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Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed
 Mägo de Oz  Finisterra Folk Metal20004.5Hermer Arroyo2010-04-15
 Mägo de Oz  Gaia Folk Metal20034.5Hermer Arroyo2010-04-20
 Mägo de Oz  Gaia II:La Voz Dormida Folk Metal20054.25Hermer Arroyo2010-04-21
 Mägo de Oz  Gaia III: Atlantia Folk Metal20103.5Hermer Arroyo2010-05-20
 Mörbid Vomit  Doctrine of Violence Death Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-31
 Mörker  Höstmakter Black Metal20084.75Pagan Shadow2008-07-19
 Möse  Halfway to Nowhere Sludge/Doom20081Sargon the Terrible2009-12-02
 Mütiilation  Black Metal Cult Black Metal20244Michel Renaud2024-04-20
 Mütiilation  Black Metal Cult Black Metal20243.5Sargon the Terrible2024-04-13
 Mütiilation  Destroy Your Life for Satan Black Metal20084.5Michel Renaud2008-10-12
 Mütiilation  Majestas Leprosus Black Metal20033.75Michel Renaud2004-01-23
 Mütiilation  The Lost Tapes Black Metal20183.5Michel Renaud2019-02-22
 Mütiilation  Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Black Metal19954.5Lars Christiansen2009-01-31
 M-pire of Evil  Creatures of the Black Thrash Metal20113.75Michel Renaud2012-02-18
 M-pire of Evil  Crucified Thrash Metal20133.75MetalMike2013-05-13
 M-pire of Evil  Hell to the Holy Thrash Metal20124Michel Renaud2012-03-23
 M.ill.ion  Thrill of the Chase Melodic Heavy Metal20083.5Bruce Dragonchaser2008-06-15
 M.T.G.  Lobotomized Thrash Metal20233.75Luxi Lahtinen2023-04-17
 Maat  As We Create the Hope from Above Death Metal20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2014-12-15
 Maat  Monuments Will Enslave Death Metal20174Sargon the Terrible2018-01-04
 Maax  Six Pack Witchcraft Black/Thrash20104.25Michel Renaud2010-05-06
 Macabre  Grim Scary Tales Death/Thrash20111Sargon the Terrible2011-04-12
 Macabre Demise  Dead Eyes Death Metal20092Sargon the Terrible2011-01-23
 Macabre Omen  Gods of War - At War Pagan Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-07-10
 Macabre Omen  Gods of War - At War Pagan Metal20154.5Sargon the Terrible2015-05-19
 Macabre Omen  The Ancient Returns Pagan Metal20164Luxi Lahtinen2017-02-16
 Macbeth  Gotteskrieger Heavy Metal20094.25Michel Renaud2009-10-09
 Macbeth  Wiedergänger Heavy/Thrash20123.5MetalMike2013-01-08
 Mace 'n' Chain  Among Ancient Pillars Heavy Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-04-20
 Mace 'n' Chain  Upon the Anvil Formed Heavy Metal20213.5MetalMike2022-02-01
 Machina  Hellbound Heart Heavy Metal20153Sargon the Terrible2015-07-18
 Machina  Ride Revenge Heavy Metal20153Sargon the Terrible2019-07-19
 Machinage  It Makes Us Hate Thrash Metal20114Adam Kohrman2011-08-03
 Machine Men  Circus of Fools Heavy Metal20073Bruce Dragonchaser2007-04-01
 Machine Men  Circus of Fools Heavy Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2007-03-29
 Machine Men  Machine Men Heavy Metal20023.75Larry Griffin2008-06-16
 Machinergy  Sounds Evolution Thrash Metal20143MetalMike2014-09-22
 Machinery  Degeneration Heavy/Death20064Lars Christiansen2007-05-05
 Machines Of Grace  Machines Of Grace Heavy Metal20094.5Bruce Dragonchaser2011-03-12
 Machtkrig  ...Dommedag I Sigte Black Metal20103Pagan Shadow2010-07-22
 Mad Butcher  Metal Lightning Attack Heavy/Thrash20204.5Michel Renaud2020-11-10
 Mad Dragzter  Master of Space and Time Thrash Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2016-06-17
 Mad Hatter  Mad Hatter Power Metal20183.25Bruno Medeiros2018-08-29
 Mad Hatter's Den  Dark Wheel Heavy Metal20123.5MetalMike2012-10-14
 Mad Hatter's Den  Welcome to the Den Heavy Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-11-08
 Mad Max  35 Heavy Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-12-15
 Mad Max  Stormchild Heavy Metal19853.5Adam Kohrman2010-02-12
 Mad Max  Thunder, Storm and Passion Heavy Metal20153.5MetalMike2015-11-17
 Mad Max  Thunder, Storm and Passion Heavy Metal20153.25Michel Renaud2015-08-10
 Made in Vain  Lies in Ruin Death/Thrash20102.5Sargon the Terrible2011-02-22
 Made of Hate  Bullet in Your Head Melodic Death Metal20083.5Bruce Dragonchaser2008-02-19
 Made of Hate  Pathogen Power Metal20103Christopher Foley2010-09-28
 Made of Hate  Pathogen Power Metal20103.75MetalMike2011-03-09
 Made of Iron  Made of Iron Heavy Metal20044Michel Renaud2004-12-09
 MadHour  The Beginning of Disaster Heavy Metal20122Christopher Foley2013-02-03
 Madhouse  Metal or Die Power/Thrash20183.75MetalMike2018-09-08
 Madrigal  I Die, You Soar Gothic Metal20013.75Christopher Foley2010-02-02
 Mael Mordha  Cluain Tarbh Doom Metal20055Sargon the Terrible2007-09-29
 Mael Mordha  Damned When Dead Doom Metal20135Sargon the Terrible2013-11-24
 Mael Mordha  Gaeltacht Mael Mordha Doom Metal20074.5Sargon the Terrible2007-07-31
 Mael Mordha  Manannan Doom Metal20104Hermer Arroyo2010-06-23
 Mael Mordha  Manannan Doom Metal20105Sargon the Terrible2010-08-05
 Maelstrom  It Was Predestined Power/Thrash20083.5MetalMike2012-12-12
 Maelstrom  It Was Predestined Power/Thrash20083.25Michel Renaud2008-11-20
 Maestitium  Tale of the Endless Death Metal20214.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-05-22
 Mag Mell  Revival Folk Metal20093.75Pagan Shadow2009-08-02
 Magic Kingdom  Metallic Tragedy Power Metal20044Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-10
 Magic Kingdom  MetAlmighty Power Metal20204.25MetalMike2020-04-10
 Magic Kingdom  Savage Requiem Power Metal20153MetalMike2015-06-26
 Magic Kingdom  Symphony of War Power Metal20104Christopher Foley2010-11-25
 Magic Kingdom  Symphony of War Power Metal20104MetalMike2010-11-19
 Magica  Center Of The Great Unknown Power Metal20123.75Christopher Foley2012-12-09
 Magica  Dark Diary Power Metal20103Adam Kohrman2010-06-27
 Magica  Dark Diary Power Metal20104MetalMike2010-08-04
 Magica  Hereafter Power Metal20073.75Sargon the Terrible2008-06-16
 Magica  Lightseeker Power Metal20042.5Bruce Dragonchaser2011-05-08
 Magica  The Scroll of Stone Symphonic Metal20031Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-09
 Magica  Wolves and Witches Power Metal20084Christopher Foley2009-04-04
 Magica  Wolves and Witches Power Metal20083Sargon the Terrible2009-11-23
 Magician  Tales Of The Magician Power Metal20083Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-03
 Magister Templi  Into Duat Doom Metal20153.75MetalMike2015-12-06
 Magister Templi  Lucifer Leviathan Logos Heavy/Doom20133.5MetalMike2013-07-17
 Magistraal  Fantoom van de Deemsterburcht Black Metal20244.25Michel Renaud2024-04-13
 Magma Dragon  Full Attack Action Power Metal20144.25Edward T. Head2015-12-10
 Magna Vice  Serpent of Wisdom Progressive Metal20133.75Luxi Lahtinen2014-11-06
 Magnabolt  Magnabolt Heavy Metal20234MetalMike2023-08-14
 Magnetron  A Measured Timeframe Thrash Metal20112.75Sargon the Terrible2012-01-25
 Magnitude 9  Decoding The Soul Progressive Metal20043.75Bruce Dragonchaser2011-05-12
 Magnitude 9  Reality in Focus Progressive Metal20014.5Steel Warrior2002-10-22
 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall  We Are the Night Heavy Metal20203.5Bruno Medeiros2020-07-06
 Magnus Thorsen  Valhalla Rising Speed/Power Metal20063.5Chaossphere2007-01-10
 Magoth  Invictus Black Metal20204.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-02-02
 Majestic  Trinity Overture Progressive Power Metal20003.75Bruce Dragonchaser2009-10-23
 Majestic Downfall  Aorta Doom Metal20213.75Michel Renaud2021-05-26
 Majestic Downfall/Ansia  Majestic Downfall/Ansia Doom/Death20074.25Michel Renaud2008-05-11
 Majestic Mass  Destroys Minds & Rapes Souls Heavy Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-09-29
 Majestic Mass  Destroys Minds & Rapes Souls Heavy Metal20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-11-27
 Majestic Mass  Savage Empire of Death Heavy Metal20183Sargon the Terrible2019-09-13
 Majestica  Above the Sky Power Metal20194.5MetalMike2019-06-01
 Majesties  Vast Reaches Unclaimed Melodic Death Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-04-11
 Majesties  Vast Reaches Unclaimed Melodic Death Metal20234Sargon the Terrible2023-03-23
 Majesty  Back to Attack Heavy Metal20233.5Sargon the Terrible2023-05-13
 Majesty  Hellforces Heavy/Power Metal20063Michel Renaud2006-10-24
 Majesty  Keep It True Heavy Metal20004.25Michel Renaud2001-02-04
 Majesty  Reign in Glory Heavy Metal20034.75Michel Renaud2003-12-03
 Majesty  Sword And Sorcery Heavy Metal20024.5Michel Renaud2002-09-02
 Majesty of Silence  Zu dunkel für das Licht Black Metal20182Michel Renaud2020-09-21
 Majster Kat  Memento... Thrash Metal20143.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-02-23
 Majster Kat  Memento... Thrash Metal20143MetalMike2014-12-30
 Malédiction  Condamnés Heavy Metal20014.25Michel Renaud2007-09-20
 Malacoda  Malacoda Heavy Metal/Hard Rock20152.5MetalMike2015-05-15
 Malakhim  Theion Black Metal20214Michel Renaud2021-04-02
 Malamorte  Devilish Illusions Black Metal20163.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-10
 Malamorte  God Needs Evil Heavy Metal20213.5Michel Renaud2021-08-17
 Malamorte  Hell for All Heavy Metal20193.5Michel Renaud2019-10-28
 Malamorte  Omen Heavy Metal20223.75Luxi Lahtinen2022-10-08
 Malamorte  Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of God Black Metal20173MetalMike2017-09-27
 Maledicere  Leave Only What is Fit to Burn Black Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2012-01-23
 Maleficence  Journey to the Depths Black/Thrash20153.5MetalMike2015-09-22
 Maleficentia  Revelation From the Ancestral Whisper Black Metal20083.75Pagan Shadow2009-06-12
 Maleficio  Go To Hell Black/Death20094Sargon the Terrible2010-03-31
 Maleficum Orgia  Maleficum Orgia Black Metal20084Michel Renaud2008-11-17
 Malevolent Creation  Invidious Dominion Death Metal20103.5Michel Renaud2010-09-23
 Malevolent Creation  The Will To Kill Death Metal20024.75Michel Renaud2003-02-08
 Malevolent Creation  Warkult Death Metal20043.44th Horseman2004-08-27
 Malfeitor  Incubus Black Metal20094Pagan Shadow2009-09-16
 Malfeitor  Incubus Black Metal20093Sargon the Terrible2009-09-01
 Malfeitor  Unio Mystica Maxima Black Metal20072Bruce Dragonchaser2007-10-08
