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Thrash Metal Thread
Since 2018 is still young and already I've seen plenty of excellent thrash albums released, I feel it's appropriate to start a thrash metal thread to have a designated place for posting notable thrash albums/bands and whatnot.  

Post any thrash, whether it is old or new, and I will mostly be posting newer and/or more obscure things of interest.

Greece's Rapture have come back this year with a brand new album called Paroxysm of Hatred.  A very brutal offering of death/thrash, and worthy of mentioning here.  Very aggressive and heavy riffs here, and plenty of them.  

Check them out:
Did someone say Dark Angel...?!

Nah, you will get Necrophagia LA instead... 
"What does not kill me... Eh, makes me even more pissed off, you punk!!!"  Angry

My friends in WHIPLASH...
I've been listening to New Jersey's Condition Critical a lot lately, specifically the album Extermination Plan.  Considering these guys have apparently been nicknamed "Demolition Hammer Jr.," I think those of you who are familiar with DH know what to expect from these guys in Condition Critical.  This stuff is razor sharp, aggressive, and full of excellent riffs.  

Listen here:

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