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Canadian Assault Fanzine

Interview with Dale Roy

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: April 4, 2004

I've been wanting to interview this guy for a while now. Dale Roy is the mastermind behind the long-running Canadian Assault fanzine which I discovered a few years ago. Along with such underground zine juggernauts such as Slayer Magazine and SnakePit, Canadian Assault is among the best out there, easily blowing the glossy mags out of the water. With each issue of C.A. comes an enormous amount of content, lots of humour, strongly-voiced opinion (wimpy labels and bands, beware!), and most important of all, an undisputable dedication to metal in all its forms. So here's some information on the man behind the mag... Enjoy!

Hi Dale! How's life down in Philadelphia?

Hails Michel, it is good to hear from you my friend, metal brother and fellow Venom disciple! You're a bit behind the times mate, in August 2004 I will have been at my new location in the sticks about 1 ½ hours from Philly for 2 years! (Actually I did know that, but I'm so damn senile that I forgot! - Ed. :)) Life in Philadelphia was horrible, I hate that fucking city man, what a cesspool it has become, it used to be a noble city once a long time ago. Now I am back in digs I am more used to at the foot the Blue Mountain range (in Canada I lived near the Canadian rockies) on a 5 acre piece of wooded land in Northeast Pennsylvania. It is great here, instead of seeing graffiti and crackheads when I get up in the morning I see deer, birds and forest.

I'd like to torture you right away by asking you how the Canadian Assault fanzine came to be, and why you chose that name.

Hmmm… This would go all the way back to '92 sometime when I had begun writing some reviews and interviews for 2 zines, Atheist Anthems and The Cauldron, both of which ripped me and everyone else who sent them stuff off by never releasing those particular issues even though the latter zine already had an issue under its belt. Some months later I was talking on the phone with Mike Campbell (who was then one of my tape traders for about a year already) of the infamous & merciless old zine The Sepulchral Voice and I relayed my woes of what had happened with those zines and he asked me if I would like to start writing for his zine (which by this point already had released some 8 issues) and being that I originally got in contact with him after becoming a die hard follower of his printed sickness I was more than filled with pride to accept this offer. I did 9 issues of TSV with Mike and had sent off all my material for the 10th when he suddenly disappeared completely from the scene. I was not happy with the last couple issues of the zine anyway and often argued with Mike about it even though it was not my zine but his, at the end it was partially colour glossy and was in every chain and many non-chain record stores in Canada nationwide. A far cry from the earlier cult issues which were a punch in the face of everything soft and commercial. Shortly after I started to write for TSV I either offered my services or in most cases was asked to write for some other zines which included Eternal Darkness (USA), Growling Brutality(CAN), Inner Source(USA), Devourment Of Souls (Malaysia), among others. To answer the rest of your question I began work on Canadian Assault near the end of 1997, in fact it was before the demise of The Sepulchral Voice as Mike even promised to announce I was working on my debut issue in the next TSV, which of course never came out. So the timing was surely right. I don't know why I didn't start my own sooner? Lack of confidence I could do it all myself? Lack of funds – definitely! I had aspirations as far back as 1991 of doing my own zine but satisfied my desires to be a part of the underground print culture through working for others fanzines. My first issue came out in early 1998 and had interviews like Tenebrae (Canadian black metal one, not the Finnish death band), Scepter, Infernal Majesty, Eternal Darkness fanzine, Sacramentary Abolishment (this one was done in person after a show on Halloween night '97 in a dark alley and of course after the split the members formed Rites Of Thy Degringolade & Axis Of Advance) ect… I was like a demon possessed at that point, spending pretty much every waking moment (and sleeping very little) not at my job on my fanzine, which resulted in me releasing no less than three 50 or more pages issues in the span of 10 fucking months!! Now I understand how bands like Darkthrone and Burzum recorded so much material in their early days. Of course life is much more hectic for me now, my issues are thicker and I find the result is better if I take my time and currently I seem to be on a pace of releasing a new issue every 9 months to a year. No remorse, no regrets I am doing it right the first time now and not looking back.

How long have you been into metal, and how did you become exposed to it?

