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Interviews Destructor

Interview with vocalist and guitarist Dave Overkill

Interview conducted by Luxi Lahtinen

Date online: January 17, 2016

Ohio's Metal powerhouse Destructor is one of those bands that has to go through a concrete wall many times in the form of different setbacks over the band's history. They tragically lost their original bassist Dave Iannicca (A.K.A. Dave Holocaust) on January 1, 1988, and this put their second album, Back in Bondage, on indefinite hold. The band split up shortly after Iannicca's passing.

More than 10 years passed and in 1999 Destructor was back in business. They re-recorded Back in Bondage in 2001 and it will finally be released on Germany's Pure Steel Records in February 2016. They have also been working with their third album, Decibel Casualties, which will also be released by Pure Steel Records at a later date.

Original vocalist and guitarist Dave Overkill took some time to explain to The Metal Crypt what's been going on in the Destructor camp recently. Even Yours Truly was pretty confused by their comings and goings, including many line-up changes...

Luxi: So Dave, how was the year's end for you? Did you make any (empty) promises for 2016? ;o)

Dave: All of my promises are that I make the most of my time left on this earth.

Luxi: Last time when we talked (in a 2013 interview) you were working on your third album that was going be titled Decibel Casualties. Did you change the title from Decibel... to Back in Bondage as I hear that will be the next Destructor release?

Dave: Back in Bondage is a record that was supposed to be our second release back in 1988. It was re-recorded in 2001 because some of the tracks were never finished and we of course lost our bassist Dave Iannicca. The recording was intended for an earlier release and now it's finally available. Decibel Casualties is almost done though there have been many hurdles over the years with Pat Rabid leaving and so on. It will be the second Destructor release on Pure Steel Records. I wanted to get the Back in Bondage record out first. Those songs were the next progression after Maximum Destruction. Decibel Casualties will most likely come out later this year.

Luxi: Back in Bondage has been in the works almost 10 years as I just noticed your previous album, Forever in Leather, came out in 2007. Could you explain what has happened in the Destructor camp since the release of Forever in Leather up to today?

Dave: Ha! Well, that's a long story but the short version is, Pat Rabid left the band and then our bass player Jamie left to pursue his own thing, a little band called Midnight which has done very well. After that our drummer Matt took a leave and since has returned. Some people thought I should call it quits with Destructor after all three members left but I refused. There was a period of rebuilding and raising money to finish the Decibel Casualties recordings. Since then we've written another record of new material. This is planned to be the third Destructor release on Pure Steel Records.

Luxi: If you compared Forever in Leather to this forthcoming album, Back in Bondage, what would be the most significant changes from your point of view?

Dave: As I mentioned Back in Bondage was written in 1986/87. Those songs were going to be the second Destructor record. The new Decibel Casualties songs are not unlike the style or sound of Destructor today. The fans should expect the same heavy, powerful and melodic songs they have come to expect.

Luxi: Back in Bondage contains nine songs and has a playing time of over 55 minutes, which means you have some pretty lengthy songs on the album. Are there specific songs on this new album that simply turned out to be long as you incorporated a more epic and adventurous feel to them?

Dave: Yes, after Maximum Destruction Destructor wanted to demonstrate that we had more in our bag of riffs than the very first songs we ever wrote together.

Luxi: What happened to songs like "Metal Spike Deep" and "Keep the Faith" that you had back in 2013 when you were working on Decibel Casualties? Were these songs renamed and will they appear on this new Destructor release?

Dave: Those songs were not written until after 2007 and they are songs that will appear on Decibel Casualties.

Luxi: It's been said that Back to Bondage has a lot of stuff that will remind people of your debut album, Maximum Destruction, which is a true classic in my sincere opinion. Can the fans expect to return to those times?

Dave: The songs are a step forward from Maximum Destruction but I feel that every song written is still what Destructor is all about. Many years have come between Maximum... and Back in Bondage but they all are songs that fit together in the theme of Destructor.

Luxi: I cannot help asking the following; your previous album was called Forever in Leather and this new opus is called Back in Bondage. What's your fixation with all this leather and bondage stuff? Sorry if I somehow crossed the line between your band activities and private life...

Dave: Haha, Back in Bondage is a title that I adopted to signify the bridge between the last song on Maximum Destruction and where the band was going next. I am truly in bondage to Destructor and the leather, spikes and chains that keep me grounded in what I need to see through with this band.

Luxi: How did you end up signing a deal with Pure Steel Records? Did you feel they had the best staff for making things happen for Destructor in terms of promotion they do for their bands, their contacts, etc.?

Dave: I needed to take the next step and truthfully I solicited them to release my solo band Vulgar Devils, to which they heard the songs and agreed. They then asked me about Destructor. "Do you have a contract for new releases?" to which I replied no. They responded "we would love to sign Destructor" so it was an easy decision. Pure Steel have a fantastic reputation and Destructor needed to break free from the years of struggles and not having total and complete support.

Luxi: I am sure you will get a bunch of requests about a possible vinyl release of Back in Bondage so will it be High Roller Records from Germany that may handle that version of your new album? They were responsible for the vinyl version of Forever in Leather and did a great job...

Dave: The possibility is very good. It all depends on the initial success of the first pressing of Back in Bondage.

Luxi: Is there a promotional video in sight for Destructor?

Dave: A video has been discussed and as I mentioned about the vinyl release, it will depend on the response. I have a company that wants to do a video and would be perfect. Money is the factor. I have funds tied up in the next Destructor record as well and my band Vulgar Devils so I need to see some success in those releases and then I will invest in video productions. It is something that is very important to the band and record company as well.

Luxi: After Back in Bondage is released do you have any intentions to tour? As you surely know, the best way to promoting your releases is playing in front of your fans...

Dave: Destructor has two big shows planned. The first show is the NYDM Milwaukee Spring Bash April 21-23 and the second is the Metal Threat Fest in Chicago July 15-17. Both US festivals are planned by great promoters. My main goal is to finish the studio recordings and see what offers will follow. Playing in front of fans is the most important thing for any band but first we need product.

Luxi: Do you still see gigging as important for Destructor as it was back in the old days?

Dave: Sure. Without proving we are a current band there can't be a future.

Luxi: How much stuff do you have in store for the next Destructor release, be it an EP or full-length?

Dave: How about another full-length record? With this band's line-up we have some of the very best writers we have ever had and the ideas are coming faster than we have time to get it all done. That is a very good problem for any band to have.

Luxi: My last question is related to one of my biggest childhood heroes, Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister (R.I.P.). What did Lemmy and Motörhead mean to you when you first started Destructor in 1984?

Dave: Fuck...Lemmy was and will always be everything to me. Motörhead influenced me in ways I can't even begin to explain. Lemmy and Motörhead may have been the single greatest influence in my life as a musician and as a person who wanted to make music. Like you and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world Lemmy was my God!!!

Luxi: Thanks for your time Dave and let the year 2016 be the most wonderful year for you and Destructor as well. If you have anything else in your mind, then feel free to put it all into some proper words... ;o)

Dave: Thanks for the interest and to all Destructor fans worldwide for their continued interest and support. We have so much to give back and the future is ours!!!

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