 Malformed  Uncontrollable Malformity Death Metal20234Luxi Lahtinen2023-04-21
 Malformity  The Rapturous Unraveling Death Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2018-02-26
 Malhkebre  Prostration Black Metal20101Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-14
 Malice  New Breed Of Godz Heavy Metal20123.5Bruce Dragonchaser2012-07-21
 Malice Divine  Everlasting Ascendancy Black/Death20234Luxi Lahtinen2024-03-07
 Malice Divine  Malice Divine Black/Death20213.5Mjölnir2021-01-18
 Malichor  Ancient Brew Black/Thrash20133Sargon the Terrible2013-05-26
 Malicious  Deranged Hexes Death Metal20204Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-22
 Malicious  Merciless Storm Black/Death20234Michel Renaud2023-10-27
 Malicious Death  ...From Above Thrash Metal20103.75Sargon the Terrible2010-08-31
 Malignament  Demo I Black Metal20193.5MetalMike2020-01-26
 Malignament  Hypocrisis Absolution Black Metal20214.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-09-29
 Mallephyr  Womb of Worms Black/Death20184Luxi Lahtinen2019-04-01
 Malleus  Storm of Witchcraft Black/Thrash20173.5MetalMike2018-01-13
 Malleus Maleficarum  des bibles, des hymnes, des icônes… Black Metal20044.8Ktb2005-03-05
 Malleus Maleficarum  des bibles, des hymnes, des icônes… Black Metal20044Sargon the Terrible2004-10-02
 Malleus Maleficarum  Nothing Left to Fight For Black Metal20074.25Pagan Shadow2008-03-10
 Malvery  Mortal Entrenchment in Requiem Black Metal19994.4Ktb2005-07-17
 Mamorlis  Sturdy as an Oak Heavy Metal20223.25MetalMike2022-05-31
 Mamorlis  Sturdy as an Oak Heavy Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-03-22
 Man Machine Industry  Eschaton I. Reckoning Day Heavy/Thrash20223Michel Renaud2022-03-30
 Manach Seherath  Manach Seherath Symphonic Metal20132.5MetalMike2015-01-24
 Mandator  Initial Velocity Thrash Metal19884.25Michel Renaud2004-03-31
 Mandatory Suicide  Demo-niac Thrash Metal19984.25Michel Renaud2001-07-17
 Mandragora  Waves of Steel Heavy Metal20172.5Michel Renaud2017-10-24
 Mandrake  Mary Celeste Gothic Metal20073.5Pagan Shadow2008-01-28
 Manegarm  Dödsfärd Black/Folk Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2004-08-16
 Manegarm  Legions of the North Black Metal20133.75MetalMike2013-09-18
 Manegarm  Nattvasen Viking Metal20094.25Sargon the Terrible2009-12-18
 Manegarm  Nordstjärnans Tidsålder Viking Metal19984Nicholas Lazarus2007-11-09
 Manes  Under Ein Blodraud Maane Black Metal19994.5Lars Christiansen2007-02-06
 Mangler  Death Thrashin Mad Death/Thrash20184Michel Renaud2018-07-26
 Mangler  Dimensions of Terror Death/Thrash20174Michel Renaud2018-02-04
 Maniac  Demo 2005 Black Metal20054Chaossphere2005-12-22
 Maniac Abductor  Casualties of Causality Thrash Metal20194Luxi Lahtinen2019-05-22
 Maniac Abductor  Damage Is Done Thrash Metal20224Luxi Lahtinen2023-03-20
 Maniac Abductor  Thrash Assault Thrash Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-13
 Maniac Butcher  Masakr Black Metal20104.25Michel Renaud2010-08-27
 Maniak  Black Thrashing Genocide Black/Thrash20093.75Lars Christiansen2009-05-25
 Maniaxe  Canticles of Corruption Thrash Metal20184MetalMike2018-09-19
 Manière Noire  L'ordre du Dragon : Brève nouvelle de Wallachie Black Metal20214Michel Renaud2023-02-05
 Manigance  Ange ou démon Progressive Power Metal20025PowerMetal592010-02-16
 Manigance  D'un autre sang Progressive Power Metal20045PowerMetal592010-02-18
 Manigance  Récidive Progressive Power Metal20113.75Bruce Dragonchaser2011-09-09
 Manilla Road  40th Anniversary Tour MetalMike2017-10-25
 Manilla Road  Atlantis Rising Heavy Metal20014Sargon the Terrible2003-03-12
 Manilla Road  Crystal Logic Heavy Metal20004Sargon the Terrible2003-11-05
 Manilla Road  Crystal Logic Heavy Metal20004.75Ulysses2006-09-06
 Manilla Road  Gates of Fire Heavy Metal20054.5Sargon the Terrible2005-10-15
 Manilla Road  Gates of Fire Heavy Metal20055Ulysses2006-08-05
 Manilla Road  Invasion Heavy Metal20044Sargon the Terrible2004-12-07
 Manilla Road  Mark Of The Beast Heavy Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2004-02-29
 Manilla Road  Metal Heavy Metal20134.5MetalMike2013-06-22
 Manilla Road  Metal Heavy Metal20044.25Sargon the Terrible2004-12-07
 Manilla Road  Mysterium Heavy Metal20134MetalMike2013-02-27
 Manilla Road  Mystification Heavy Metal20004.5Sargon the Terrible2003-07-04
 Manilla Road  Open The Gates Heavy Metal19854.25Sargon the Terrible2004-02-23
 Manilla Road  Out of the Abyss Heavy Metal19884Sargon the Terrible2004-11-13
 Manilla Road  Playground of the Damned Doom Metal20114MetalMike2011-07-09
 Manilla Road  Playground of the Damned Doom Metal20113.5Sargon the Terrible2011-09-24
 Manilla Road  Spiral Castle Heavy Metal20025+Sargon the Terrible2003-11-22
 Manilla Road  The Blessed Curse Heavy Metal20154.75MetalMike2015-11-06
 Manilla Road  The Blessed Curse Heavy Metal20155Sargon the Terrible2015-04-01
 Manilla Road  The Blessed Curse Tour Sargon the Terrible2015-11-04
 Manilla Road  The Courts Of Chaos Heavy Metal19904Sargon the Terrible2003-12-18
 Manilla Road  The Deluge Heavy Metal19864.5Sargon the Terrible2004-02-09
 Manilla Road  To Kill a King Heavy Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-07-08
 Manilla Road  To Kill a King Heavy Metal20174Sargon the Terrible2017-07-20
 Manilla Road  Voyager Heavy Metal20084.75Sargon the Terrible2008-03-14
 Manimal  Purgatorio Power Metal20183.75Bruno Medeiros2018-09-15
 Manimal  The Darkest Room Heavy/Power Metal20094.75Christopher Foley2009-09-20
 Manipulation  Mind Control Ultra Death Metal20194Luxi Lahtinen2020-10-13
 Manitou  Deadlock Heavy/Progressive20063Lars Christiansen2007-01-29
 Manitou  The Mad Moon Rising Progressive Metal20044.1Ktb2005-02-10
 Manitou  The Mad Moon Rising Progressive Metal20044Lars Christiansen2006-10-10
 Mannveira  Vítahringur Black Metal20214.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-11-21
 Manora  Brave the Storm Symphonic Metal20214.25Sargon the Terrible2021-12-23
 Manowar  Battle Hymns (Silver Edition) Heavy Metal20014.90Michel Renaud2003-05-16
 Manowar  Fire & Blood 20024.25Michel Renaud2003-03-13
 Manowar  Gods of War Heavy Metal20074Michel Renaud2007-04-06
 Manowar  Hail to England Heavy Metal19844.75Hermer Arroyo2009-01-01
 Manowar  Hell On Earth Part I 20003.75Michel Renaud2001-07-29
 Manowar  Into Glory Ride Heavy Metal19834.25MetalMike2017-11-22
 Manowar  Sign of the Hammer Heavy Metal19934.5MetalMike2010-03-16
 Manowar  The Triumph of Steel Heavy Metal19921Sargon the Terrible2004-06-07
 Manowar  Warriors Of The World Heavy Metal20023.5Michel Renaud2003-05-14
 Manticora  Darkness With Tales To Tell Power Metal20013.5Michel Renaud2001-11-27
 Manticora  Hyperion Power Metal20024Christian Renner2002-11-06
 Manticora  Roots Of Eternity Power Metal19993Michel Renaud2000-04-22
 Manticora  Roots Of Eternity Power Metal19994Sargon the Terrible2003-05-10
 Manticora  Safe Progressive Power Metal20103Bruce Dragonchaser2011-01-10
 Manticora  Safe Progressive Power Metal20104.25Christopher Foley2010-11-21
 Manticora  To Live to Kill to Live Progressive Power Metal20204MetalMike2020-08-20
 Manticora  To Live to Kill to Live Progressive Power Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-01-11
 Manticore  Bowels Of the Holy Anoint Us In Evil Black Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2008-08-04
 Manticore  Endless Scourge of Torment Black Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-19
 Mantiel  Vestiges Engraved in Frozen Mysticism History Black Metal20233.75Michel Renaud2023-05-09
 Maple Cross  Promo 1/02 Thrash Metal20022Michel Renaud2002-11-04
 Mar de Grises  Streams Inwards Doom/Death20103Michel Renaud2010-08-06
 Mar de Grises  The Tatterdemalion Express Doom Metal20042.5Sargon the Terrible2004-10-03
 Marblebog  Forestheart Black Metal20054.5Ktb2005-11-07
 Marblebog  Forestheart Black Metal20054.5Lars Christiansen2007-01-13
 Marblebog  Forestheart Black Metal20074.25Pagan Shadow2008-03-02
 March to Die  Tears of the Gorgon Heavy Metal20233.75MetalMike2024-03-13
 Marche Funèbre  Death Wish Woman Doom/Death20183.75Luxi Lahtinen2019-04-24
 Marche Funèbre  Einderlicht Doom Metal20203.75Sargon the Terrible2020-10-06
 Marco Garau's Magic Opera  The Golden Pentacle Symphonic Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-02-04
 Marduk  Frontschwein Black Metal20154.5Michel Renaud2017-01-07
 Marduk  Funeral Marches and Warsongs 20043.75Michel Renaud2004-08-29
 Marduk  Infernal Eternal Black Metal20083.75Sargon the Terrible2008-02-28
 Marduk  Iron Dawn Black Metal20113.75Michel Renaud2011-09-17
 Marduk  La Grande Danse Macabre Black Metal20014.5Michel Renaud2001-08-01
 Marduk  Memento Mori Black Metal20234.5Michel Renaud2023-09-15
 Marduk  Memento Mori Black Metal20232.5Sargon the Terrible2023-08-08
 Marduk  Nightwing Black Metal19984Sargon the Terrible2007-11-30
 Marduk  Viktoria Black Metal20184.25Michel Renaud2018-08-09
 Marduk  Warschau Black Metal20054.25Sargon the Terrible2007-08-14
 Marduk  World Funeral Black/Death20034Sargon the Terrible2004-01-14
 Marduk  Wormwood Black Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2009-10-03
 Mare Erythraeum  Mare Erythraeum Black Metal20094.75Memnarch2010-10-14
 Mares of Thrace  The Exile Doom/Death20223.25MetalMike2022-04-04
 Marienbad  Werk 1 - Nachtfall Gothic Metal20113MetalMike2011-07-17
 Marius Danielsens  Legend of Valley Doom Power Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-06-29
 Marius Danielsens  Legend of Valley Doom Part 2 Power Metal20184Bruno Medeiros2018-12-14
 Mark "M.E." Edwards  Heavy Rock Instrumentals 1993-1995 Heavy Metal20024Michel Renaud2003-01-16
 Marquis de Sade  Chapter II Heavy Metal20234Luxi Lahtinen2023-07-18
 Marta Gabriel  Metal Queens Heavy Metal20214.5MetalMike2021-07-07
 Martelo Negro  Parthenogenesis Black/Thrash20194Sargon the Terrible2019-04-01
 Martelo Negro  Sortilegio Dos Mortos Black/Death20111Christopher Foley2012-06-09
 Martelo Negro  Sortilegio Dos Mortos Black/Death20114Sargon the Terrible2012-07-15
 Martial Barrage  Call Of The Serapeum Death Metal20054.75Chaossphere2005-10-21
 Martial Barrage  Hail the Valkelion Death Metal20043.75Michel Renaud2004-11-30
