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Just 2 days ago... (related to Jeff Hanneman)
Two days ago, 2nd of May, 2015, it's been 5 years since  Jeff Hanneman (Slayer) sadly passed away.  It was a truly sad day for the whole Metal community, especially for the fans of Slayer...

As it's been 5 years and 2 days today since he left this world of mortals, I thought that those of you who still haven't read the Jeff Hanneman tribute on this fine site, can get another chance to do so. Link below...

"Remembering Jeff- Tribute to Jeff Hanneman"
[Image: jht1.jpg]

Jeff will never be forgotten!!
"What does not kill me... Eh, makes me even more pissed off, you punk!!!"  Angry

* "Armageddon Cult" by SURVIVORS ZERO (feat. yours truly)

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