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Review: Asunder - Works Will Come Undone
Works Will Come Undone

Label: Profound Lore Records
Year released: 2005
Duration: 1:12:45
Tracks: 2
Genre: Funeral Doom

Rating: 2.5/5

Review online: July 8, 2022
Reviewed by: Mjölnir
Readers Rating
Works Will Come Undone

Rated 2.67/5 (53.33%) (3 Votes)

Asunder were a little-known Funeral Doom act that have a minor cult following these days, particularly for their full-length debut A Clarion Call. I never heard of the band beforehand, but I found this for cheap at one of my local haunts and figured I’d give it a go, and I decided to talk about it now, not so much because it’s a lost classic, but because I think it is very instructive of the dos and don’ts of the genre.

The album starts off pretty well with the 22-minute opener "A Famine", showing Asunder had a very melancholic approach with minor key melodies that focuses on atmosphere over heaviness without fully neglecting the latter. I wouldn’t call it a first-rate song, but thanks to some solid chord progression and a good feel for mood, it ends up being a perfectly solid example of doing Funeral Doom right.

The same can’t be said, however, for the last track, the massive 50-minute closer "A Rite of Finality". The first half tries to be like what came before it, even including some somber cello melodies to add flavor, but it eventually succumbs to not having enough shape before ending on a whimper. As it turns out, that whimper is nearly 26 fucking minutes of bullshit ambient noises and chants that would barely have the momentum needed to go on or a tenth of that length. I’m not kidding when I say long stretches of this are akin to holding down a key on a synthesizer and maybe making it louder or softer after about two minutes before repeating the process, and it just drags on and on until it simply decides to stop and leave you wondering, "why the hell did I just sit through all that?"

So, we have one pretty good song and one horribly misguided song serving as something of a yin and a yang to the genre of Funeral Doom itself on this release. That makes it an interesting case study of the style, but outside of that, even the good stuff isn’t enough to make this anything more, so you’re probably better off leaving it forgotten.

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