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Interviews Satan's Host

Interview with Eli Elixir (vocals)

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: October 15, 2009

I recently discovered these Colorado Satanic metallers through their newest album, Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999, and the damn thing literally blew me away. Seeing that this band has been around, having formed more than 30 years ago, I just had to ask their articulate frontman some questions...

I'm a bit late to the party, having just discovered Satan's Host with Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999. I was surprised to see that you guys formed in the late 70s. What were you doing during the first years? (I see that you didn't release your first album until 1986.)

Well, late bloomer to True Satanic Metal, we are honored to have you aboard this Demonic Metal War Machine known as "SATAN'S HOST." Basically, trying to get guys in the group, you know dedicated individuals who would be able to finish out a live lineup. Spent the early years writing, working on structuring songs and getting it together. Then once there was a solid lineup, as with songs written and completed, we went into the studio to record an album.

Satan's Host didn't really take off until 1999, at which point an EP and five albums followed. What happened between the first two albums (1986/87) and 1999? At which point did things get started again?

Correct, all was very stagnate and complacent in the early years. Lot had to do with the fact that this band was very young back in these early days. Most of the individuals at that time weren't focused and dedicated towards the future. Some of the members quit and went on to do other things in life, as with self destruction. Then when the 90's hit, after the 6 years of our Magick Manifesting, it was time to find True Satanic Metal Warriors, who had the Strength to carry the torch of Satan forward into the future. This is when everything changed, not only in the music industry, but in the evolution of metal in general on a worldwide scale. We saw what was happening and embraced the ever present change and marched forward, developing a whole new sound and style, as with attitude towards the industry and the psychic vampires running it. So by the mid 90's we had redeveloped ourselves, with an arsenal of fresh new songs, and a whole new sound as well as a new mentality. Satan's Host recorded two CDs in this era, which were self-financed, as with self-released under our own label (Black Magick, Inc.). Again there wasn't a whole hell of a lot of support from record labels around the world, other than our Will to create and record Metal 666. So we continued moving forward, even with the revolving door of members within this grotto. Seems like every year or three years, there was someone new in this band, so as to have a live lineup to perform the Metal. Ave. Lucifer...999.

It's worth noting that most of your new albums were independent releases. Had you looked into label support at all at the time, or did you simply decide not to bother and just adopt a "do it yourself" approach?

True they were all self-financed, until 2007's Great American Scapegoat...666 and the newest, 2009's Power˜Purity˜Perfection...999. We did look for label support from all around the world. Indie labels, major labels, American labels, European labels, Japanese Labels, nothing was happening for us. So we said fuck'em, and did it all ourselves for the longest time. We did score a distribution deal in 2004, for the Burning the Born Again CD, which was like a ray hope for us. lol! Then by the mid 2000's, around 2005 I believe, we were getting some interest from Moribund Cult. It took a few more years before any action was set in motion about getting us under this label. So yes, we did and still do have the "Do it Yourself" approach. Hail Satan...666

Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999 and its predecessor The Great American Scapegoat 666 were both released by Moribund Records. How did you get in contact with the label, and are you satisfied of the cooperation so far, after the experience with a few independent releases?

By perseverance! Hell I had sent out at least three or four promo packs, to Odin throughout the millennia. Then finally the timing was perfect for the inevitable Satanic alliance. We are satisfied with what Moribund Cult has done with the products, you know the CDs, artwork, shirts, and the distribution. Touring still needs work, though we did do one tour for the Great American Scapegoat album, which lasted for three weeks across America back in 2008. Hopefully, there will be a hell of a lot more touring for this new CD.. Both in America / Canada and Europe, but only time will tell?. Shemhemforash...333.

What's the meaning of the title Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999? That 999 is especially intriguing... ;)

You like this Title Metal Brother, Great! Well it has been a decade of my Luciferian studies' culmination, which has finally come into fruition within the Satan's Host Grotto. See, as a Luciferian, and one who has been studying and practicing this newest movement since 1999 - first I must give thanks unto Michael Ford author of, "Luciferian Witchcraft", "Bible of the Adversary", and many other books of this movement. Along with Robert Tucker author of, "An Age for Lucifer." Anton Lavey, "Satanic Bible." What was done, is a stacking of the all mighty number of perfection which is 9. Giving it symbolism with the addition of triplets, as with words which could represent what the numbers possess. Hence, (Power, Purity, Perfection), which are what we in the Satan's Host Grotto strive to attain in our lives and in our Art. So when you take 9+9+9=27. Then add 2+7 which equals 9. There is a manifestation which will always be. "Power˜Purity˜Perfection...999" SITR-AHRA.