 Martial Law  Blatant Disregard for Human Life Thrash Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-02-14
 Martin Beck's Induction  Far Beyond the Horizon Power Metal2015MetalMike2015-06-12
 Martin Simson's Destroyer of Death  Eternal Reign Heavy Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-11-04
 Martolea  Gâlmele Întunericului Pagan Metal20093.75Pagan Shadow2009-03-09
 Martriden  Cold and the Silence Black/Death20152Sargon the Terrible2016-01-02
 Martriden  Encounter the Monolith Death/Black20104.75Sargon the Terrible2010-03-26
 Martriden  Martriden Black/Death20064Sargon the Terrible2007-08-13
 Martriden  The Unsettling Dark Black/Death20084.5Sargon the Terrible2008-02-29
 Martyr (Hol)  Fear the Universe Heavy Metal20094MetalMike2009-02-19
 Martyr (Hol)  Planet Metalhead Heavy Metal20224.25MetalMike2022-03-18
 Martyr Lucifer  Farewell to Graveland Gothic Metal20113.25Christopher Foley2012-04-08
 Masacre  Total Death Death Metal20044.25Lars Christiansen2007-03-04
 Masada  The Blood Will Flow Thrash Metal20233.5Michel Renaud2023-08-07
 Masquerage  Breaking the Masks Power Metal20163.25MetalMike2016-05-26
 Masquerage  Hangman's Revelations Power Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-12-22
 Mass Burial  Eternal War Death Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2011-01-10
 Mass Hypnosia  Toxiferous Cyanide Thrash Metal20174.25Luxi Lahtinen2017-04-28
 Mass Hypnosia  Vicious Thrash Metal20194.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-02-11
 Mass Insanity  Maveth Death Metal20194.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-03-25
 Massacra  Enjoy the Violence Death/Thrash20144Edward T. Head2016-12-30
 Massacre  Resurgence Death Metal20214Luxi Lahtinen2021-11-14
 Massdistraction  Your Time Thrash Metal20163.5Luxi Lahtinen2016-06-08
 Massemord  Notes of Antihate Profound Black Metal20104Memnarch2011-02-01
 Massive Scar Era  Metal Goes Egyptian Progressive Metal20233Mjölnir2023-11-19
 Master  On The Seventh Day God Created…Master Death Metal19913.75Sargon the Terrible2006-10-17
 Master  Saints Dispelled Death/Thrash20244.25MetalMike2024-04-13
 Master  Saints Dispelled Death/Thrash20244Michel Renaud2024-03-07
 Master  Slaves to Society Death/Thrash20074.25Michel Renaud2008-10-05
 Master  The Human Machine Death Metal20104Michel Renaud2010-08-19
 Master  The Human Machine Death Metal20101.5Sargon the Terrible2022-08-03
 Master  The New Elite Death Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-08-04
 Master  Unreleased 1985 Album Death Metal20034Lars Christiansen2007-03-20
 Master Dy  Legacy of Satan Power Metal20223.75MetalMike2023-03-02
 Master Spy  The Train Heavy Metal20213.25MetalMike2022-05-22
 Master Spy  The Train Heavy Metal20214.5Sargon the Terrible2021-11-14
 Master's Call  A Journey for the Damned Black/Heavy Metal20233.5Michel Renaud2023-12-09
 Master's Hammer  Fascinator Black Metal20183.5Bruno Medeiros2018-07-23
 Mastercastle  Lighthouse Pathetic Power Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-02-11
 Mastermind  Strange Aggression Speed/Thrash20134Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-03
 Mastermind  Unstoppable Drunks Speed/Thrash20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-05
 Masterpiece  Colors of Conflict Power Metal20064Bruce Dragonchaser2007-02-03
 Masterplan  Aeronautics Power Metal200514th Horseman2006-01-13
 Masterplan  Far From the End of the World Power Metal20103.75Christopher Foley2010-04-27
 Masterplan  Masterplan Heavy Metal20034.5Christian Renner2003-03-11
 Masterplan  Masterplan Heavy Metal20032.5Larry Griffin2012-07-22
 Masterplan  Masterplan (20th Anniversary Edition) Power Metal20233.75Michel Renaud2023-12-08
 Masterplan  MK II Power Metal20074.5Bruce Dragonchaser2007-02-07
 Masterplan  MK II Power Metal20074.5Larry Griffin2009-02-21
 Masterplan  Novum Initium Power Metal20133.5MetalMike2013-07-26
 Masterplan  Time to be King Power Metal20104.5Christopher Foley2010-06-04
 Masterplan  Time to be King Power Metal20104MetalMike2010-06-27
 Masters of Disguise  Alpha/Omega Power Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-11-30
 Masters of Disguise  Back with a Vengeance Power Metal20134MetalMike2014-02-15
 Masters of Disguise  Knutson's Return Power Metal20134MetalMike2014-01-14
 Masters of Metal  From Worlds Beyond Speed/Thrash20154Luxi Lahtinen2016-08-19
 Masterstroke  Apocalypse Heavy/Power Metal20063.75Larry Griffin2008-12-25
 Masterstroke  As Days Grow Darker Power Metal20093Larry Griffin2009-03-29
 Masterstroke  As Days Grow Darker Power Metal20093MetalMike2009-04-04
 Masterstroke  Sleep Heavy Metal20073.5Larry Griffin2008-12-27
 Masterstroke  Sleep Heavy Metal20073.75Michel Renaud2008-07-07
 Masterstroke  Turn Away Heavy/Power Metal20073Larry Griffin2008-12-29
 Mastication/Exhumed (Sweden)/Egypt  Wicked Material Sanity Death Metal20163.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-02-25
 Mastodon  Remission Progressive Metal20024.5Scott Murray2002-12-29
 Mathyr  Mandraenken Black/Thrash20043Lars Christiansen2006-12-02
 Matterhorn  Crass Cleansing Black/Death20182.5Michel Renaud2023-03-06
 Matthias Steele  Haunting Tales of a Warrior's Past Thrash Metal19912Hermer Arroyo2010-01-22
 Maudiir  La part du diable Black/Thrash20213.75Michel Renaud2021-01-28
 Maudiir  Le temps peste Black/Thrash20203.5Michel Renaud2021-03-06
 Maudiir  Soliloque Black/Thrash20233.5Michel Renaud2023-05-02
 Maudlin Of The Well  Bath / Leaving Your Body Map Progressive Metal20014.5Christian Renner2001-08-16
 Maul  Desecration and Enchantment Death Metal20234.5Michel Renaud2023-11-03
 Maule  Maule Heavy Metal20223.5MetalMike2022-02-09
 Maule  Maule Heavy Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-03-10
 Mausoleum Gate  Into a Dark Divinity Heavy Metal20174.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-08-12
 Mausoleum Gate  Into a Dark Divinity Heavy Metal20172.5MetalMike2017-12-09
 Mausoleum Gate  Mausoleum Gate Heavy Metal20144.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-02-07
 Mausoleum Gate  Mausoleum Gate Heavy Metal20143.25MetalMike2015-02-02
 Mausoleum Gate  Metal and the Might Heavy Metal20164Luxi Lahtinen2016-07-24
 Mausoleum Gate  The Demon Age of Aquarius Heavy Metal20194.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-05-12
 Mayhem  Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando Black Metal20214MetalMike2021-07-15
 Mayhem  Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando Black Metal20213.75Michel Renaud2021-11-14
 Mayhem  Chimera Black Metal20043.75Sargon the Terrible2004-07-21
 Mayhem  Daemon Black Metal20194.5Michel Renaud2019-11-23
 Mayhem  De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Black Metal19944.75Sargon the Terrible2004-10-22
 Mayhem  Deathcrush Black Metal19934Michel Renaud2019-03-15
 Mayhem  Live in Leipzig Black Metal19935Sargon the Terrible2006-08-02
 Mayhem  Ordo Ad Chao Black Metal20074.25Lars Christiansen2007-04-23
 Mayhem  Pure Fucking Mayhem 20093Pagan Shadow2010-02-28
 Mayhem  Wolf's Lair Abyss Black Metal19974Lars Christiansen2007-09-19
 Mayhemic  Mortuary Feast of Skeletons Black/Thrash20204.5Michel Renaud2020-12-06
 Maze of Torment  Hammers of Mayhem Death/Thrash20054.25Michel Renaud2005-06-09
 Maze of Torment  The Unmarked Graves Death/Thrash20034.75Michel Renaud2003-02-14
 Mazikeen  The Solace of Death Black Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-09-05
 MD  Embracing // The Disease Heavy/Thrash20082.5Michel Renaud2008-12-07
 Mean Mistreater  Razor Wire Heavy Metal20244.25Michel Renaud2024-06-18
 Mean Mistreater  Razor Wire Heavy Metal20243.75Sargon the Terrible2024-07-11
 Mean Streak  Declaration of War Heavy/Power Metal20114MetalMike2011-02-25
 Mechanical Man  White Out Progressive Metal20133.5Christopher Foley2014-02-10
 Mechanical Organic  This Global Hive: Part Two Progressive Power Metal20143MetalMike2014-08-31
 Mechanical Poet  Handmade Essence Progressive Metal20044Mjölnir2019-09-12
 Mechanical Poet  Woodland Prattlers Progressive Metal20045+Bruce Dragonchaser2007-12-30
 Medevil  Conductor of Storms Heavy Metal20164MetalMike2016-09-11
 Medieval Demon  Arcadian Witchcraft Black Metal20214.5Michel Renaud2021-03-08
 Medieval Demon  Black Coven Black Metal20224MetalMike2022-10-07
 Medieval Steel  Gods of Steel Heavy Metal20224.25Sargon the Terrible2022-03-26
 Medieval Steel  Medieval Steel Heavy Metal19844.75Larry Griffin2008-03-29
 Medievil  Atruta Black Metal20073.25Michel Renaud2008-04-03
 Meduza  Upon the World Power Metal20043.5Bruce Dragonchaser2011-11-12
 Meet the Mailman  Never Walk Alone Thrash Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-08-19
 Mefitis  The Birth of Tragedy Death/Black20093.25Tony Augsburg2009-09-16
 Mega Colossus  Riptime Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2022-01-20
 Mega Colossus  Riptime Heavy Metal20214Sargon the Terrible2024-02-01
 Mega Colossus  Showdown Heavy Metal20244MetalMike2023-12-04
 Mega Colossus  Showdown Heavy Metal20244Michel Renaud2024-02-05
 Mega Colossus  Showdown Heavy Metal20244Sargon the Terrible2024-01-07
 Mega Slaughter  Calls From The Beyond Death Metal19913.75Sargon the Terrible2006-03-10
 Mega Slaughter  Calls from the Beyond & the Demos Death Metal20134Luxi Lahtinen2013-05-16
 Megadeth  Behind The Music - Extended Version 20014Michel Renaud2002-01-27
 Megadeth  Capitol Punishment Thrash Metal200034th Horseman2004-05-03
 Megadeth  Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal19924.5Bahamut 5022003-05-05
 Megadeth  Dystopia Heavy/Thrash20163.75Michel Renaud2019-09-25
 Megadeth  Endgame Thrash Metal20094.25Hermer Arroyo2009-09-20
 Megadeth  Endgame Thrash Metal20093.75Larry Griffin2009-10-22
 Megadeth  Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good Thrash Metal19853.75Bahamut 5022003-08-20
 Megadeth  Peace Sells… But Who's Buying? Thrash Metal19865Bahamut 5022003-08-18
 Megadeth  Peace Sells… But Who's Buying? Thrash Metal19865Christopher Foley2009-07-09
 Megadeth  Risk (Remixed & Remastered) Unbelievable Garbage20044th Horseman2004-08-30
 Megadeth  Rude Awakening Thrash Metal20024.25Michel Renaud2002-02-28
