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Interviews Joe Thrasher

Interview with Joe Thrasher

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: April 18, 2004

Hey guys! Alright, let's start off with a standard question: please explain how Joe Thrasher came to be?

Thunder and lightning the gods take revenge, senseless destruction.

Hey what about that name? :)

Joe Thrasher are average Joes that love to thrash.

The band was formed in early 2003, but it seems your original material is very recent (early 2004?) Why did it take "so long" (that's a matter of perspective, I guess) for you to release some of your own music?

We didn't have the bass god of thunder, Gumby, to lay down the low end until recently ;) We started with covers.

I know Matt was previously with Deämon (I think Jose also?), what make you decide to form a thrash band, having come from a death metal band?

Jose: I left a death metal band because I prefer thrash.

Matt: I wanted to do something a little more laid back and fun.

What previous experience with other band(s) do each member have?


Joe Thrasher have a number of covers and a few compositions, enough to play a short set as an opener from what I can see. What's next? Are you looking into extending your repertoire of covers, or have you reached the point where you'll focus on your own material?

We want to keep learning more covers. We plan to make a full length cd at some point in the future.

No covers of any songs off St.Anger? How come? :)

Why do you think ?

A Thrash band in Ottawa, that's unusual. I got the feeling in recent years that the local scene was geared more toward grind (bleh) and hardcore (double bleh.) How do you think the local crowds will react to your stuff live?

We're going to have fun on stage, hopefully the crowd will have fun too.

Your demo is available for download on your site and on Are you expecting to release it in a more tangible form (CD-R or tape), or will you wait to have more songs for a longer demo, or even a full-length album?

Maybe some CD-Rs or something.... See answer to question 6 ;)

What would you guys like Joe Thrasher to become? Are you eyeing some degree of success outside our frontiers?

Our only goal is to thrash forever :)

Have you had much feedback about your demo yet? What kind of comments are you getting?

We're getting tons of awesome feedback.

What's in the planning stage for the band in 2004?

See answer to question 10. We want to keep learning more covers, and writing more originals and playing some shows..

To wrap this up, I'd like to thank you for your time and for bringing some real music back into the local Ottawa scene. :) The last words are yours...

Heavy metal earth quake. Joe Thrasher! Thanks for the interview & support -> check out for up to date info.

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