I discovered metal believe it or not at age 9 in late 1983. At the time I was hanging out with older guys as many small towns like that there are not many kids so you have different age groups hanging out and I at that time was hanging out with guys ranging from the ages of 13 to 16 years old. They got me into it early. Then I quickly passed them by as they thought all the new bands I was discovering were too noisy and heavy for them (Hellhammer, Venom, Sodom, Grim Reaper, etc...) and before long none of them listened to metal anymore anyway. This fact coupled with the isolation of our area would explain why I was into metal for 6 years (1989) when I discovered there was such a thing as the underground and that was truly an awakening! Anyone who has read the editorial from issue # 8 (split with Leather 'N Spikes zine) will know I am very proud of the fact that I have been into metal for over 20 years now! Not to mention 13 years into the UG scene.

When you moved from Canada to the US, did you consider changing the zine's name?

Oh yes, hell yes I did. I am now very glad I did not. I considered it quite seriously when I first came here but people like Jeffrey Kusbel (assistant editor) whom I actually had just met recently (this would have been just before issue 3 came out.) I think if I remember right Phil from the old defunct zine Brutalized talked me out of it as well. I honestly forget the names I was thinking of but I had thought about North American Assault but that did not sound right to me. As I am sure you know I originally named it after a special Canadian only Mini LP release by the almighty Venom. But that was actually my third choice, my first two were "Warhead" and "Die Hard" but wouldn't you know it while I was just beginning work on issue 1 there pops up a label from Australia called Warhead records and a Dutch label whose original name I forget suddenly changed their name to Die Hard records so I decided to go with my third choice, it also seem most likely not to be used by anyone else so I went with it. I remember getting a lot of letters when I moved here as C.A. was just starting to make some good noise, asking "why is it called Canadian Assault when you live in the USA" or they also just assumed I was American and it was some kind of shot at Canada or something haha.

As of this writing, the newest issue of Canadian Assault is a split issue with Leather N' Spikes. You've also done this with another fanzine a couple of times (once?) in the past. What prompted you to go for a split issue in those cases?

Well for the first and yes until the new one only split issue, it was my idea and I wanted to really try it out. I mean I am always spouting about unity for like minded extreme people so why not practice it and do a split fanzine, two zines for the price of one, double promotion from 2 editors, seemed like a good idea and it was. With the new split issue that was actually not my idea at all, Cath Emailed me one day and asked if I would do one with her and I of course agreed. This time the split did not go as smooth but in the end everything has worked out pretty well and I think we (both editors) are satisfied with the result.

Are you also considering a split for the next issue?

I would say probably not with this issue but possibly in the future but it has to be with a special person whose work I really respect and who I am good friends with. Once it comes to printing, the thing is there is a lot of trust that needs to be involved when talking about the amount of money involved and the fact one person has to ease their ego and let the other take charge of the pressing, delivery etc...

There's a pretty direct (and quite funny, I must say) "fuck you" type of message to "large" labels on the first page of Canadian Assault. Despite this, do some of these label continue to send you promo material?

HAHAHA Well I would like to say yes but no they have pretty much all banned or cut me from their lists. Not that I care I guess but I wish there were some bigger labels that can admit when they are cocksuckers, instead I get removed from their list in between ball slaps on their chins. It is nothing new to me, when I was helping do The Sepulchral Voice all those years ago Century Media officially banned us at one point for being disgusting and homophobic haha. Every now and then, this promo lady in Canada who is cool gets promos I think only for Canadian fanzines but if she has extra's like Nuclear Blast or whatever she will fire them my way. If is funny you ask that though because I doubt most of them even read that bit in the advert rates (though you never know) but I started calling them out by name in interviews and in reviews within the zine and I think decided I was not helping them make any fists full of cash so I started getting dropped, it was like a game between myself and Jeffrey, he would phone me up and ask "which label dropped us this issue?" Actually some smaller ones banned us too from time to time. Good riddance, I already cannot keep up to the amount of promos I get, it is burning me out trying and those labels always send the shittiest ones so it is kind like my mouth and typing fingers are running quality control.

Actually, do you care much about promo material, or do you prefer to buy your own stuff?