 Megadeth  Rust In Peace Thrash Metal19905Bahamut 5022003-04-27
 Megadeth  Rust In Peace Thrash Metal19905Christopher Foley2009-07-06
 Megadeth  So Far, So Good... So What! Thrash Metal19883.7Bahamut 5022004-08-04
 Megadeth  So Far, So Good... So What! Thrash Metal19884.5Michel Renaud2001-06-24
 Megadeth  The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead! Thrash Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-09-27
 Megadeth  The System Has Failed Thrash Metal20044.54th Horseman2004-07-19
 Megadeth  The World Needs A Hero Thrash Metal20013.5Michel Renaud2001-06-07
 Megadeth  The World Needs A Hero Thrash Metal20013.75Pierre Bégin2001-06-07
 Megadeth  United Abominations Thrash Metal20074Bruce Dragonchaser2008-04-12
 Megadeth  Unplugged show 4.5Pierre Bégin2001-05-28
 Megascavenger  Descent of Yuggoth Death Metal20123.5Sargon the Terrible2013-02-11
 Megaton Sword  Blood Hails Steel - Steel Hails Fire Heavy Metal20204MetalMike2020-12-13
 Megaton Sword  Blood Hails Steel - Steel Hails Fire Heavy Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-11-01
 Megaton Sword  Might & Power Heavy Metal20234MetalMike2023-02-25
 Megaton Sword  Might & Power Heavy Metal20233.5Sargon the Terrible2023-02-16
 Megaton Sword  Niralet Heavy Metal20193.5MetalMike2020-01-18
 Megiddo  The Atavism of Evil Black Metal20024.75Michel Renaud2002-09-20
 Megiddo  The Devil And The Whore Black Metal20004.75Michel Renaud2001-07-27
 Megiddo  The Final War Black Metal19994.75Michel Renaud2001-03-20
 Mehida  Blood and Water Progressive Power Metal20074.3Bruce Dragonchaser2007-08-15
 Mek Na Ver  Heresy Black Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2013-03-03
 Mekong Delta  Lurking Fear Progressive Thrash20073.5Lars Christiansen2008-03-18
 Mekong Delta  Wanderer On the Edge Of Time Thrash Metal20102.25Hermer Arroyo2010-08-04
 Mekong Delta  Wanderer On the Edge Of Time Thrash Metal20102Sargon the Terrible2010-09-01
 Melan Selas  Reon Black Metal20184Michel Renaud2021-09-09
 Melancholic Winds  Embraced By Despair Black Metal20063.5Michel Renaud2007-08-04
 Melechesh  As Jerusalem Burns… Al'Intisar Black Metal20014.5Michel Renaud2004-01-13
 Melechesh  Djinn Black Metal20014.75Michel Renaud2001-10-30
 Melechesh  Emissaries Black Metal20064.5Sargon the Terrible2006-11-10
 Melechesh  Enki Black Metal20154Sargon the Terrible2015-04-05
 Melechesh  Sphynx Black Metal20034.75Michel Renaud2004-02-05
 Melechesh  Sphynx Black Metal20035Sargon the Terrible2004-03-30
 Melechesh  The Epigenesis Black Metal20104.25MetalMike2010-11-15
 Mêlée des Aurores  Aube cannibale Black Metal20234.75Michel Renaud2023-12-26
 Melencolia Estatica  Letum Black Metal20083.75Pagan Shadow2008-05-28
 Melencolia Estatica  Melencolia Estatica Black Metal20063.75Pagan Shadow2008-02-04
 Meliah Rage  Before the Kill Power/Thrash20153.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-12-04
 Meliah Rage  Dead to the World Heavy Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2011-08-22
 Meliah Rage  Kill to Survive Heavy/Thrash19884Sargon the Terrible2006-09-15
 Meliah Rage  Unfinished Business Thrash Metal20024.25Michel Renaud2003-08-13
 Meliah Rage  Warrior Power/Thrash20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-05-26
 Melisend  Demo 2005 Death Metal20054Sargon the Terrible2006-02-04
 Melodius Deite  Episode II: Voyage Through the World of Fantasy Power Metal20143.75MetalMike2015-08-03
 Melodius Deite  Episode III: The Archangels and the Olympians Power Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-08-24
 Membrance  Abyss Death Metal20172Sargon the Terrible2018-07-27
 Memento Mori  Songs For The Apocalypse Vol. IV Doom Metal19974.5Sargon the Terrible2005-09-29
 Memoir  2-song demo Death Metal2002Michel Renaud2003-02-03
 Memorain  Seven Sacrifices Power/Thrash20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-06-06
 Memoriam  For the Fallen Death Metal20173.75Bruno Medeiros2017-04-02
 Memoriam  Requiem for Mankind Death Metal20193.25Bruno Medeiros2019-06-19
 Memoriam  Requiem for Mankind Death Metal20194.25Sargon the Terrible2019-06-28
 Memoriam  Rise to Power Death Metal20233.75Sargon the Terrible2023-02-07
 Memoriam  The Hellfire Demos II Death Metal20173.75Bruno Medeiros2017-02-11
 Memoriam  The Silent Vigil Death Metal20183Bruno Medeiros2018-03-23
 Memoriam  To the End Death Metal20214.25Michel Renaud2021-05-09
 Memories of Old  The Zeramin Game Power Metal20204.25MetalMike2020-12-19
 Memorized Dreams  Theater of Life Power Metal20042Bruce Dragonchaser2010-11-25
 Memory Garden  Doomain Doom Metal20133.75Christopher Foley2013-06-30
 Memory Garden  Mirage Doom Metal20003.75Mjölnir2019-10-13
 Mental Horror  Proclaiming Vengeance Death Metal20022.5Christian Renner2002-02-17
 Mental Illness  Revelation Black/Death20153.25Luxi Lahtinen2017-01-13
 Mentally Defiled/Evil Army  Defiled Army Thrash Metal20183.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-04-26
 Mephitic Grave  Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity Death Metal20214Luxi Lahtinen2021-05-02
 Mephorash  Chalice of Thagirion Black Metal20124Sargon the Terrible2013-05-03
 Mephorash  Death Awakens Black/Death20112.5Sargon the Terrible2012-03-10
 Mephorash  Krystl-Ah Black Metal20234.5Sargon the Terrible2023-11-22
 Mephorash  The Third Woe Black Metal20183.5Michel Renaud2018-09-01
 Mercenary  11 Dreams Melodic Death Metal20044th Horseman2005-02-02
 Mercenary  11 Dreams Melodic Death Metal20044.25Christopher Foley2010-01-25
 Mercenary  Through Our Darkest Days Melodic Death Metal20133.5Christopher Foley2013-09-14
 Merciless  The Awakening Death/Thrash19904.75Lars Christiansen2007-10-13
 Merciless Death (Pol)  Sick Sanctities Death/Thrash20092Sargon the Terrible2010-08-30
 Merciless Death (USA)  Evil In The Night Thrash Metal20064.5Michel Renaud2007-08-28
 Merciless Law  Grimoire for the Ultimate Sinner Heavy/Power Metal20233.5MetalMike2024-04-17
 Merciless Law  The Holy Company Heavy/Power Metal20223.75MetalMike2023-02-28
 Merciless Law  Troops of Steel Heavy/Power Metal20224MetalMike2022-09-08
 Mercury Rain  Dark Waters Symphonic Metal20032Bruce Dragonchaser2007-03-12
 Mercury Rain  St. Matthieu Gothic Metal20043.74th Horseman2004-11-18
 Mercury Tide  Why? Power Metal200344th Horseman2004-02-10
 Mercy's Dirge  Live, Raw & Relentless Black/Death20193.5Luxi Lahtinen2019-07-19
 Mercyful Fate  "9" Tour 4Michel Renaud1999-10-06
 Mercyful Fate  9 Heavy Metal19994Michel Renaud1999-10-18
 Mercyful Fate  Dead Again Heavy Metal19983.5Edward T. Head2015-10-27
 Mercyful Fate  Don't Break The Oath Heavy Metal19845Sargon the Terrible2005-09-27
 Mercyful Fate  In the Shadows Heavy Metal19974.75Hermer Arroyo2009-06-05
 Mercyful Fate  Melissa Black Metal19834.25Sargon the Terrible2005-10-03
 Mercyless  Coloured Funeral Death/Thrash20173.5Michel Renaud2019-12-19
 Mercyless  Sovereign Evil Death/Thrash20203.5Michel Renaud2020-11-01
 Mercyless  The Mother of All Plagues Death Metal20204.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-29
 Mercyless  The Mother of All Plagues Death Metal20204.5Michel Renaud2021-05-03
 Meressin  The Baphomet's Call Heavy/Thrash20074Michel Renaud2008-06-21
 Merging Flare  Reverence Power Metal20114.5Edward T. Head2015-11-21
 Merging Flare  Revolt Regime Heavy Metal20194.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-05-15
 Meridian  Metallurgy Heavy Metal20133Luxi Lahtinen2014-01-11
 Merlin  Deathkoteque Death Metal19973.75Sargon the Terrible2003-07-11
 Merlin  They Must Die Death Metal20003.75Sargon the Terrible2003-07-11
 Merrimack  Grey Rigorism Black Metal20094.25Michel Renaud2009-10-04
 Merrimack  Of Entropy and Life Denial Black Metal20064.5Lars Christiansen2007-01-20
 Merrimack  Of Grace and Gravity Black Metal20244.25Michel Renaud2024-04-04
 Merrimack  The Acausal Mass Black Metal20123Christopher Foley2012-08-31
 Merrimack  The Acausal Mass Black Metal20123.75MetalMike2012-08-16
 Messa  Belfry Doom Metal20164.5Sargon the Terrible2016-07-08
 Messa  Close Doom Metal20223.5MetalMike2022-04-10
 Messa  Feast for Water Doom Metal20184.5Sargon the Terrible2018-03-30
 Messa  Live at Roadburn Doom Metal20234.5Sargon the Terrible2023-05-11
 Messe Mortuaire  Nocturnal Demonic Visitation Death Metal20233.5Michel Renaud2023-02-23
 Messenger  Captain's Loot Power Metal20152.5MetalMike2015-08-13
 Messenger  See You in Hell Heavy Metal20113.5MetalMike2011-10-28
 Messerschmitt  Consumed by Fire Speed Metal20204Luxi Lahtinen2020-05-25
 Messerschmitt  No Dread to Kill Speed Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-02-03
 Messiah  20 Years of Infernal Thrashing Madness 20043.75Michel Renaud2004-12-12
 Messiah  Christus Hypercubus Death/Thrash20244.5Michel Renaud2024-02-18
 Messiah  Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe Death/Thrash20203.75Michel Renaud2020-08-26
 Messiah  Fracmont Death Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-11-15
 Messiah  Fracmont Death Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-04-24
 Messiah's Kiss  Metal Heavy Metal20043.75Sargon the Terrible2005-02-22
 Messiah's Kiss  Prayer for the Dying Heavy Metal20024.5Sargon the Terrible2004-11-10
 Messora  The Door Death Metal20194Mjölnir2020-08-16
 Metal Church  A Light in the Dark Heavy Metal20064.25Michel Renaud2008-03-28
 Metal Church  Blessing in Disguise Heavy Metal19894.5Sargon the Terrible2005-01-05
 Metal Church  Congregation of Annihilation Heavy Metal20234.25Michel Renaud2023-06-17
 Metal Church  Damned If You Do Heavy Metal20184Bruno Medeiros2018-12-06
 Metal Church  Hanging in the Balance Heavy Metal19934.25Michel Renaud2004-04-09
 Metal Church  Masterpeace Heavy Metal19994Michel Renaud2001-07-31
 Metal Church  Metal Church Heavy Metal19855Michel Renaud2001-08-13
 Metal Church  The Dark Heavy Metal19865Michel Renaud2001-08-22
 Metal Church  The Weight of the World Heavy Metal20043.254th Horseman2004-10-08
 Metal Church  This Present Wasteland Heavy Metal20083.5Sargon the Terrible2008-08-22
 Metal Church  XI Heavy Metal20164Bruno Medeiros2016-07-16
 Metal Cross  Metal Cross Heavy Metal20142.5MetalMike2015-03-21
 Metal Crucifier  The Strike of the Beast Speed Metal20224.25Luxi Lahtinen2023-10-12
