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Interviews Brave

Interview with Scott Loose (Guitar)

Interview conducted by Sargon the Terrible

Date online: August 14, 2004

Ever since they started as Arise From Thorns back in 1997, Brave have done things their own way, their own speed, and have taken no crap off anyone about how they ought to sound. Their sound is all but impossible to pin down, as they cross so many genres, but all the legions of dedicated fans care about is that they always deliver quality music you would not hear from any other band. Mastermind/Guitarist Scott Loose was good enough to give us a few words on what's happening with the band with the release of their new EP "Passages"

Sargon: It's been a long haul since the release of "Searching for the Sun," give us a little info on all the changes the band has been through.

Scott: Well, we are no longer working with Chris Welborn on bass, he was replaced by Ben Kelly, and we have added Suvo Sur on violins and keys (live).

Sargon: The incorporation of violin is obviously a big step forward for Brave, how did Suvo come to join the band?

Scott: We had been interested in working with a violin player for a while, and even had one come in during the "Searching for the Sun" recording, but it didn't work out. So, we sort of scrapped the idea. Then we met Suvo at a party and we knew that he used to play violin in the death/doom band Forty Days Longing. We decided to jam and we had really good chemistry, so he joined the band sometime in 2002.

Sargon: You recorded "Passages" with some studio time you won, tell us some about that.

Scott: Yes, there was a battle of the bands at a club in Springfield, Virginia called Jaxx that included something like 250 bands. It was a long ordeal that lasted for a couple of months. I think we played 5 times or so and we kept advancing to the next round, until finally we made it to that last round where we ultimately finished in second place. It was supposed to be judged based upon performance, songwriting, musicianship, and audience votes. I think the audience votes counted for most of the score, so it was sort of a popularity contest. Regardless, we won some studio time and some money, which was much needed at that time, and it allowed us to finance "Passages."

Sargon: I understand you are planning a new full-length next year. How much do you have written for it? Will any of the material from "Passages" be on the new album?

Scott: The new album, which will be called "Monuments," will consist of all new material. We have 7 songs written so far, some of which are still being written more or less, but we'll have more written before we record.

Sargon: What direction are you taking the next album? Do you have a sound in mind, or do these things just evolve?

Scott: I have a sound in mind, but it will evolve on its own. It could turn out pretty different from what I might expect at this point. So far, the songs are pretty guitar driven and are more rocking than balladic. I think it will more aggressive than our previous work.

Sargon: With all the great response "Passages" is getting, have you had any label interest? Surely you guys can get a good deal somewhere.

Scott: We haven't sent to any labels. I suppose we might send a couple out, but I don't know if we really are interested in working with any labels at this point. It feels pretty good to have released this on our own and to have complete control over everything. It is a lot of work, but it is more satisfying.

Sargon: It looks like Brave has been playing a lot of live shows in the east, is it hard to juggle your regular lives with going on the road?

Scott: Yes, very much so. We all have jobs, and I was in school, etc. I think we would all like to do more tours, but it is getting even harder as we get older and have even more responsibilities. Unfortunately, it all comes down to money. The tours that we have done in the past were definitely fun, but we broke even at best. I am not deterred though, we are going to continue to produce albums and try and push it as far as possible. Maybe we'll be in a better position to tour in the future.

Sargon: I know you play in While Heaven Wept, do you (or your bandmates) have any other side projects?

Scott: Both Michelle and Trevor are also playing in WHW, at least for an upcoming recording, maybe some shows too. Also, Ben plays in a technical death metal band called Modulus.

Sargon: Brave fans are very dedicated, from what I have seen, does it still surprise you to find people are so into your music?

Scott: Yes, it is surprising, especially since we really don't have a genre or scene to fall back on. We've always done our own thing and have literally picked up one fan at a time.

Sargon: What do you hope the future holds for Brave?

Scott: I'd like to reach Led Zeppelin status, haha. Well, I was joking, but that wouldn't be too bad.

Sargon: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Scott: Thanks for the interview. To anyone who is interested in our new CD, please visit our website at or write to us at PO Box 1077 Woodbridge, VA 22195.


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