Obviously you do a webzine my friend or you would know that print fanzine editors plunk down upwards of $2000 an issue they never recuperate, so there is not a lot of extra money left for buying stuff. Whenever I can though I prefer to buy stuff but then there is no guarantee it is going to get a review because after doing for instance doing 500 reviews (!!!) for the last issue I am burnt the fuck out on reviewing and if I get to pick and choose with my own money, first off the chance of it actually being good goes way up but also it is a leisure thing, I can just listen and enjoy instead of nitpicking and criticizing every little thing so I will not steer readers wrong, so I get to enjoy it, no strings attached so most of those items never get reviewed. After the last issue, with this new one we are starting a new policy where we are not reviewing every single thing sent in, demos get first priority always, but otherwise, labels reading this consider yourselves warned in advance. My days of caring about and seeking out promo materials are long gone, I appreciate it when someone sends something in but my days of getting excited about seeing promos in the mailbox have kind of worn out with the passage of time and worn down through attrition. It might sound harsh to say but you try reviewing 500 things, I mean proper reviews in a short period of time with 60% (conservative estimate) being either average or boring and see how excited you get years down the road. Do not get me wrong I love doing the zine but last issue really soured me on the whole reviewing process.

You've been at this for several years now, do you get quite a bit of hate mail? Have you ever considered making a "best-of" page with the most retarded ones? I'm sure that would be entertaining.

Yes I do. Now and then from readers whose hero's I shit on or some such thing or like recently I interviewed the war metal band Cobalt. Apparently I am out of the loop and they are not in the right cult web board circles or something and I got accused quite vehemently (always tough guys through the mail) of interviewing a band that did not have their dues paid up in the argh spell every "C" as a "K" gas mask battle metal union or some such thing. Like I give a fuck, I have known the guy I interviewed for years and I liked the music, so I interviewed them no matter what anyone thinks. But also you know from reading my reviews, if I think it sucks I am quite brutally honest about it and a number of bands have threatened me, like what was their name, oh yes Rogue. I reviewed their demo in issue 7 and said their band sucked and called them wiggers because that is what they were acting like in the music, the intros, the layout, the pictures – you name it. So I sent them the review and they wrote back and something like "we have your Email, we can find out where you are, we have ways of doing it and then we will beat your ass yo" or something close to that. So I wrote them back and saved them the trouble, I sent them my name, street address and directed them to a pic of me on the Internet and said they could come and get me. Needless to say they backed off and never showed up haha. That happened a few times and when they get tough, I always do that but no one takes me up on the offer. I am not saying I am some bad ass or anything but I can handle myself and I know these guys are generally all bark and no bite. But anyway, I seem to piss people off a fair bit, that is a good idea I should make a compilation of hate letters haha. Too bad I don't think I saved any of the letters or Emails.

Have any bands or labels featured in your "forged ads" (eg. Dummy Burger) contacted you to complain?

HAHA No not yet. But some guy who is really good buddies with the Dimmu Borgir guys sent his friend over (you would be surprised if I told you which band but I won't because I am good friends with the other guys and they are a great band who I will not slag in any way, though this guy is just a live session guy I think, a hint would be that I interviewed them once haha) to tell me he was not happy and that I cannot do stuff like that. When I told his friend I can do it and will continue to do it he just shared a laugh with me and said he personally thought it was awesome. It is one of my down falls, if I hate something I can usually just not let it go I have to make sure everyone knows how much I hate it haha. In closing I must say though those are real pictures I found somewhere hehe.

How's the metal scene in your neck of the woods? Are there a good number of tours stopping by?

As far as I can tell it is pretty dead. After I first moved here the girlfriend of a guy in this local band came up to me and said "you look like you are into metal, you should come and see my boyfriend's band this weekend!" She then told me "they sound like System Of A Down mixed with Korn" I explained to her I am into more extreme stuff and that the bands she mentioned are homos and have nothing to do with metal so do not call them that. So I guess that is the extent of the scene around here near as I can tell. In Philly, it is not great but better than here at least you have some bands like Crucifier, Bloodstorm, Infernal Hatred, Deceiverion, Funeral Mask and etc… It could be better for the population, I mean I just mentioned probably 40% of all the extreme bands in the area and the population of that city is probably half the that of Sweden to give you a comparison.