 Metal De Facto  Land of the Rising Sun - Part 1 Power Metal20243.75MetalMike2024-02-18
 Metal Inquisitor  Doomsday for the Heretic Heavy Metal20055Christian Renner2006-05-01
 Metal Inquisitor  Doomsday for the Heretic Heavy Metal20054.5Ulysses2006-04-26
 Metal Inquisitor  Panopticon Heavy Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-02-09
 Metal Inquisitor  Panopticon Heavy Metal20193.75Michel Renaud2020-08-25
 Metal Inquisitor  Ultima Ratio Regis Heavy Metal20143.75MetalMike2014-07-28
 Metal Inquisitor  Ultima Ratio Regis Heavy Metal20144Sargon the Terrible2014-04-11
 Metal Law  Hellrider Heavy Metal20163.25Luxi Lahtinen2017-07-09
 Metal Machine  Free Nation Heavy Metal20143.5MetalMike2015-02-24
 Metal Mirror  III Heavy Metal20143MetalMike2014-06-06
 Metal Raign  Diary of the Night Thrash Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-09-25
 Metal Witch  Tales from the Underground Heavy Metal20163.25Michel Renaud2017-04-18
 Metalforce  Metalforce Heavy Metal20093.5Hermer Arroyo2009-10-22
 Metalian  Beyond the Wall Heavy Metal20224MetalMike2022-10-04
 Metalian  Beyond the Wall Heavy Metal20224Michel Renaud2023-02-10
 Metalian  Metal Fire & Ice Speed Metal20153.75Michel Renaud2018-03-24
 Metalian  Rock 'N Roll Anthems Heavy Metal20054Michel Renaud2007-06-11
 Metalian  Vortex Heavy Metal20194.25Micah.Ram2021-03-30
 Metalite  A Virtual World Power Metal20214MetalMike2021-04-03
 Metalite  A Virtual World Power Metal20214Michel Renaud2021-04-18
 Metalite  Expedition One Power Metal20244MetalMike2024-04-05
 Metalite  Expedition One Power Metal20243.75Michel Renaud2024-01-09
 Metalium  Demons Of Insanity (Chapter Five) Power Metal20053.754th Horseman2005-04-18
 Metalium  Grounded - Chapter Eight Power Metal20093.5MetalMike2009-10-19
 Metalium  Millenium Metal Chapter One Heavy Metal19994.25Christopher Foley2009-01-29
 Metalium  Nothing to Undo (Chapter Six) Heavy/Power Metal20070.5Larry Griffin2008-02-18
 Metall  Metal Fire Heavy Metal20193.5MetalMike2019-03-26
 Metallica  ...and Justice for All Thrash Metal19883MetalMike2021-02-26
 Metallica  72 Seasons Heavy Metal20233.5Michel Renaud2023-07-16
 Metallica  Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (Deluxe Edition) Heavy/Thrash20163.5Michel Renaud2017-10-15
 Metallica  Kill 'Em All Thrash Metal19834.25MetalMike2021-03-15
 Metallica  Master of Puppets Thrash Metal19865MetalMike2018-06-03
 Metallica  Ride the Lightning Thrash Metal19845Caspian2008-12-27
 Metally Insane  Rock Until We Fall Heavy/Power Metal2010Michel Renaud2010-06-12
 Metalomorph  Demo 2010 Death/Thrash20103.5Sargon the Terrible2011-01-12
 Metalucifer  Heavy Metal Chainsaw Heavy Metal20014.25Michel Renaud2003-05-24
 Metalucifer  Heavy Metal Drill Heavy Metal19964.5Hermer Arroyo2010-05-05
 Methedras  Katarsis Thrash Metal20092.5Mjölnir2020-11-12
 Metherra  World of Discord Death Metal20103.5Sargon the Terrible2010-03-18
 Metro Society  The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898 Progressive Metal20243.5MetalMike2024-02-20
 Metsatöll  Hiiekoda Folk Metal20043.25Michel Renaud2007-10-16
 Metsatöll  Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218 Folk Metal20054Michel Renaud2007-10-13
 Metsatöll  Ulg Folk Metal20113Bruce Dragonchaser2012-02-03
 Meurtrières  Ronde de nuit Heavy Metal20233.5MetalMike2023-07-21
 Meurtrières  Ronde de nuit Heavy Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-08-26
 Meurtrières  Ronde de nuit Heavy Metal20234Sargon the Terrible2023-08-10
 Mexican Ape-Lord  The Late Heavy Bombardment Heavy Metal20143.75MetalMike2015-03-12
 Meyhnach  Miseria de Profundis Black Metal20224.5Michel Renaud2022-05-06
 Meyhnach  Non Omnis Moriar Black Metal20173.5Michel Renaud2018-08-06
 Mezzrow  Summon Thy Demons Thrash Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-06-16
 MG66  In the House of Liv Thrash Metal20082.75Michel Renaud2009-10-06
 Mgla  With Hearts Toward None Black Metal20124.5Christopher Foley2012-04-12
 Mgla  With Hearts Toward None Black Metal20124.75Memnarch2012-03-18
 Mhorgl  Antinomian Black Metal20103.5MetalMike2010-08-06
 Mhorgl  Antinomian Black Metal20102Sargon the Terrible2011-04-13
 Mi'gauss  Open Season Death Metal20185Mjölnir2021-02-03
 Miasma Theory  Miasma Theory Heavy/Doom20213.5Sargon the Terrible2021-05-24
 Michael Schenker Fest  Revelation Heavy Metal20193.5Bruno Medeiros2019-10-01
 Michael Schenker Group  Be Aware Of The Scorpions Heavy Metal20013.5Christian Renner2001-11-08
 Michael Vescera  A Sign Of Things To Come Power Metal20083.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-07-07
 Midas  Midas Heavy Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-06-27
 Midden  Demo 2023 Black Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-06-06
 Middian  Age Eternal Stoner Doom20073.5Michel Renaud2007-04-15
 Midnattsol  Nordlys Gothic Metal20082.5Bruce Dragonchaser2008-02-28
 Midnattsol  The Metamorphosis Melody Gothic Metal20113.75MetalMike2011-06-26
 Midnight  Hellish Expectations Black/Thrash20244.5MetalMike2024-07-13
 Midnight  Hellish Expectations Black/Thrash20244.25Michel Renaud2024-03-06
 Midnight  Let There Be Witchery Black/Thrash20224MetalMike2022-03-19
 Midnight  Let There Be Witchery Black/Thrash20224.25Michel Renaud2022-02-22
 Midnight  No Mercy for Mayhem Black/Thrash20143.5MetalMike2015-01-01
 Midnight  Rebirth by Blasphemy Black/Thrash20204.25Michel Renaud2020-01-05
 Midnight  Satanic Royalty Black/Thrash20114Michel Renaud2011-10-13
 Midnight  Shox of Violence Black/Thrash20172.5MetalMike2017-05-27
 Midnight  Sweet Death and Ecstasy Black/Thrash20173.75MetalMike2018-05-15
 Midnight Dice  Hypnotized Heavy Metal20203.75MetalMike2022-01-29
 Midnight Force  Dunsinane Heavy Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-08-02
 Midnight Force  Dunsinane Heavy Metal20183Michel Renaud2024-03-08
 Midnight Force  Gododdin Heavy Metal20193.5MetalMike2020-03-22
 Midnight Idöls  Sworn to the Night Heavy Metal20094.5Hermer Arroyo2009-11-20
 Midnight Odyssey  Biolume Part 3 - A Fullmoon Madness Black Metal20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-12-30
 Midnight Odyssey  Firmament Black Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2010-03-13
 Midnight Priest  Aggressive Hauntings Heavy Metal20193.75MetalMike2020-09-13
 Midnight Priest  Aggressive Hauntings Heavy Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2020-06-16
 Midnight Priest  Midnight Priest Heavy Metal20114Christopher Foley2012-03-31
 Midnight Priest  Midnight Steel Heavy Metal20143.5Sargon the Terrible2015-12-04
 Midnight Rider  Beyond the Blood Red Horizon Heavy Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2023-01-16
 Midnight Rider  Manifestation Heavy Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-09-06
 Midnite Hellion  Condemned to Hell Heavy Metal20172.5MetalMike2018-02-15
 Midnite Hellion  Hour of the Wolf Heavy Metal20133.25MetalMike2014-05-03
 Midnite Hellion  Kingdom Immortal Heavy Metal20223.25MetalMike2022-04-29
 Midvinter  At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon Black Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2010-04-07
 Miellnir  Incineration Astern Viking Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2015-06-24
 Mike LePond's Silent Assassins  Mike LePond's Silent Assassins Heavy/Power Metal20144Bruno Medeiros2016-07-09
 Mike LePond's Silent Assassins  Whore of Babylon Heavy/Power Metal20204MetalMike2020-08-11
 Miles Beyond  Miles Beyond Heavy Metal20044.5Michel Renaud2005-02-26
 Millennial Reign  Carry the Fire Heavy/Progressive20154Luxi Lahtinen2016-12-11
 Millennium  A New World Heavy Metal20193MetalMike2020-02-08
 Millennium  The Sign of Evil Heavy Metal20233MetalMike2023-11-30
 Millennium  The Sign of Evil Heavy Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-08-04
 Mimorium  Blood of Qayin Black Metal20204.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-03-23
 Minas Morgul  Nebelung Black Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-08-11
 Mind Asylum  L'asile de l'esprit Black Metal20093.75Michel Renaud2010-08-20
 Mind Colour  Mind Colour Progressive Metal20023Bruce Dragonchaser2007-12-08
 Mind Odyssey  Time To Change It Progressive Metal20092.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-04-16
 Mind Ripper  Kahos Humana Death/Black20053.5Sargon the Terrible2005-06-22
 Mind's Eye  A Gentleman's Hurricane Progressive Metal20074.5Christopher Foley2009-04-06
 Mindless Sinner  Turn On the Power Heavy Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-04-07
 Mindsnare  The Noble Ancestry Death Metal20023.25Sargon the Terrible2004-04-19
 Mindwarp  A Cold Black Day Death Metal20163.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-08-27
 Mindwork  Eterea Progressive Metal20123.75Christopher Foley2013-01-12
 Minenwerfer  Feuerwalze Black Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-10-03
 Minenwerfer  Feuerwalze Black Metal20233Sargon the Terrible2023-03-09
 Minotaur  God May Show You Mercy... We Will Not Thrash Metal20093Daniel DGYDP Guerrero2009-03-28
 Minotaur  God May Show You Mercy... We Will Not Thrash Metal20092.5Hermer Arroyo2009-08-28
 Minotaur  Power of Darkness Thrash Metal20103.25Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2011-03-31
 Minotaur Head  Minotaur Head Doom/Death20163.75Sargon the Terrible2017-02-24
 Minotauro  Master Of The Sea Power Metal20133Christopher Foley2013-10-18
 Minotauro  Master Of The Sea Power Metal20132.5MetalMike2014-06-25
 Minotaurus  The Call Power Metal20133.5MetalMike2013-06-29
 Minotaurus  Victims of the Underworld Power Metal20193.75MetalMike2020-01-12
 Minuetum  Eternal Twilight Power Metal20093.75Christopher Foley2009-05-05
 Minuetum  Eternal Twilight Power Metal20092.5MetalMike2009-05-23
 Mirror  The Day Bastard Leaders Die Heavy Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-04-28
 Mirrorthrone  Gangrene Black Metal20084Larry Griffin2009-04-01
 Mirrorthrone  Gangrene Black Metal20084.5Pagan Shadow2009-03-29
 Mirzadeh  Desired Mythic Pride Black Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-06-25
 Misanthrope  Symbols of Misery Death/Thrash20133.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-01-16