Your touring activities seem to have been concentrated in Colorado and western/mid-western U.S. Are there any plans to expand your territory in the near future maybe a US/Canada tour for starters?

That is what Satan's Host would like to have happen. It's the only way to get the Metal out to the Legions / Fans touring. Only time will tell. See, in this industry if they don't want you to tour they, the "Psychic Vampires", can hold you back. Perhaps this new CD is the one that will break the band through into the next level of what it takes to bring the Satanic Metal to the masses around the World. Only time will tell, so keep in contact with us at our web page for updates on touring.

Your first couple of releases were of a more traditional Heavy Metal style, but your return saw you get into a more extreme style of Death/Black/Thrash. What's the story behind such a drastic change?

Evolution! Evolve or die, or get left behind. This is very apparent in this industry, not only with the bands but with the fans as well. Times move forward, not backwards! We just embraced what we were evolving into, and created the best Metal that we can in these present times of entering into the recording studios. Applying a wide array of metal styles into our own sound, and moving it into the future of what is to be the standard of this Satanic Metal Industry. It was a natural evolution for us, due to the fact that we are big fans of Metal. Always in tune to what was going on in the industry throughout the past twenty-five plus years. 333.

I found the name "Satan's Host" to be quite an eye-catcher and that's today, in 2009. Surely 30-some years ago and especially in the paranoid 80s your band name must have prompted a few extremists and religious nuts to give you a run for your money?Yes indeed, hell even in these present days, it still strikes a chord of fear in the weak minded. There were organizations that just had to pontificate their insecurities towards Satan's Host. It was the funniest of times when this bullshit was happening around us. Even in present times, we still get ostracized by the industry due to the name of this Grotto. This shit still makes us laugh at the ways of the western civilization.

In metal, especially in Black and Death metal, a lot of emphasis is put on anti-Christianity. With Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world, do you think some bands should have the guts to take a shot at this other major religion or maybe simply adopt an "anti-religion" attitude and simply attack everything at once?

Nice question Bro. Hey if that's what the band is into then run with it. Hell, Deicide is all about poking at Christianity. Other bands do poke at Islam, or politics. Whatever gets your ass up and in gear, is what that band should do. Satan's Host is more about The Black Arts, and the philosophies, theories and practices that shape our consciousness, as with our subconsciousness. A working of Demons and rituals, into ceremonies of a live performance through the Metal. To each is his or her own to do with what thou will.

Alright... "Christian Metal". Thoughts? ;) There's a lot of on-going debate on this many of these bands play some killer music, but there are a lot of people who think the Christian lyrics make it "not metal". Have you heard any such bands, by the way?

No never have, nor do I have the desire to listen to this hypocrisy. Fucking unbelievable! These mentally unbalanced fools, run around calling their sound Christian Black Metal?. What the fuck is that? A contradiction in terms and philosophies of existence. This shit makes me laugh at how shallow minded the Right Hand Path followers are in the Metal scene. Create your own term of Metal, "Church Metal." lol! Hail Satan...666.

You have a couple of videos available on YouTube (other than the live videos.) Where were those shot, and when? Are you planning on releasing more videos following the release of Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999?

The videos were shot in Colorado, under our own budget, which was basically nothing. We had some of our fellow Metal Brothers, with a video camera come on down to the studio. Fill them in on our concepts for the tracks, and just went for it man. You know the whole "Do it yourself Attitude!" Thanks go out to Don Rottenbutcher and Ivan Agala for all that they did to make these happen for the Satan's Host Legions World Wide 9. As far as doing any under the label, for the new CD, only time will tell. Though if too much time passes without results, Satan's Host will take the initiative and do one ourselves, under our own budget. Ave. Lucifer...999

With Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999 completed, are you already working on a new album?

Yes, Satan's Host is presently working on some new tracks for the next CD and planning on getting back into the studio next year, spring 2010. Satanic Dark Melody, which will be filled with evil leads and Luciferian Lyrical Poetry. Drums will only get more brutal, as with the bass much more powerful than ever before...999.

That's all I have for now... The last words are yours!

We give thanks out to the Satan's Host Legions / Fans around this worldwide 9. All our friends that we have made throughout the years, both on a street level and in the industry. Our sponsors, Schecter Guitars, Engel Amps, Ddrums. Odin and his crew at Moribund Cult Records. Club and venue owners, as with promoters that actually paid the band. Your Support is our catalyst, "Power˜Purity˜Perfection...999." "Power of Satan Compels Us too Greatness 9." Hail SATAN...666

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