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Heavy Metal OTD Thread
A thread for the bands of Heavy Metal OTD Roster. Info, Interviews, Gigs and more.

Krepusku is a Melodic Death Metal Band from Transylvania, Romania. They have recently released 'Hybrid' full-length via MSH Music Group. Below you can watch the second track of the album 'Hybrid High Breed'

[Image: krepuskul.jpg]

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War of Thrones Feat. Former Members Of Crimson Glory, Rob Rock and more : Debut Album 'Conflict In Creation' is Out NOW via Sonic Night Music

[Image: war-of-thrones_conflict-in-creation.jpg]


1. Ascending 
2. Creation 
3. Savior 
4. Entranced 
5. Damnation 
6. Aftermath 
7. Say What 
8. Kingdom 
9. Rule the World 
10. Reaction 
11. Channeling Demons 
12. Descending

✅ Listen to “Rule the World” :: 
✅ Get to know the band ::
✅ Profile ::
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You know, I get you're just doing your job and all, but as Mike asked, shouldn't this be in the announcements thread?
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Interview with Tim Godwin of The Social Norm.

Fusing grunge, nu-metal, punk and industrial rock, The Social Norm (TSN) originally started as a studio project for prolific drummer and mulit-instrumentalist Tim Godwin.


Kostas :: How the name ‘The Social Norm’ came up? 
Tim :: Well, I was working with this chick, nice enough, but I clashed with her a bit. Basically she was like a 'Time Line Person'... She had to do certain things as if she was ticking them off on her already planned out life, ie go to uni, get a job, get a husband, find a house, have a baby and had to do it in that order. I wrote a song about her called 'NEVER KNEW' (we still play it) and it had the line 'You want to live the social norm, I want something to frame when I'm gone'. Initially I called myself TG (my initials), but THE SOCIAL NORM I felt was cooler and I dig the irony.

Kostas :: Tell us the brief history of your band. 
Tim :: We have only really been a band since January this year (2018). But I basically have been writing and recording THE SOCIAL NORM's stuff by myself and a few other guests artists for a few years now. I lived in this cool little remote town in the southern part of NSW, in Australia for 4 years, and I self produced most of the music we are playing there. I've played drums on records and in bands for years, but now its feels really cool to be fronting my own project. 

[Image: a0122630948_10.jpg]

Read the full story,
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Krepuskul lyric video 'The Limits Of Hate' is out now.

Krepuskul hail from Romania and they have been designated as the most hard working band in Transylvania, with over 150 concerts in only 4 years! They have recently released their 3rd full-length ‘Hybrid‘ via MSH Music Group and received a lot of great reviews for it.

  • OCD (Let’s Start a War) 02:22
  • Hybrid High Breed 06:23
  • As Long As You See the Sky 05:03
  • The Disciples 04:47
  • The Limits of Hate 04:08
  • Under the Black Flag 05:17
  • Psychotherapy 05:01
  • They Will Fall 05:55
  • Awake 17

[Image: Krepuskul-Romania-hybrid.jpg]

Watch the official video for ‘The Limits Of Hate’

The album can also be streamed on spotify for free >

Follow the band and check Label’s news, 

Band's Profile
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Below A Silent Sky :: 'A View From Afar' is OUT NOW!

[Image: Below-A-Silent-Sky-a-view-from-afar-album-artwork.JPG]

Band offers a unique mixture of progressive post-elements and aggressiveness. If you consider the fact that it's an instrumental entity this makes the whole thing more interesting! A View From Afar consists of 5 tracks in a total duration of 54 minutes. 

The album is based on polythematic enorchestration and the quality of the production makes it easier for the listener to get in to the trip.


[*]The Highest Shrine - 09:05

[*]Caverns of Light - 08:51

[*]Tartarus - 10:28

[*]Earthshifter - 08:53

[*]The Great Divide - 18:29

Artwork and Graphic Design by Teilchensturm

[Image: aviewfromafar.jpg]

Below A Silent Sky hails from Ilmenau, Germany and was founded in 2012. Since that time band released one EP in 2013, their debut "Corrosion" in 2015 and now the second album "A View From Afar" 

Lineup, Heinz :: Drums, Christian :: Guitar, Robin :: Guitar, Diego :: Bass

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[Image: Screaming-Beast-album%2B%25281%2529.jpg]

Our New Narrative of Hate is the debut, full-length, release of the UK Heavy Metal Band Screaming Beast. The Album is the follow-up of 2 EPs, Blistering Lies (2014), To Assail and Conquer (2015) and released on March 23rd, 2018. 