 Misanthropic Art  Black Spring Black Metal20122Sargon the Terrible2014-04-20
 Misanthropic Art  The Streams of Terror Black Metal20143Sargon the Terrible2014-04-19
 Misanthropik Torment  Murder Is My Remedy Death Metal20211.5Micah.Ram2021-04-25
 Miserere Luminis  Ordalie Black Metal20234Michel Renaud2024-05-26
 Misery Inc.  Suicide Serenade Heavy Metal20033.75Michel Renaud2003-05-09
 Misery Index  Complete Control Death Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-07-23
 Misfire  Sympathy for the Ignorant Thrash Metal20214.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-06-23
 Misophonia  El Silencio Será Eterno Melodic Death Metal20222Mjölnir2022-04-21
 Misshapen  Transcendence Melodic Death Metal20193Michel Renaud2019-02-01
 Misteltein  Divine Desecrate Complete Black Metal20024.5Christian Renner2003-04-18
 Mistheria  Dragon Fire Progressive Power Metal20103.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-11
 Mistress  Heavy Mental Heavy Metal20133.5MetalMike2014-11-23
 Mistur  Attende Viking Metal20094.25Pagan Shadow2009-11-22
 Mistweaver  Nocturnal Bloodshed Death Metal20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-05-18
 Misty Grey  The Third Man Doom Metal20133.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-03-20
 Mithotyn  In The Sign Of The Ravens Folk Metal19974Sargon the Terrible2004-01-30
 Mithras  Behind The Shadows Lie Madness Death Metal20074.5Sargon the Terrible2007-05-07
 Mithras  On Strange Loops Death Metal20163.75Sargon the Terrible2017-04-22
 Mitochondrion  Archaeaeon Death/Black20082.75Sargon the Terrible2008-06-12
 Mizantropia  Oblivion Gothic Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-08-06
 Mob Rules  Astral Hand Power Metal20093.5Christopher Foley2009-09-19
 Mob Rules  Beast Reborn Power Metal20184MetalMike2018-09-12
 Mob Rules  Cannibal Nation Melodic Heavy Metal20123.75MetalMike2013-01-15
 Mob Rules  Ethnolution A.D. Power Metal20063Larry Griffin2008-04-30
 Mob Rules  Ethnolution A.D. Power Metal20063.5Sargon the Terrible2006-10-19
 Mob Rules  Radical Peace Power Metal20094.5MetalMike2010-01-23
 Mob Rules  Savage Land Power Metal19994.75Larry Griffin2008-03-13
 Mob Rules  Tales from Beyond Power Metal20164.25Bruno Medeiros2016-04-03
 Mob Rules  Tales from Beyond Power Metal20164.75MetalMike2016-04-08
 Mob Rules  Temple Of Two Suns Power Metal20003MetalMike2009-01-04
 Moby Dick  Terápia Thrash Metal20193.5Luxi Lahtinen2019-10-05
 Moenen of Xezbeth  Ancient Spells of Darkness... Black Metal20184Michel Renaud2018-12-30
 Mog Ruith  Catatonic Stellar Illusions Black/Thrash20054.5Michel Renaud2005-12-03
 Molde Volhal  Into the Cave of Ordeals... Black Metal20204.25Mjölnir2021-01-08
 Moloch  Stiller Schrei Des Winters (2002-2012) Black Metal20122Sargon the Terrible2013-05-02
 Moloch Letalis  Cold Execution Black/Death20084Michel Renaud2008-07-26
 Moloch Letalis/Hate Them All  Czara śmierci Black Metal20141.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-01-17
 Moloch/Wyqm  Moloch/Wyqm Black Metal20114Michel Renaud2011-04-16
 Moloth/Nezhegol  Wotanjugend Black Metal20113.75Memnarch2012-01-28
 Molten Trail  Striving for the Sky Progressive Metal20143.25MetalMike2015-02-01
 Monasterium  Church of Bones Doom Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-09-13
 Monasterium  Cold Are the Graves Doom Metal20224MetalMike2022-08-02
 Monasterium  Cold Are the Graves Doom Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-08-16
 Monastery Dead  Ego Sum Dolor Death Metal20244Sargon the Terrible2024-04-16
 Mongrel's Cross  Arcana, Scrying and Revelation Black/Thrash20203.75Sargon the Terrible2020-11-16
 Mongrel's Cross  Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court Black/Death20183Sargon the Terrible2019-10-10
 Mongrel's Cross  The Sins of Aquarius Black/Thrash20123Sargon the Terrible2012-09-20
 Monolith  Against the Wall of Forever Heavy Metal20153.75MetalMike2015-05-13
 Monolith Moon  Leylines Progressive Metal20153MetalMike2015-11-25
 Monolithe  Monolithe I Funeral Doom20134.5Mjölnir2019-10-16
 Monolithe  Monolithe II Funeral Doom20144.25Mjölnir2019-10-21
 Monolithe  Monolithe III Funeral Doom20124Sargon the Terrible2013-03-30
 Monolithe  Monolithe IV Doom Metal20134.5Mjölnir2020-05-20
 Mons Veneris  Excesses of Perpetual Gloom Black Metal20233.5Michel Renaud2023-10-19
 Monsterworks  Black Swan Annihilation Heavy Metal20163.5MetalMike2016-09-08
 Monsterworks  Earth Heavy/Death20133.5MetalMike2013-11-24
 Monsterworks  Malignment Heavy Metal20203.5MetalMike2020-11-24
 Monsterworks  Man :: Instincts Heavy Metal20122.75MetalMike2012-09-14
 Monsterworks  Overhaul Heavy Metal20143.5MetalMike2015-01-19
 Monsterworks  Scale and Probability Heavy Metal20181.5MetalMike2018-06-16
 Monsterworks  The Existential Codex Heavy Metal20153MetalMike2015-05-30
 Monsterworks  Universe Heavy Metal20143MetalMike2014-07-15
 Monstrosity  In Dark Purity Death Metal19993.5Sargon the Terrible2006-04-30
 Monstrosity  Rise To Power Death Metal20035Christian Renner2004-05-29
 Monstrosity  Spiritual Apocalypse Death Metal20073Lars Christiansen2007-10-21
 Montany  New Born Day Power Metal20024Bruce Dragonchaser2008-08-28
 Monument  Hellhound Heavy Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-07-25
 Monument  Rock the Night! Heavy Metal20124Luxi Lahtinen2013-01-06
 Monumentor  Medusa's Throne Heavy/Thrash20123MetalMike2012-03-18
 Monumentor  Medusa's Throne Heavy/Thrash20123.5Michel Renaud2012-01-28
 Monumentum  Ad Nauseam Gothic Metal20023.25Christian Renner2002-11-15
 Monumentum Damnati  In the Tomb of a Forgotten King Melodic Death Metal20204Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-26
 Monumentum Damnati  In the Tomb of a Forgotten King Melodic Death Metal20203.5Mjölnir2020-05-12
 Moon  Caduceus Chalice Black Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2011-09-18
 Moon  Pandimensional Gnosis Black Metal20214.25Michel Renaud2022-02-05
 Moon Chamber  Lore of the Land Heavy Metal20193.75MetalMike2020-02-18
 Moon Incarnate  Hymns to the Moon Doom/Death20243Sargon the Terrible2024-04-14
 Moonblood  Supreme Black Force of German Steel Black Metal20043.5Chaossphere2006-05-12
 Moongates Guardian  Eternal Legend Black Metal20143Luxi Lahtinen2015-11-15
 Moonlight Haze  Animus Symphonic Power Metal20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-05-19
 Moonlight Sorcery  Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle Black Metal20234MetalMike2024-02-09
 Moonlight Sorcery  Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity Black Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-06-17
 Moonlyght  Progressive Darkness Progressive Metal20025Christian Renner2002-06-18
 Moonlyght  Shining Folk Metal20085+Eternal Sorrow2008-12-23
 Moonreich  Loi Martiale Black Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2011-02-14
 Moonrock  Mindless Creatures Heavy Metal20224.25Sargon the Terrible2023-03-11
 Moonscape  Entity Progressive Metal20174Bruno Medeiros2017-10-28
 Moonscar  Blood Moon Black Metal20213.5MetalMike2022-01-05
 Moonsorrow  Jumalten aika Black Metal20163Sargon the Terrible2016-05-13
 Moonsorrow  Kivenkantaja Viking Metal20035+Iconoclast2010-09-25
 Moonsorrow  Suden uni Pagan Metal20014.5Sargon the Terrible2024-02-05
 Moonsorrow  Tulimyrsky Folk/Viking20084.25Pagan Shadow2008-08-30
 Moonsorrow  Tulimyrsky Folk/Viking20084.25Sargon the Terrible2008-07-15
 Moonsorrow  V: Havitetty Folk/Viking20074.75Lars Christiansen2007-08-26
 Moonsorrow  Verisäkeet Viking Metal20054.75Sargon the Terrible2007-01-25
 Moonsorrow  Voimasta Ja Kunniasta Viking Metal20015PowerMetal592009-09-26
 Moonsorrow  Voimasta Ja Kunniasta Viking Metal20015Sargon the Terrible2024-02-13
 Moonspell  Darkness And Hope Gothic Metal20014Christian Renner2001-09-09
 Moonspell  Hermitage Gothic Metal20215+Christian Renner2021-02-27
 Moonspell  Memorial Gothic/Death20062.94th Horseman2006-12-03
 Moonspell  Night Eternal Gothic Metal20083.75Pagan Shadow2008-06-04
 Moonspell  Night Eternal Gothic Metal20084Sargon the Terrible2008-05-06
 Moonspell  The Antidote Gothic Metal200344th Horseman2004-02-27
 Moonspell  Under Satanae Black Metal20074.25Pagan Shadow2007-11-19
 Moonspell  Under Satanae Black Metal20073.5Sargon the Terrible2007-10-10
 Moonspell  Wolfheart Gothic Metal19954Sargon the Terrible2003-04-30
 MoonWay  My 7even Doom Metal20133.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-11-11
 Moorgate  Denial of Reality Death Metal20093MetalMike2009-12-31
 Mòr  Hear the Hour Nearing! Black Metal20243.75Michel Renaud2024-04-25
 Mora Prokaza  Dark Universe Black Metal20163.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-01-20
 Morality's Asylum  Morality's Asylum Progressive Metal20163.25Bruno Medeiros2017-07-28
 Morass Skoffin  Blindfold Death Metal20163.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-05-04
 Moratory  The Old Tower Burns Thrash Metal20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-10-19
 Morbid Angel  Abominations of Desolation Death Metal19915Luxi Lahtinen2021-05-13
 Morbid Angel  Altars of Madness Death Metal19895Scott Murray2003-01-15
 Morbid Angel  Blessed Are The Sick Death Metal19914Sargon the Terrible2003-03-05
 Morbid Angel  Covenant Death Metal19934.5Dakuroth2002-08-09
 Morbid Angel  Domination Death Metal19953Sargon the Terrible2004-06-23
 Morbid Angel  Formulas Fatal To The Flesh Death Metal19984.5Lars Christiansen2007-09-25
 Morbid Angel  Gateways To Annihilation Death Metal20004Michel Renaud2000-11-11
 Morbid Angel  Heretic Death Metal20033Sargon the Terrible2008-03-23
 Morbid Angel  Illud Divinum Insanus Death Metal20110Sargon the Terrible2012-04-23
 Morbid Angel  Kingdoms Disdained Death Metal20172.25Michel Renaud2017-12-17
 Morbid Breath  In the Hand of the Reaper Death/Thrash20213MetalMike2021-05-27
 Morbid Carnage  Night Assassins Death/Thrash20103Adam Kohrman2010-05-16
 Morbid Flesh  Embedded in the Ossuary Death Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-09-20
 Morbid Messiah  Demoniac Paroxysm Death Metal20183.5Michel Renaud2020-09-05
 Morbid Messiah  Disgorged in the Coffin Death Metal20213.75Michel Renaud2021-09-23