How do you like living in the US? Would you consider moving back to Canada, or is that out of the question? You don't have to answer this if your wife is looking over your shoulder as you type. :)

I won't lie Michel. It is really different here, sometimes it seems like a lot of people here only live for money and that is what drives every part of their lives. Overall though it is not radically different, especially now that I am out of the city. It is my home now, I try to make the best out of it. To speak brutally honest, Canada probably has a better quality of living day to day, I miss many things from my homeland that people here just would not and do not get. Moving back to Canada is not entirely out of the question but doubtful, and if it ever did happen we would be talking 20 years down the road. The states are cool, I think most Canadians could get on here reasonably well but I must say I do miss living somewhere where the general population respects nature and keeping your personal space and public area (town etc..) clean, here it is seems an open empty space or street gutter or side walk etc… are merely good places for a makeshift garbage dump.

- Here's a stupid question but I figure you can provide us with some entertaining and/or interesting answers, so why not: Give your comments on the following bands (I intentionally picked your favourites:)


Remember when this band meant something? Remember when they created true art and had conviction in their music? To me Mayhem died with Euronymous and should not have been continued but it has been and Euronymous is rolling in his grave in rhythm to the techno bits and beats on the lastest Gayhem records.

Dark Tranquillity

They took the big leap for the $entury Media cash. I loved their 7" and their first couple of records were not as amazing but still good stuff regardless then they changed their sound and got signed, I mean didn't they die all those years ago? I could have sworn I seen a picture of their grave stone somewhere.

Cradle of Filth

They must be proud signing to Sony, if I am not mistaken isn't Madonna on that label? Maybe they could tour together. They could call it something like "Like A Gothic Virgin Gurgling Cum For The One Millionth Time" Tour.

How did you get the idea of that "round table discussion" section? Did you get any comments from readers after the first one in issue 6?

It sort of came to me as I was trying to work up some new kind of feature for Canadian Assault for a couple of issues without much success. I wanted it to be something good and what ever it was I wanted it to be something (insert sentence earlier about reason for the split issues) where it was myself, Jeffrey and a small group of other people from the scene whom I respect. Then I think it may have been after I read this zine simply entitled "Metal", where the editor printed some Emails where he and his friends discussed a certain album or issues back and forth. Then it hit me, talk about shit in the scene, about shit not in the scene and about life in general and see if you can pull it off as a Roundtable discussion and I think it worked, it has been highly praised by C.A. readers pretty much across the board. For the one in issue 8 we may have been guilty of going a bit overboard with the political end of things, so that will change with the new one which I am in process right now for getting it started. It will focus more intently on metal mostly and non-political material. Issue 6? You mean the one where it was more or less just me ranting on about myriad of issues? (Actually, I meant issue 7, I screwed up! But the rant in #6 was pretty good too! - Ed. :)) Yes I got mostly good comments, a few people did not like it and a couple people wanted to kind of challenge what I had to say in it which was cool but they mostly wanted to try and change my mind to their thinking and once I make my mind up it is very hard to sway.

Do you have any kind of "work plan" for creating an issue of C.A.? For example do you decide beforehand what will go in the next issue, or is that pretty much an "as you go" type of thing?

I suppose it is a yes and no, very grey area response to that. For example above I have a basic game plan on the direction the roundtable will take. But other than that and a few other things such as I rarely interview brutal death metal or grind bands anymore because they all, well that is not fair, like 80% or more give short and completely lousy interviews and I was getting very tired of that. Which is too bad because I love brutal death metal and I love gore lyrics and imagery. At the same time also most power metal bands give happy fruity goody goody interviews so that is a waste as well, so no power metal interviews either and ditto with liking power/heavy metal overall. I do have a rough idea of what I want but obviously if I review a band or buy a release that knocks me on my ass then the direction or plans can change in an instant if I am possessed enough and I will drop everything and interview that band. Other times it is out of your hands when certain bands do not return interviews, do respond to requests or even a couple times, or more like one time turn down an interview.

What tools do you use when "building" an issue of Canadian Assault? I assume there's some computer work involved, but considering the layout, there must be quite a bit of more manual involvement?

