" a genre, do not comment on how crappy you think its bands are, as you are obviously not qualified to discuss the subject.  This kind of behaviour always leads to useless and boring flame wars and only result in the thread being locked.  If you have nothing intelligent to say, don't post.

  • If your post is deleted do NOT post the same thing again or start a thread asking "Why was my post deleted?" -- A moderator will usually Private Message (PM) you with details on why your post was deleted, and refer you to this FAQ.

  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Period. A personal attack is defined as anything meant against a person directly. Saying "Metalcrypt your last review was shit" is fine (although lacking any argument, but that's another story), but saying "Metalcrypt your last review was shit and so are you" will get you banned. Doubly banned if you misspell any words.  If you have issues with a particular member of the board, take it to e-mail.  You do not need to bore us with a dedicated thread to bash that person.  There's a difference between saying "Man Are you nuts?  That album rules/sucks" and purposely attacking a person because you think you're so tough behind your keyboard.

  • Keep all promotional material in the Shameless Promotion forum.  IF YOU ARE ONLY POSTING AN ADVERTISEMENT AND HAVE NO INTENTION OF POSTING ANYTHING ELSE, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER a username.  Non-members can post in "News & Promotion" without registering.  ALL ADVERTISEMENT POSTED IN OTHER FORUMS WILL BE DELETED.

  • Keep non-metal discussions for the "General" forum.  Non-metal topics posted in the "Metal" forum will be moved by a moderator.

  • Don't register on the board if you don't intend to post.

  • If your "bullshit-to-worthy post ratio" is too high, you will get a 7 days suspension without warning.  This is to the administrator's discretion and is without appeal (by the suspended party or anyone else.)  An example of bullshit-to-worthy ratio that will get you suspended is you showing up in several threads posting annoying senseless or clueless bullshit and having only a couple of posts that are actually "non trollish".  The administrator will cut some slack for a while, but if the attitude persist, the poster will be suspended.  Once reinstated, if the same attitude persist the poster will be banned without further warning.

  • New accounts that have not posted will be deleted after 60 days.

  • Inactive accounts that have not posted in 60 days will be deleted.

  • Keep signatures to 5 lines maximum, no large or otherwise "distracting" graphics - small playlists are OK, for example, but flashy animated graphics are not.  When in doubt, ask a moderator.

That is pretty much it. These are pretty much the same rules that have always been in effect, except now they are in writing.  We may add to these rules in the future as need requires or a new forum troll finds a way to make an arse of himself without breaking forum rules.

Have fun posting, and welcome to the Metal Crypt forums

The Metal Crypt Moderating Team

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