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Mark Shelton has died
Just a little while ago, Bryan "Hellroadie" Patrick posted that Mark Shelton, the mastermind and heart of Manilla Road, has died.  He didn't give details, but those are not really important.  What is important is that a great musician has gone from us, and one of the best guitar players to ever lift the instrument has fallen silent.

I met him only once.  I went to the show here in Tulsa, and there he was, sitting outside having a smoke, and he was more than happy to endure my fanboying and sign everything I passed to him.  He finally had the band on the track he wanted, with musicians he could rely on, and was so excited to be in a place where he could just make the music he wanted to make.  We talked for a long time, and I told him that "The Ninth Wave" was my favorite MR song.  I will never forget when he gave me a shout-out from the stage and then they played that very long, very complex song note for note.  That was a fan moment I doubt will ever be equaled for me.

It seems impossible that he's gone.

R.I.P. Another fallen legend...
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After hearing the news this morning, I knew I had to come and pay my respects here. Massively unexpected, but this site is really what turned me onto Manilla Road. They've slowly become one of those integral bands to me, and seeing them live at Keep It True XX was a lofty height.

One of the true greats.
I'm shattered. As Sargon said, it seems impossible that this is true...All I can say is that it was a honor to have met him once.

One of the masterminds of our beloved genre. May he reach Valhalla and sit alongside the greats, because he's definitely one of them despite not getting the attention deserved.

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Metal is forever
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That's awful to hear.  I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said, but condolences for those close to him and may he find rest wherever he is now.  End of an era for Metal.
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Terrible news

I, too, “discovered” Manilla Road via this site and Sargon’s reviews and am devastated by this news. I met him (along with Bryan Patrick and Neudi) in the parking lot before a show and he spent over half and hour talking about the band, music and life in general. He was so down to earth.

I’m happy that he was in a great place with the band and was getting the recognition he deserved.
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This one hit me hard.

I cranked Spiral Castle as I drove to work and back today. Several years ago that CD was pretty much glued in my truck for an entire summer. I got pretty misty listening to it today after hearing the news. Such a monstrous talent.

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Bryan has confirmed it was a heart attack.  Said he went quickly and without pain.  I knew he'd had heart problems in the past, and the life of a touring musician is not exactly healthy - smoking, drinking, staying up late, poor sleep, bad food.
I never really got into Manilla Road but that still came as a shock. R.I.P.

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