Correct and correct. I am using currently almost exclusively as far as software goes, Microsoft Word 2003 or XP or whatever they are calling it now and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and every now and then Microsoft Publisher 2002. As far as layout I am getting pretty close to the point, regressing/devolving to almost 100% cut 'n paste DIY old school (you knew I would use that term at least once in this interview haha) (Definitely! :) - Ed.) layout. My tools are Avery Permanent Glue Stick, Fiskars Scissors, X-Acto carving knife and one pair of bugged out, glue fume teared eyes and standard issue hands that came with the body at birth. I really like having gone back to the old ways of laying out a fanzine, it brings more feeling into it, more blood and sweat upon the pages, maybe even the odd cum splotch or a pube or two, it is a real nice fuck off to the computer age which I hate but thoroughly rely on and use daily.

Have you ever had any difficulties finding a printer for an issue? I know Metalion of Slayer Magazine had some problems a couple of years ago with a printer not wanting to print the magazine because of its contents...

Surprisingly I have never had a problem whatsoever. I can even have nudity in, their only rule is it cannot be hardcore penetration. That is it, they are 100% hands off on written content and they have stood by that promise despite some nasty things over the years. I did issue 1 xerox at Staples and surprisingly they did not say anything and I have had the same printing shop from issue 2 until now. HA I did once have the manager at Office Max tell me they have a policy about no nudity photocopying (I had naked porn bitches on flyers for I believe issue 3) but he then whispered to me if I was willing to wait until the late afternoon with the other manager was out he would do it for me regardless on the sly. Which I thought was fucking cool because he did not know me and therefore did not owe me spit. I take back what I said I love America haha.

Beside Canadian Assault, you also have a fanzine distro where we can buy various fanzines. How did you come up with that idea?

Well I am an exceptionally diverse and busy man what can I say? In all seriousness I should mention first as it seems you did not hear yet that Jeffrey Kusbel and I have finally started our record label and it is running very smoothly. Our first release came out exactly 3 months ago, it is nearly sold out and we have been busy because we are currently prepping our 3rd release in what will probably be 4 months for the pressing plant. So far both on vinyl but the next is a full length on disc. I will give you more information and the website address for it at the bottom of the interview, you might be interested to know and I think Michel you will realize who pretty quickly but our first 2 releases featured a band you just recently interviewed. I do have a fanzine distribution service which is still going, not as strong as it used to maybe because of all these damn webzines knocking the print zines off haha. More on that later. I do a zine only distro and if anyone wants a free list just write me a snail mail letter or send me an Email and it is yours, I usually have like 40 titles or something of that nature. So if you support the life blood of the scene then you will want to order some fanzines!! The idea came because I was tired of all the distributions dropping fanzines from their lists mainly do to the invention of webzines and also very much do to certain idiots who decided to kiss label cock for mucho advert money then in return giving out their zines for free to everyone. Effectively devaluing fanzines and no one wanted to have to pay for one any more. It was unbelieveable how many people were writing me asking if they could have my zine for free at my expense and oh "does that come with a free comp. CD?" Fucking capitalist leeches! But I digress. I was and am a die hard zine reader/collector, I am a fan of fanzines and not just the bands they interview or review. I knew we were a dying breed but at the same time we were still out there wanting our fucking zines. I thought to myself one day I wish someone would had a distro that was nothing but fanzines. No one did so I started my own, besides it helped move my own zine by doing trades.

What are your favourite printed zines that you would recommend to readers? (other than C.A., of course :))

HELL YES!! I fucking worship fanzines!! One of the reasons I started my own zine was so I could trade for other people's hallowed sickness entombed forever in paper and ink! Fuck the list is endless on how many I like but here are just a few. Some past and present faves include: Stress Related, Hellish Massacre, Northern Heritage, Necropolis, Black Mountain Of Thy Septentrio(Proscriptor & Equitant's of Absu's old zine!), Where's My Skin?, Screams From The Gutter, Metal-Core, Eternal Darkness, Painkiller, Tales Of The Macabre, Unholy Terror, Black Plague, Real Sickness, Unhallowed, Season Decay, A View Into The Abyss, Netherworld, Skiteater, Evil Semen, Destroying Angels, Body Bags(Paper Or Plastic), Random, Forgotten Chapel, Key Of Alocer, Eyes Of Cyndonia, Autoeroticasphyxium, Slayer, Desecration Of Virgin, Gate Of Horror, Necrozine, Pernicious, Silent Empire, Peccatum Altar, Einsatzkommandos, Wallahcian Tyrant, I Hate You Motherfucker, Leather 'N Spikes, Petrified, Midwest Metal, Tornado, Cult, Painful Reality, Metallic Warlust, Gallery Of The Grotesque, Metal, You Died and LOTS more!!!

