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Review: Jesusmartyr - The Black Waters
The Black Waters

Label: Rusty Cage Records
Year released: 2008
Originally released in: 2007
Duration: 32:14
Tracks: 11
Genre: Death/Thrash

Rating: 1.75/5

Review online: September 13, 2008
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
The Black Waters

Rated 1.8/5 (36%) (5 Votes)

Interesting band name.  Jesusmartyr mix just about every "modern" metal sounds in The Black Waters.  I don't know if this is a new direction for them, as I'm not familiar with their older material.  "Modern Thrash", "groovy Thrash", Melodic Death Metal and some hints (well, more than hints at times) of metalcore are blended together here, and the result isn't all that great.  First of all, the vocals are torture (hell, I should be the martyr for having to go through several listens with these vocals...) - a blend of Melodic Death and metalcore-ish vocals that sound just as bad as you can imagine.  The only people prone to like this style are metalcore aficionados.  The music... Well, it does have its moments here and there, even though the vocals constantly get in the way.  It's mostly mid to fast-paced, sometimes getting pretty "furious", sometimes quite melodic - the best parts as far as I'm concerned, especially the passage that has a bit of a Slayer-esque feel to it in "Hecatomb."  Some cool but very short bursts of guitars and drums can be heard here and there, but no one song sticks out as "good".  Overall this sound like the aforementioned genres were thrown in the blender rather than cooked on medium-high.  This is the kind of stuff I'd expect to see featured on MuchMusic - trend of the day sound without much lasting value, ultimately destroyed by incorporating too many metalcore elements.  This is the kind of music I expect to hear from a band signed on one of the big labels - and I usually steer clear of them.

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