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Link to the Google Group
Time to start moving and torture ReignBloodyGore's cellphone battery!

The embedded version of the group is at:

The full-screen version is at:!catego...etal-crypt

Google groups have next to no customization for the look, so it's pretty damn plain and on a white background.

I still have a bit of work to do for the "Recent threads" stuff, so for now the site will still be showing the recent threads on the "full blown message board" (that's this board). Once I have that running fine, I'll change the "Message Board" menu item to go to the Google group. I'll likely leave this board here in read-only mode for a little while and eventually flush it.

I've been playing with the Google group with MetalMike and Mjolnir for a few days and it seems to be working fine. We've started some of the usual threads.
Yeah, still trying to figure some things out, like how to embed a damn video in a thread!  But we did find how to change the name and profile pic for group members that's not just whatever you have for your Google account, so that's nice.
Metal Always. Metal Only.
Hahaha, regardless of my battery issues with VPN, I still registered and posted a couple times.

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