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Review: Joe Thrasher - Demo
Joe Thrasher

Label: Independent
Year released: 2004
Duration: 9:16
Tracks: 3
Genre: Thrash Metal

Review online: March 26, 2004
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Rated 3.33/5 (66.67%) (6 Votes)

Looking for some old school thrash with Slayer-esque influences? Joe Thrasher is here. :) This Ottawa band features a couple of former Deämon members who decided to dedicate their talent to some in-your-face thrash, something that hasn't been seen in years in Canada's capital. As usual with such a short demo, it's difficult to get a real taste of what the band has to offer, but the three songs presented here seem to be a pretty good start with music and vocals rooted in 80s underground thrash but still with some recognizable Slayer influences - and I think I even detect a slight hint of some very early, Kill 'em All-era Metallica. This is not the "modern thrash" junk that has plagued the scene in recent years; This is the real deal: Heavy, aggressive, unpolished (read: not for wimps.) Not only is this something the local Ottawa scene needs (rather than all those awful hardcore bands), but it's about time that some real thrash bands started popping up again. Whether Joe Thrasher can deliver a full album of comparable quality remains to be seen, but I sure am hopeful... Definitely a band I'll be keeping an eye on. ;)

This is a low quality demo (production/sound-wise) recorded on home equipment, but that's what demos should be anyway - just don't expect label-funded production quality and focus on the music. ;) The compositions can use a bit more work, but hopefully they won't overdo the fine-tuning. As usual, no rating for a short demo - I'll keep that for the full length. :)

This demo is a free download on the band's web site, so why not check it out yourself? Head over to or their Soundclick page at and start some serious thrashing.

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