 Morbid Path  Nightfall Melodic Death Metal20083.25Michel Renaud2008-11-22
 Morbid Prototype  The Darkest Descent - ACT I - Spiritual Genocide Black/Death20194MetalMike2019-07-25
 Morbid Prototype  The Darkest Descent - ACT II - The Darkest Descent Black/Death20193.75MetalMike2019-07-27
 Morbid Saint  Spectrum of Death Thrash Metal19884.75Larry Griffin2009-02-17
 Morbid Saint  Swallowed by Hell Thrash Metal20243.75MetalMike2024-04-18
 Morbid Saint  Swallowed by Hell Thrash Metal20244.5Michel Renaud2024-01-18
 Morbidity  Pits of Eternal Torment Death Metal20123.5Memnarch2012-07-01
 Morbific  Ominous Seep of Putridity Death Metal20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2022-01-31
 Morbikon  Ov Mournful Twilight Black Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2023-01-21
 Morbonoct  The Highest Purpose Black Metal20244Sargon the Terrible2024-02-29
 Morbus Chron  Sleepers in the Rift Death Metal20113.75Sargon the Terrible2011-09-22
 Morcaint  Elessar Black Metal20233.75Michel Renaud2023-04-18
 Morcolac  Vrykolakas Black Metal20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2022-09-03
 Mord'A'Stigmata  Antimatter Black Metal20113Memnarch2011-10-30
 Mordaehoth  Eens Weer Prevaleert Het Heidens Hart Black Metal20103.5Sargon the Terrible2011-10-23
 Mordant  Black Evil Master Black Metal20114Bruce Dragonchaser2012-03-31
 Mordgrund  Omnia Intereunt Black Metal20104Memnarch2011-03-10
 Mordicus  Dances from Left Death Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-08-12
 Morgal  Morgal Black Metal20184MetalMike2019-02-18
 Morgal  Morgal Black Metal20184Michel Renaud2018-10-27
 Morgana Lefay  Aberrations Of The Mind Heavy Metal200744th Horseman2007-06-12
 Morgana Lefay  Grand Materia Heavy Metal200554th Horseman2005-09-24
 Morgana Lefay  Past, Present, Future Progressive Doom Metal199554th Horseman2004-10-19
 Morgana Lefay  Sanctified Heavy/Power Metal19944.54th Horseman2005-05-13
 Morgana Lefay  Symphony of the Damned Power/Thrash19904.44th Horseman2004-10-17
 Morgengrau  Blood Oracle Death Metal20183.75Sargon the Terrible2018-11-13
 Morgengrau  Extrinsic Pathway Death Metal20134Sargon the Terrible2014-09-09
 Morgion  Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth Doom Metal20044.5Sargon the Terrible2004-05-08
 Morgion  Solinari Doom/Death19994.5Sargon the Terrible2007-07-25
 Morgon  Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere Speed Metal20141.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-02-03
 Morgoth  The Eternal Fall + Resurrection Absurd Death Metal19903.75Sargon the Terrible2006-11-15
 Morgoth  Ungod Death Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-19
 Morgreim  Forgotten Tales Symphonic Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-06-21
 Morgueazm  Fun With Formaldehyde Heavy Metal20024.75Barbara Williams (Crowley)2003-02-16
 Morgul Blade  Fell Sorcery Abounds Heavy Metal20214.25MetalMike2021-12-27
 Morgul Blade  Fell Sorcery Abounds Heavy Metal20213.75Sargon the Terrible2021-12-30
 Morgul Blade  Heavy Metal Wraiths Heavy Metal20243.5MetalMike2024-05-09
 Morgul Vale  Dead Pride Black Metal2010Michel Renaud2010-02-20
 Moribund Dawn  Dark Mysteries of Time & Eternity Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-08-27
 Morifade  Across the Starlit Sky Power Metal19973Bruce Dragonchaser2008-10-18
 Morifade  Domi<>Nation Power Metal20044.75Bruce Dragonchaser2009-08-09
 Morifade  Empire of Souls Power Metal20113.75Sargon the Terrible2011-09-15
 Morifade  Imaginarium Power Metal20015Bruce Dragonchaser2009-08-11
 Morifade  Possession of Power Power Metal19994.5Bruce Dragonchaser2008-11-21
 Morning After  Beneath The Real Unclassifiable20030Sargon the Terrible2004-03-19
 Morningstar  Hell Heavy Metal19984Sargon the Terrible2006-02-10
 Moros Nyx  Rite of Rebellion Heavy Metal20143.5Bruce Dragonchaser2015-08-19
 Morrigan  Anwynn Black Metal20223MetalMike2022-08-20
 Morrigan  Anwynn Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-07-07
 Morrigan  Celts Black Metal20034.75Sargon the Terrible2009-08-02
 Mors In Tabula  Promo 2004 Industrial Death Metal20043Sargon the Terrible2004-10-14
 Mors Principium Est  ...And Death Said Live Melodic Death Metal20123.5MetalMike2013-04-04
 Mors Principium Est  Dawn of the 5th Era Melodic Death Metal20143.75MetalMike2015-03-08
 Mors Principium Est  Embers of a Dying World Melodic Death Metal20174.5MetalMike2017-03-01
 Mors Principium Est  Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity Melodic Death Metal20224MetalMike2022-04-28
 Mors Principium Est  Seven Melodic Death Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-12-14
 Mors Principium Est  The Unborn Melodic Death Metal20055Eddiethe'Ead2005-12-25
 Mortal Fungus  Back to the Lombrosary Death Metal20083.5Mike Henn2008-12-28
 Mortal Infinity  District Destruction Thrash Metal20123.5MetalMike2012-10-23
 Mortal Scepter/Deathroned  Mortal Scepter / Deathroned Thrash Metal20183.5Michel Renaud2020-04-17
 Mortal Strike  For the Loud and the Aggressive Thrash Metal20144Michel Renaud2023-11-19
 Mortal Terror  We Are The Damned Death/Thrash20102.5Christopher Foley2010-08-20
 Mortal Thrall  A Path to Fire Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-07-23
 Mortal Vision  Mind Manipulation Thrash Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-11-03
 Mortal Whisper  Mortal Whisper Speed Metal20163.75Sargon the Terrible2018-10-09
 Mortalicum  Eyes of the Demon Heavy/Doom20154Luxi Lahtinen2017-01-15
 Mortalicum  Tears from the Grave Heavy Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-05-29
 Mortalicum  The Endtime Prophecy Heavy Metal20124Luxi Lahtinen2012-05-31
 Mortalicum  The Endtime Prophecy Heavy Metal20123.5Sargon the Terrible2012-07-07
 Mortalis  From the Cryogenics Speed Metal20214Luxi Lahtinen2022-10-16
 Mortalium  A Gap Between Birth and Death Doom/Death20132Sargon the Terrible2013-07-04
 Morte Incandescente  ...o mundo morreu! Black Metal20163Sargon the Terrible2016-04-13
 Morte Incandescente  ...Relembrando Um Tumulo Esquecido Black Metal20104.5Sargon the Terrible2010-05-30
 Mortemia  Misere Mortem Gothic Metal20104Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-06-18
 Morthond  Somber Deathwinds Black Metal20024.5Michel Renaud2002-08-11
 Morthus  Into Oblivion Black/Death20144Luxi Lahtinen2015-07-14
 Mortician  Mortician Heavy Metal20113.75MetalMike2011-12-18
 Mortician  No War & More Heavy Metal20091MetalMike2009-11-16
 Mortician  Shout for Heavy Metal Heavy Metal20142MetalMike2015-03-07
 Mortician (Austria)  40 Years of Metal Heavy Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-10-12
 Mortician (Austria)  40 Years of Metal Heavy Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-06-30
 Mortician (Austria)  Titans Heavy Metal20203MetalMike2020-06-28
 Mortician (US)  Chainsaw Dismemberment Death Metal20193.75Michel Renaud2020-06-27
 Mortifera  Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera Black Metal20044Brett Buckle2009-02-13
 Mortiferum  Altar of Decay Doom/Death20183.5Michel Renaud2018-07-07
 Mortification  The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine Death/Thrash20093.75Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-04-28
 Mortifilia  Redemption Death Metal20054Sargon the Terrible2006-12-16
 Mortillery  Murder Death Kill Thrash Metal20114MetalMike2012-10-06
 Mortillery  Origin of Extinction Thrash Metal20133.25MetalMike2013-05-26
 Mortis Dei  Salvation Never Comes Death Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-12-31
 Morton  Come Read The Words Forbidden Power Metal20114.5Christopher Foley2011-10-30
 Mortor  Burn Up the Dead Death/Thrash20174Michel Renaud2018-08-11
 Mortor  Shoot 'em Up Death/Thrash20123.75MetalMike2012-10-12
 Mortticia  A Light in the Black Heavy Metal20223.75Michel Renaud2023-03-20
 Mortuary Drape  Buried In Time Black/Thrash20044.5Sargon the Terrible2005-03-09
 Mortuary Slab  Necrorealism Death Metal20243.75Michel Renaud2024-05-19
 Mortuous  Through Wilderness Death Metal20184.5Michel Renaud2020-07-24
 Mortuus  De Contemplanda Morte; De Reverencie Laboribus Ac Adorationis Black Metal20074.5Pagan Shadow2008-04-29
 Mortuus  De Contemplanda Morte; De Reverencie Laboribus Ac Adorationis Black Metal20074.25Sargon the Terrible2007-08-03
 Mortuus Infradaemoni  Daemon Qui Fecit Terram Black Metal20074.5Sargon the Terrible2007-01-29
 Mortuus Infradaemoni  Imis Avernis Black Metal20094Lars Christiansen2009-07-27
 Mortuus Infradaemoni  Inmortuos Sum Black Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-02-22
 Morvidhen  Morvidhen Speed Metal20214Luxi Lahtinen2021-04-09
 Mosfet  Sickness of Memory Black/Thrash20104Michel Renaud2010-09-30
 Moss  Tombs of the Blind Drugged Doom Metal20094Lars Christiansen2009-07-11
 Motörhead  1916 Heavy Metal19915Larry Griffin2008-10-02
 Motörhead  25 & Alive: Boneshaker 20024.95Michel Renaud2002-10-14
 Motörhead  Another Perfect Day Heavy Metal19834.5MetalMike2024-04-01
 Motörhead  Bad Magic Heavy Metal20154.5Michel Renaud2015-10-04
 Motörhead  Bomber Heavy Metal19793.5MetalMike2024-03-29
 Motörhead  Classic Albums: Ace of Spades 20054.75Michel Renaud2005-07-30
 Motörhead  Hammered Heavy Metal20023.75Michel Renaud2002-05-01
 Motörhead  Hammered tour (Toronto) Michel Renaud2002-05-03
 Motörhead  Inferno Heavy Metal20044.5Michel Renaud2005-01-20
 Motörhead  Iron Fist Heavy Metal19823.75MetalMike2021-02-20
 Motörhead  Motörizer Heavy Metal20084.5Larry Griffin2009-01-12
 Motörhead  Motörhead Heavy Metal19773MetalMike2024-03-23
 Motörhead  No Sleep 'til Hammersmith Heavy Metal19815MetalMike2024-03-30
 Motörhead  Orgasmatron Heavy Metal19864Larry Griffin2008-01-18
 Motörhead  Overkill Heavy Metal19794.75MetalMike2024-03-24
 Motörhead  The Best Of Motörhead 2002 Michel Renaud2002-06-27
 Motörhead  We Are Motörhead Heavy Metal20003.5MetalMike2009-04-13
 Motörhead  We Are Motörhead Heavy Metal20004Michel Renaud2000-06-16
 Motörhead  We Are Motörhead Tour 4Michel Renaud2000-06-30
 Mother Harlot  Mother Harlot Heavy Metal20163MetalMike2017-02-10
 Mothership  Mothership Heavy Metal20133.5MetalMike2013-05-07
 Mötley Crüe  Greatest Video Hits 20035Pierre Bégin2003-12-28
 Mötley Crüe  Lewd, Crüed and Tatooed 20014.25Pierre Bégin2001-12-12