Musically speaking, Our New Narrative of Hate is a Ten tracks' pack, delivering forty-five minutes of stomping groove, blended with powerful breakdowns and dueling guitar harmonies. The way double kicking has teamed up with Jason's lines gives extra points on the overall aggression of the album! 

Looping debut gave me an always-on, "what's coming next?", feeling as these guys have successfully avoided repetition and the usage of fillers. Really loved the changes between distorted and clean atmosphere, the vocal range plus the amount of reverb, which is my thing, but this is me! I hope you enjoy the album and stop by the band's merch stand to show your love and support.


✓ This Dawn This Day 
✓ World with Fate 
✓ Giving into Fear 
✓ Silent Submission 
✓ Despair 
✓ Lost and Betrayed 
✓ This Fray 
✓ Society of Slaves 
✓ The Nameless 
✓ Reborn

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Insineratehymn - A Moment in a Vision

[Image: cover.JPG]

INSINERATEHYMN  is an upcoming Death Metal band from Los Angeles, CA, heavily influenced by bands such as Unleashed, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Pestilence, Sepultura.

[Image: album.jpg]


1. If There's Evil (There's People)
2. Zombie
3. Invention Intervention
4. To Mega Therion
5. Mind

Lineup, Hugo Gomez (Vocals), Demitree Rivera (Lead Guitar), Frank Montero (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Miguel Martinez (Bass), Abraham Garcia (Drums)

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By Kostas Dahmer
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[Image: album_.jpg]

There is a sacred geometry in the whispers of the strings, creating music in the space between spheres, take a journey through the Void, above the Suns. Start to inhale quantic hummings, vibrating, chaotic energy fills the void following the first information given: Birth, Create.

Where no eye can create Matter with his sight, the real fabric of the universe create the basic pillars of the existence: the Hyle, in bright giant furnaces. And Cosmos can be called like so, following a second law: Procreate. So light trasmits the data of life. Light, Lumis, Light. Cosmos is living, Cosmos is breathing. And we are through Streams of Shine. Eye that creates Matter at sight, Matter that bends time at will, then Cosmos duplicate himself to be aware of his own potential.

Segments, Ifenes, portions of frozen spacetime. A view of a giant infinite fractalized universal Tree, where every branches are a pulse of a Divide in the storming dusts of time. From infinite possibilities, universe create a multiverse, channeling in this line of spacetime. This is the choosen path. Cosmos is living, Cosmos is breathing. And all goes to repeat where dilute gases uniform to the void, time's exhale: End, Entropy.

Cosmos is living, then he follows the third and last order given: Destroy, dragging its charm of absolute emptiness. But we are a single breathe of his quantic lung, feeling again a geometry, whispers inside spheres. We are travelling inside his body to keep it alive.

Universe needs a conscious sentient being from the essence of stars. Cosmos is living. Cosmos is breathing.


1. Quantum 01:42
2. Matter 05:08
3. Hyle 04:13
4. Cosmi 02:37
5. Lumis 05:35
6. Ifene 07:54
7. Fractals 03:13
8. Divide 07:15
9. Entropia 07:40

Lineup, Alexios – Vocals, Guitars Dave - Guitars Adres - Bass Marco - Drums

Source Of Article.

Vorbid - Debut 'Mind' is out.

Mind is the debut album of the Norwegians Vorbid. The album consists of five tracks, delivering fifty minutes of pure - aggressive, progressive thrash! Hat Tip to Megadeth, Slayer, Destruction and Vektor, uniquely combined with their own style and musical attitude.

[Image: background.jpg]


1. If There's Evil (There's People) 
2. Zombie 
3. Invention Intervention 
4. To Mega Therion 
5. Mind 

[Image: merch.JPG]

Vorbid - Zombie (Guitar and bass playthrough)

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