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Interviews Howling Syn

Interview with Patryk

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: February 14, 2001

To start, could you please give a brief history of Howling Syn?

Howling Syn started as a solo computer project back in 1998. Due to the unexpected success on and all the fans' interest, I decided to complete the band with Sophia LeMay on vocals and lyrics, and later Eric Mireault, an old friend of mine, on drums (who will be featured on our first studio album).

Given the fact that Howling Syn is not a "full-blown" band (for lack of a better word), most of the music was generated using computers. I'll be frank with you, I'm not too crazy about machines replacing musicians. Aren't you afraid to be associated with "one- man" bands that do everything using computers? Are there any plans to bring in more members to cover all the basic instruments?

Of course, Howling Syn was just for fun in the beginning but with the overwhelming response, I had no choice but to do a full band with it. It's what I always wanted in fact. As for being associated with one-man bands, all the computer-generated songs from Howling Syn were only demos. I found it a cheap way (in the good sense of the word) to make quality demo songs. Right now we only miss a guitar player for live shows. And of course when we're talking about a studio album it means it won't be only computer-generated music.

You'll be entering studio for the first time in May to record your first studio album. Tell us about this. Can we expect a full- length album?

You can expect the real thing this time. Of course, it will still include some synths but I'll be playing guitars and bass on the album as well as Eric on drums and Sophia and myself on vocals. There will be approximately 13 songs and it will certainly be the best Howling Syn album up to now.

Will it consist of existing material found on, or do you have completely new material for it?

There will be some new songs and some you may already know such as Dark Chivalry, Medieval Years, Vampyra's Symphony, Black Moon and The Reign of Evil. Only two songs will be instrumental. It will be divided into two themes: a vampiric and a medieval concept both in really different styles and moods.

Will it be a regular CD, or are you going to release it as an D.A.M. CD?

Our goal is to release it as a regular CD but first we have to find the right label. In the worst case, it will end up as a D.A.M. CD until we find something interesting.

Speaking of, Howling Syn has been pretty successful with the Payback for Playback program. Since I maintain Blinded by Faith's page on, I know it is a hell of a lot of work to pass the word around and get people to listen to the material and keep them coming back. Now be nice and tell us your secret ;)

There's no secret. I think it's mostly because Howling Syn can touch a lot of people because of its variety of styles. By blending all kinds of styles you can reach a 12-year-old kid as well as a 40-year-old woman and that's what our fans' reactions taught us. So with a good mix of good music, variety, good promotion and frequent song updates you can have something serious going on.

So far, Howling Syn has been a "studio band". Do you have any plans for live shows?

Of course, as you as we find a guitar player that really feels the vibes of Howling Syn we'll be on stage. I just can't wait to see the fans.

Your songs on vary a lot in genre: Power, Thrash, Gothic... That makes the band very hard to categorize. Are you planning to "settle" for a genre, or maybe reduce the variety of genres a little?

Not at all. Our primary genre is a mix of metal, goth and medieval and we'll always have at least one of these in our songs.

What do you consider Howling Syn's main metal genre to be part of?

Gothic metal. Because it blends the powerful side of metal as well as the darkness and passion of goth.

Where do you find the inspiration for those themes? Are you a fan of related literature?

I am a Horror & Sci-Fi movie fan, that helps! Sophia & Eric are more into that kind of literature.

I was under the impression that Sophia would do the lead vocals, but on the demo tracks you have, she only sings a little. Can you tell me which member does what in the band?

Sophia will sing lead on at least 5 songs on the studio album and back vocals on all the other tracks. Eric will play drums and I will play bass and vocals for live shows and bass, guitars vocals and programming in studio.

What do you think about the metal scene today? (I'm not talking about the local scene, but the scene as a whole)

I believe the metal scene is starting to get a lot of credibility. Especially bands from Europe.

How's your local scene in Montreal? Do you feel the bands stick together in the scene?

The scene seems cool now with the metal association that is starting and wants to help all the bands from here. If it all goes well major changes should be taking place for the best. Personally I don't know a lot of people from the bands from here. But those I know really stick together.

I noticed that a lot of Quebec-based bands don't seem to be aiming much farther than the Quebec market. What about you?

Quebec is a small market and we know that Howling Syn's style already reaches a bigger market since we have a lot of fans from USA,Europe and elsewhere. Ironically most of our fans are outside Quebec.

I've seen the band's picture with the new member... What's with the hat? (seriously)

That's just a way of dressing up! hehe Ask Eric when you'll meet him!

That's all I got for now.. Thanks for your time! Anything else you'd like to add?

Long Live Metal & the MetalCrypt!! Stay Evil!

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