 Mötley Crüe  Shout At The Devil Heavy Metal19834Sirliftsalot482007-04-16
 Motör Militia  World in Flames Thrash Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2022-07-20
 Mount Salem  Endless Doom Metal20142.75Christopher Foley2014-03-09
 Mourn  Mourn Doom Metal19954.5Sargon the Terrible2011-12-16
 Mourn the Light  Stare into the Face of Death Heavy/Doom20223.75MetalMike2023-01-03
 Mourn the Light  Suffer, Then We're Gone Heavy/Doom20214MetalMike2022-03-22
 Mourn the Light/Oxblood Forge  Mourn the Light / Oxblood Forge Doom Metal20192.5MetalMike2020-02-06
 Mourned by Flies  Far Beyond the Grave Melodic Death Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-30
 Mournful Congregation  The Exuviae of Gods - Part II Funeral Doom20234Sargon the Terrible2023-05-08
 Mournful Congregation  The June Frost Funeral Doom20094.5Brett Buckle2009-05-19
 Mournful Congregation  The Monad Of Creation Funeral Doom20054.254th Horseman2006-03-06
 Mournful Gust  She's My Grief...Decade Doom Metal20102.5Sargon the Terrible2010-08-19
 Mournful Gust  The Frankness Eve Doom/Death20084.75Sargon the Terrible2009-01-31
 Mourning Beloveth  A Disease For the Ages Doom/Death20083.5Pagan Shadow2008-05-16
 Mourning Beloveth  A Murderous Circus Doom Metal200534th Horseman2005-10-28
 Mourning Beloveth  Dust Doom Metal20014.25Michel Renaud2001-05-13
 Mourning Dawn  For the Fallen Black Metal20093.75Sargon the Terrible2009-10-23
 Mourning Dawn  Mourning Dawn Doom/Death20074.5Sargon the Terrible2007-03-10
 Mox Nix  Mox Nix Heavy Metal20014.5Michel Renaud2001-06-09
 MP  Bursting Out (The Beast Became Human) Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-04-12
 MP  Bursting Out (The Beast Became Human) Heavy Metal20214Michel Renaud2021-03-11
 MP  Get it Now Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-04-15
 MP  Get it Now Heavy Metal20213.5Michel Renaud2021-03-19
 Mr. Death  Death Suits You Death Metal20103Christopher Foley2010-10-23
 Mr. Death  Descending Through Ashes Death Metal20113Michel Renaud2011-10-04
 Mr. Death  Detached From Life Death Metal20093Sargon the Terrible2009-11-12
 Mrznja  Ako Sam Nekada Imao Srce Black Metal20102.75Christopher Foley2010-12-03
 Mucupurulent  Soul Reaver Death Metal20023Hogworth2003-01-12
 Mudslinger  Cover The Sun Doom/Death20013.5Michel Renaud2001-03-31
 Mulla  Why Can't You See It Black Metal20212.5Mjölnir2021-03-10
 Mundanus Imperium  The Spectral Spheres Coronation Power Metal19982.5Mjölnir2019-11-02
 Mundanus Imperium  The Spectral Spheres Coronation Power Metal19982.5Sargon the Terrible2003-09-25
 Municipal Waste  Electrified Brain Thrash Metal20224.25Michel Renaud2022-07-12
 Municipal Waste  Hazardous Mutation Thrash Metal20054Lars Christiansen2006-10-04
 Municipal Waste  Massive Aggressive Thrash Metal20094.25Jason Cominetto2010-02-09
 Municipal Waste  Massive Aggressive Thrash Metal20093.75Michel Renaud2009-10-17
 Municipal Waste  Slime and Punishment Thrash Metal20174Michel Renaud2017-08-18
 Municipal Waste  The Art of Partying Thrash Metal20074.5Jason Cominetto2009-01-06
 Municipal Waste  The Art of Partying Thrash Metal20074.25Michel Renaud2007-08-22
 Municipal Waste  The Last Rager Thrash Metal20193.5Michel Renaud2019-09-26
 Munruthel  CREEDamage Black Metal20123.5MetalMike2013-01-09
 Murder Inc  Umlčen Navěky Thrash Metal20184Luxi Lahtinen2018-04-12
 Murder Squad  Unsane, Insane and Mentally Deranged Death Metal20014Lars Christiansen2007-08-13
 MurderWorker  No Divine Signs Death Metal20193.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-01-25
 Murdryck  Antologi MMXV Black Metal20163.75Luxi Lahtinen2016-09-06
 Murmur  Mainlining the Lugubrious Black Metal20101Sargon the Terrible2011-01-05
 Murmur  Murmur Black Metal20142.5Edward T. Head2016-01-09
 Muro  El Cuarto Jinete Heavy Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-06-25
 Murw  In de Mond van het Onbekende Wacht een Oceaan Black Metal20103.75Sargon the Terrible2011-10-26
 Musmahhu  Formulas of Rotten Death Black Metal20183.25Michel Renaud2018-05-07
 Must Kill  Ghost Malevolent Death/Thrash20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-05-06
 Must Missa  Martyr of Wrath Black/Thrash20074.25Michel Renaud2007-09-17
 Must Missa  The Target of Hate Black/Thrash20054Michel Renaud2007-08-30
 Mustang  Beyond Raging Thunder Heavy Metal20233MetalMike2023-09-23
 Mustang  Beyond Raging Thunder Heavy Metal20234Sargon the Terrible2023-11-09
 Mutant Blast  Detonation Death Metal20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2023-10-29
 Mutant Supremacy  Infinite Suffering Death Metal20104Christopher Foley2010-10-22
 Mutant Supremacy  Infinite Suffering Death Metal20103Michel Renaud2011-10-02
 Mutard  Inhuman Inebriation Thrash Metal20173.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-04-30
 Mutilated Messiah  Total Fucking Slaughter Death/Thrash20103.25Adam Kohrman2010-11-12
 Mutilation  Conflict Inside Death Metal20044.5Sargon the Terrible2005-04-06
 Mutilation Barbecue  Amalgamations of Gore Death Metal20244Michel Renaud2024-03-27
 Mutilatred  Determined to Rot Death Metal20223.5Michel Renaud2022-04-25
 My Death Belongs to You  The World Seems to Be Fading Funeral Doom20203Sargon the Terrible2021-03-09
 My Dying Bride  A Line Of Deathless Kings Doom Metal200644th Horseman2006-11-29
 My Dying Bride  A Line Of Deathless Kings Doom Metal20063Sargon the Terrible2006-10-23
 My Dying Bride  A Mortal Binding Doom Metal20244.25Michel Renaud2024-05-03
 My Dying Bride  Songs of Darkness, Words of Light Doom Metal20044.34th Horseman2004-10-16
 My Dying Bride  Songs of Darkness, Words of Light Doom Metal20044.5Pagan Shadow2008-03-28
 My Dying Bride  The Angel and the Dark River Doom Metal19954.25Adam McAuley2011-01-03
 My Enchantment  Saligia Death Metal20193.75Luxi Lahtinen2019-08-03
 My Funeral  Funeral Manifesto Death/Thrash20224Luxi Lahtinen2023-07-23
 My Funeral  Violence Academy Thrash Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-05-03
 My Haven  Until Gothic Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-08-19
 My Lament  Broken Leaf Doom/Death20092.5Sargon the Terrible2010-02-26
 My Own Grave  Necrology Death Metal20094.5Sargon the Terrible2009-11-03
 My Own Grave  Unholy Death Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2007-09-01
 My Shameful  ...Of Dust Funeral Doom20044.5Lars Christiansen2007-03-03
 My Soliloquy  The Interpreter Progressive Metal20132MetalMike2013-04-09
 Mycelium  Mycoticism: Disseminating the Propagules Death Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-11-20
 Mykorrhiza  Northern Remembrance Death Metal20063Sargon the Terrible2007-02-22
 Myrath  Desert Call Progressive Power Metal20104.5Christopher Foley2010-04-25
 Myrath  Hope Progressive Power Metal20074Christopher Foley2010-04-09
 Myrath  Legacy Progressive Power Metal20164Bruno Medeiros2016-10-23
 Myrath  Shehili Progressive Power Metal20193.75Bruno Medeiros2019-05-04
 Myrath  Tales Of The Sands Progressive Power Metal20113.75Bruce Dragonchaser2011-11-26
 Myrddraal  Blood On The Mountain Black Metal20014.25Michel Renaud2002-02-24
 Myriads  Introspection Gothic Metal20024.25Scott Murray2003-07-12
 Myrkgand  Old Mystical Tales Black/Death20194Luxi Lahtinen2020-03-30
 Myrkgrav  Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning Black Metal20064.5Brett Buckle2009-01-11
 Myrkr  Black Illumination Black Metal20094Pagan Shadow2009-05-26
 Mystagog  ...of Old Black Metal20113Sargon the Terrible2012-02-26
 Mysteriis  Hellsurrection Black Metal20122.75Memnarch2012-06-09
 Mysterium  Soulwards Death Metal20034Christian Renner2003-06-08
 Mysterizer  The Holy War 1095 Heavy Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-10-07
 Mystery Blue  Claws of Steel Heavy Metal20064Sargon the Terrible2007-04-15
 Mystery Blue  Conquer the World Heavy Metal20123.75MetalMike2013-02-24
 Mystery Blue  Hell & Fury Heavy Metal20104.25Sargon the Terrible2010-06-09
 Mystic Circle  Erzdämon Black/Death20233.75MetalMike2023-05-06
 Mystic Circle  Mystic Circle Black/Death20223.5MetalMike2022-02-27
 Mystic Circle  Mystic Circle Black/Death20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-02-04
 Mystic Circle  Open the Gates of Hell Black/Death20034Sargon the Terrible2004-10-02
 Mystic Forest  Romances Black Metal20045Ktb2005-02-15
 Mystic Forest  Welcome Back In The Forest Black Metal20014.7Ktb2005-01-27
 Mystic Prophecy  Fireangel Heavy Metal20093.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-07-23
 Mystic Prophecy  Fireangel Heavy Metal20094.5Larry Griffin2009-07-11
 Mystic Prophecy  Hellriot Heavy/Power Metal20233.5MetalMike2023-08-08
 Mystic Prophecy  Hellriot Heavy/Power Metal20234.25Michel Renaud2023-05-22
 Mystic Prophecy  Killhammer Heavy/Power Metal20133.5MetalMike2014-02-11
 Mystic Prophecy  Ravenlord Heavy/Power Metal20114.25MetalMike2011-12-16
 Mystic Prophecy  Regressus Power Metal20035Christian Renner2003-07-14
 Mystic Prophecy  Regressus Power Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2003-07-12
 Mystic Prophecy  Satanic Curses Heavy Metal20074Larry Griffin2008-10-05
 Mystic Prophecy  Satanic Curses Heavy Metal20074.25Sargon the Terrible2007-11-27
 Mystic Prophecy  War Brigade Power/Thrash20162.5Bruno Medeiros2016-03-24
 Mystic Prophecy  War Brigade Power/Thrash20163.25MetalMike2016-06-14
 Mystic Storm  From the Ancient Chaos Thrash Metal20213.5Sargon the Terrible2022-03-11
 Mystik  Mystik Speed Metal20193.75Luxi Lahtinen2019-05-06
 Mystras  Castles Conquered and Reclaimed Black Metal20205Sargon the Terrible2020-07-31
 Mythological Cold Towers  Immemorial Doom/Death20114.25Sargon the Terrible2011-12-03
 Mythological Cold Towers  Sphere Of Nebaddon Doom/Death19964Sargon the Terrible2006-02-08
 Mythological Cold Towers  The Vanished Pantheon Doom/Death20054.5Sargon the Terrible2007-12-10
 Mythos  Pain Amplifier Black/Death20234.25Michel Renaud2023-05-15
 Mythra  Still Burning Heavy Metal20174Michel Renaud2023-06-15
 Mythra  Temples of Madness Heavy Metal20234.25Michel Renaud2023-09-01
 Mythra  The Death & Destiny LP Heavy Metal19984.75Michel Renaud2003-03-25

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