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Interviews Accept

Interview with Wolf Hoffmann (Guitars)

Interview conducted by MetalMike

Date online: October 16, 2010

MetalMike: First, congratulations on the new album! How has the response been? Here at The Metal Crypt, it's been very positive, but how about the rest of the world?

Wolf: Thank you! As with everything that has happened to us in the last 15 months - we are overwhelmed. No one could have planned all this! Not even dreamed of it! We wrote an album, signed a record deal, toured in 17 countries from living room size clubs to 80,000 people with AC/DC, headlined festivals like Sonisphere, to a Meet & Greet Tour like this one in America and all this after 14 years living a total different life.

MetalMike: The story of how the band was jamming here in the U.S. and someone mentioning Mark Tornillo might be available to sing has been widely publicized but was it really that simple? Did you all hit it off right away or was there a bit of a "feeling out" process?

Wolf: You know it was that simple and the reason for it was that we did not look for a singer. The pressure on us and on Mark would have been immense, if we would have auditioned him. It was more than easy, because Mark is an easy going guy and neither him or us even contemplated anything, nothing but jam, which he could not even do, because the had serious bronchitis. What chance would YOU or anybody else have given us, if we would have revealed the idea that we want to get the band running again. I do not want to get into the details of the careers of bands that have been gone for so long. And before the fans got BLOOD OF THE NATIONS, did we not take a beating? You know, we had to take it and we could - that was a piece of cake, because we knew what we had!

MetalMike: What was the first song you played together?

Wolf: BALLS TO THE WALL ... I believe...just for fun!

MetalMike: Was the long term plan to find a singer and record again as Accept or did Mark's entrance get the band pointed in that direction?

Wolf: Well, as I just explained there had been no plan and that is exactly, in my eyes, what prevented any pressure to do anything. Mark - like us - had nothing to lose - we did not want to make anything but let it all hang out. Everything we had bottled up, and Mark too, could be tried and with Andy Sneap. Same thing, we did not look for a producer as we did not have any plans to record an album or anything. We had a brother at our side who understood, more than we, perhaps, what fans expect from us.

MetalMike: I have to say I am impressed with how much the music on Blood of the Nations sounds like classic Accept, without actually sounding like a band going through the motions or rehashing old ideas. Were the songs already in existence or did they come after you all got together? What's the secret to getting that Accept sound?

Wolf: Again, Andy Sneap has been essential to unlock everything ORIGINAL ACCEPT and Mark inspired us to go where we have not been able to go before. In the right environment Peter (Baltes, bass) and I could let it all go. Since we had no plan to fulfill and no limits, we were free as birds. We wrote over 30 songs in no time - a walk in the park!

MetalMike: In the past, Accept has famously had people outside the band contribute lyrics, but this time, I understand, Mark wrote the lyrics. What was that process like? What did that bring to the music, having the singer write his own lyrics?

Wolf: Outside the band? DEAFFY - my wife's pseudonym - is not exactly outside the band, is she? No, she decided after talking to Mark, that he should write his lyrics and we all are pretty happy with that and so is he. If you take in consideration that he - like us - has not been doing this for quite some time, I guess, we did alright! Don't you?

MetalMike: I sadly missed your show in Foxboro, Massachusetts (having not seen the band since 1986, opening for Iron Maiden, it would have been quite cool!), but how has the response been to the live shows? I'm sure new music is going down well, but how about the classics? How have the fans greeted a new singer performing the old hits? Has Mark tried to slip in any TT Quick songs? :)

Wolf: First of all - no, Mark has been vey focused on everything ACCEPT. Mark conquered the European fans by storm. We could not believe it, we could not, and the overwhelming reactions shocked us to the core.... in a positive way of course. And the best of all is that, worldwide, Mark is compared to sensational singers. I do not want to name names, but Mark can be very proud! He did it!

MetalMike: This tour has brought you across North America, any plans for the rest of the world?

Wolf: As mentioned before, we already did some touring, didn't we? North America is the last leg of our live activities for 2010.

MetalMike: What's the future of this incarnation of Accept? What would you like to see happen going forward?

Wolf: We start the European tour January 12th, 2011, working until mid March. After that Canada, West Coast and South America are on our tentative schedule so far, then back to Europe for Festivals. Autumn should bring us either to America again or Australia on a PACKAGE TOUR! We have to see.

MetalMike: Thanks for taking some time to give us some insight into the band and congratulations again on Blood of the Nations! Any final thoughts?

Wolf: We want to thank our fans who gave us the best start we could hope for and all the people who are working on our career. We could not be at a better place in our lives and we sure are pumped up. The live reviews speak for themselves. Hope to see you when we have a show near you. Thanx for the interview, it was a pleasure!

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