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Interviews Inculter

Interview with vocalist and guitarist Remi Nygård

Interview conducted by Luxi Lahtinen

Date online: March 19, 2019

Inculter is a blackened thrash metal band originally formed in Fusa (but relocated to Bergen), Norway, in 2012. These young Norwegian thrashers released their debut album, Persisting Devolution, in 2015 and are currently preparing their follow-up album Fatal Visions. The album will be released by Edged Circle Productions on April 12, 2019. The band cites Dark Angel, Sepultura and early Slayer as their influences, so we are clearly dealing with the heavier and darker side of thrash metal here.

The Metal Crypt's curiosity about the band increased drastically after hearing Fatal Visions in advance a while ago. We decided to find out who they are, what kind of plans they have regarding the band's future, what it is like to be a thrash metal band in a land that has become known for its infamous and high-profile black metal acts.

The band's frontman Remi Nygård stepped up to talk about the bang's history and future plans.

Luxi: How's life in Fusa, Norway?

Remi: Everything's good. Actually, I am currently living in Bergen, though, which is about an hour drive away from Fusa.

Luxi: You will be releasing your second album, Fatal Visions, on April 12, 2019. How was the making of your follow-up album different to when you were working on your debut?

Remi: The songwriting process has been similar to the debut album, the main difference was rehearsing and arranging the songs with two guitar players instead of one. We have also been focusing more on trying to create our own sound, instead of trying to recreate the good old ones.

Luxi: When I heard your new album for the first time, I was very impressed by the tight musicianship. I assume you are all in your twenties so I am curious to know if you practice 24/7 or are your parents musicians, which might explain your inborn talent?

Remi: Actually, none of us practice anywhere near 24/7, nor do we have parents that are musicians, but we have all been playing our instruments since we were very young, and we have always been active with different bands. We rehearse regularly, which has helped us improve as musicians.

Luxi: Are you still pleased with how your debut album turned out?

Remi: I am still pleased with how it turned out, though it is a bit shabbier both in production and playing, but I think it fits the style that we were going for. We will still be playing these songs live, and now with two guitars, so it'll be similar to how it sounds on the record.

Luxi: Musically, Inculter plays more of a darker and vicious thrash metal, fueled by such names as Sodom, Possessed, Deströyer 666, early Slayer and the like. Are those some of your influences and what other bands would you say are major influences?

Remi: Yeah, that is pretty accurate. I would say that the biggest influences on the new album are Dark Angel, Slayer and Sepultura. No surprises there. We also take influences from bands and artists in all kinds of other genres. Even though it may be very subtle, it is a big part of our songwriting.

Luxi: How did you get signed to Edged Circle Productions? Did you send songs off this new album in your search for a record label and that was it, basically?

Remi: We have been working with Edged Circle Productions since 2012, I think. The man who runs the label is also from Fusa, so he contacted us after we released our first demo on YouTube. We then released our first EP, Stygian Deluge, on his label, and since we were very happy with how this worked out, we signed a record deal with Edged Circle Productions for our first two albums.

Luxi: I also read there's a special edition of this new album that comes with your never-released Autophonomania album. Would you kindly shed more light on Autophonomania? Is it a full-length release or more like an EP with unreleased songs?

Remi: Autophonomania is a collection of all the songs we released before our first album. Our first two demo songs, which were only released digitally on YouTube, the song from our 7'' split with Reptilian and the whole Stygian Deluge EP.

Luxi: How did you meet each other and form this band?

Remi: Even, our previous drummer, and I are childhood friends. We started Inculter after a couple of years of playing together in a less serious band. When we got asked to do some live shows, we needed a bass player, so we asked Cato to join us, which he did.

Luxi: Norway is, of course, mostly known for its vast and infamous black metal scene and my question is why you never found black metal close to your musical liking and jumped on the same train with so many other Norwegian comrades?

Remi: I have never been a huge fan of the "true Norwegian black metal" scene, I think it is a bit overrated, even though some albums are fantastic. Thrash metal, on the other hand, has been close to my heart ever since I discovered the first Metallica albums as a kid. For me it was very natural to start playing thrash metal instead of black metal.

Luxi: What is it like living in the small village of Fusa? As far as I know, only about 4,000 people live in that village and I would imagine you don't have many places in town for playing live. Bergen is nearby so that's where all gigs happen, right?

Remi: Living in Fusa is pretty chill, cheap and peaceful compared to the cities. Even though we have never tried to do a live gig here, it is possible, but probably not very rewarding as most people don't care much about metal. Most of our gigs have been in Bergen and Oslo.

Luxi: What does Fusa's coat of arms symbolize? Does it have any cool story behind it related to Norway's Viking heritage?

Remi: The three spirals on the coat of arms symbolizes the potholes that Fusa is known for. I don't know the story behind it, but it is probably something cool.

Luxi: Are there some other thrash metal bands in the same area that also have the potential to become more known outside of Norway?

Remi: I could name Sepulcher, which Inculter shares members with. Other than that, I can't think of anyone worth mentioning.

Luxi: Have you talked about moving away from Fusa to have better chances for playing live?

Remi: All of us have moved away from Fusa and we live in Bergen at the moment.

Luxi: How do things look for your band, live-wise? What's coming up for you guys as far as playing live is concerned?

Remi: First up is our release gig for Fatal Visions. Other than that, we don't have any gigs that can be announced yet.

Luxi: What are you hoping to achieve in 2019 with this band, besides shitloads of fame and fortune, of course? ;o)

Remi: We are hoping to get some cool gigs, maybe get out on a tour and, of course, we are all hoping to earn shitloads of money.

Luxi: Well, that's it from my side. Thank you, Remi, for your time for sinking your teeth into my questionnaire, and all the best with any future endeavors of Inculter as well. Now you are entitled to those "famous last words", so be my guest... ;o)

Remi: Thanks, no problem! My famous last words are sadly non-existent...

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