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10,000 Reviews and Counting!!!
So, this is it. The 10,000th review has gone up! The first one was a review of an Hanker album and, since I realized I had never reviewed their last one (WTF?), I figured it would be fitting to review it for spot #10,000.

I wrote a little editorial on the journey:
Congratulations for the first 10,000 reviews + cheers for another 10K to go...  Wink

A nice write-up from Michel about the history of how it all started for The Metal Crypt. Didn't even know the site was called by a bit different name back in the day.

Also, as a side mention, it's gonna be The Metal Crypt's 20th anniversary next year. We really need celebrate it someway for sure...  Wink
"What does not kill me... Eh, makes me even more pissed off, you punk!!!"  Angry

* "Armageddon Cult" by SURVIVORS ZERO (feat. yours truly)
Fuck yeah! Congrats on the 10,000 reviews! Loved the editorial, here's to another 10,000  Big Grin
Metal is forever
In every Single matter
Metal is forever
Nations come together
May there be at least 10,000 more, and at most a number I can't count to!  To the website that refined my tastes in metal Heart
Metal Always. Metal Only.
I think Michel is going to take us to The Koven for some Black Metal nachos, we just have to get to Canada Wink
We need it as a liquid in our veins instead of blood
That's assuming they don't detain you at the border. Big Grin

10,002! We're on a roll!

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