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Message board alternatives suggestions
Sooo... Like a lot of message boards, this one had grown pretty quiet. It's kind of a behemoth to maintain and I'm wondering if we shouldn't look at alternatives.

I've thought of a "private" subreddit, though I'm not sure it would be a good fit. I'm wondering if anyone here has a suggestion? I've even thought of switching over to hosted Proboards (if we were to keep the message board format) just to ease up on the maintenance.

Facebook groups don't seem particularly good.
I don’t post very frequently myself. Partly I don’t feel much incentive to post much because there really isn’t much dialogue sometimes. I have, however, found much value in this forum over the last several months, so it is a sad realization.

I am a member of another forum which is way more active (but also less metalheads, more -core fans than anything sadly), but it is hosted on Proboards. While I know nothing much about site maintenance, Proboards has been great to me.

I completely agree that Facebook groups aren’t quite adequate. Personally, I don’t think heading to Reddit is an adequate choice either. Personally, I’d be open to reopening doors on Proboards. However, I think it’s inevitable that the forum will grow silent with all of us working jobs and getting busy listening to metal. Curious to see what others are thinking.
I have been here for a while, and come and go. This is probably the only metal message board I visit on a regular/semi-regular basis. To be honest, I think most of the posts here are quality, and I always seem to pick something up when I check in. I understand that an increase in forum activity is desirable, however, whenever I visit other message boards they usually contain a lot of noise and shitposts that you have to spend some time filtering through. I appreciate that I don't have to do that on this forum. Quality over quantity etc.

Anyway, I know that this was discussed some time ago (unless I'm mixing things up), but if you want more discussion I think a comment section under each review should be re-considered. For myself, I will likely not participate as I generally do not give a shit, but if you look at sites such as AMG, they seem to have some activity going under each review they post which may keep things... fresh.

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