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Review: Mayhem - Pure Fucking Mayhem
Pure Fucking Mayhem

Label: Knife Fight Media
Year released: 2009

Rating: 3/5

Review online: February 28, 2010
Reviewed by: Pagan Shadow
Readers Rating
Pure Fucking Mayhem

Rated 3.4/5 (68%) (10 Votes)

I had to wait until nobody was home to play this DVD. Well, this entire wait was useless since very little black metal is being actually played here.

Pure Fucking Mayhem is not your regular DVD with lots of live footages, videos etc...but more of a documentary with few live performances, alas. Most of the time, through the different chapters, you have interviews with Necrobutcher and a soft speaking/clean cut Kjetil Manheim. . Other musicians also tell their part of the story, including Attila Csihar amongst others. In many instances, you hear about past members such as: Hellhammer, Dead, Euronymous and Maniac, but those characters never take part in interviews. It would have been nice to hear guys like Dead and Euronymous telling their story; even in their own language with subtitles! At some point, they talk quite a bit about Varg in relation with Euronymous' death. I think that to actually hear Varg saying his version could have been a good idea. Then you have the rare footages, where one can listen to a bit about Mayhem's music, which is nice, only very limited. This package comes with a CD that includes eight instrumental tracks of Mayhem and other black metal classics, according to the info sheet. These instrumentals are, in fact, piano and keyboard interpretations. An overall fell of eerie and drama is present. Although pleasant to listen to, I would have preferred listening to their actual songs. Some sort of compilation, including tracks from their back catalog would have made a much stronger documentary piece.

Pure Fucking Mayhem is much too laid back a documentary about an infamous extreme black metal band that has carved its story through crimes, darkness and suicide.

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