What do you think of all the 80s band that have been getting back together in the past few years?

I honestly am not sure what to say. It seems to depend on the band itself. Some seem to just want to play metal and play for their fans but a lot of them are only coming back because there is a renewed interest and money to be made. Most should probably just let sleeping dogs lie. Then I put on Agent Steel's comeback album "Omega Conspiracy" and realize these old guys now and then still have a lot to give.

Do you write for any other printed zines or webzines? (Careful what you say about webzines - haha!)

Webzines blow ah ah ah. Okay most do except Metal Crypt because they actually constantly update the thing and keep up the content, which to me is the key to a good webzine. Having said that, I do think about probably 80% of all webzines do not meet those levels of quality. I have to be honest I really do not follow webzines much, I check on Metal Crypt and a few others with any kind of regularity and even then I cut n paste the stuff I want to read into Word and print it out on paper and read it that way, it feels boring and cold to read off the screen, just my personal view. Okay I am getting off topic here sorry. I write for no webzines, well I think I may have done something a couple times on request but I forget. Here is a list of zines I wrote for in the past or currently: Eternal Darkness, The Sepulchral Voice, Leather 'N Spikes, Discordia, Growling Brutality, Eternal Darkness, Devourment Of Souls, Agonia and I am drawing a blank but I know there is a couple more. Sorry man it is getting late and it has been a long damn day.

This is 2004. What are your thoughts on the state of metal today?

My thought blah! It is so hard to translate my thoughts here and I will tell you why, it is because the scene goes in so many directions these days and my and likely everyone else's opinions depending upon the genre or subgenre or subgenre of the subgenre – I have a different opinion on each. There are so many things about today's scene that are worse than the old days, so many things lost but I do not wear rose coloured classes, Email has been like a beacon of unlight on the scene as far as correspondence goes, sure it is all so aloof these days but that depends on the individual not let himself get that way when he only has an hour of free time and there are 15 Emails you have to respond to in your inbox, you got to suck it up and try not to give robot responses which the impersonal nature of Email kind of breeds. The Internet makes it easier to get music and easier to get limited music which is both a good and bad thing. It is such a see-saw battle between the positive and negative points that I could go on forever and then you would have to give you ftp password Michel because I would have to go in every week and add something new to this answer haha.

Are there any recent releases you'd like to recommend to readers? What about stuff to steer clear of?

I am just now starting to gear up on my piling up review stacks so I have been listening to my old albums a lot lately and not much new stuff is like getting one's batteries recharged and I needed that. But the result of that is I cannot say yah or nay on much recent stuff sorry. But I did pick up the newest King Diamond and that kicks ass (Hell yeah! - Ed.), I reviewed the new Tankard album and was surprised those old alcohol pickled bastards could record something that awesome 20 years down the road. Steer clear of all those bands you listed above to get my opinions on. Oh yeah steer clear of this one man band from Ireland (my ancestors' homeland!) called Venusian Death Cell, that is has not one ounce of musical ability or imagination but he has sent me a total of 5 or 6 demos (if you can call them that, humming riffs and slapping counter topics and I am just getting started recorded on a ghetto blaster) even though I asked him a couple demos ago to stop sending me that crap haha. What a twit.

Smile, for this torture session is over. Thanks for your time, Dale. The last words are yours...

My god man are you trying to fucking kill me typing that much. Just joking. I hope I did a pretty good job considering I only got this interview by Email a few hours ago. (Dale returned this detailed interview some 6 hours after I sent him the questions!!! - Ed.) I really very much appreciate this support my friend, it is an honour to express my views and hopefully not bore the mighty readers of Metal Crypt. Keep in touch my friend and best of luck with your juggernaut site, by the way I could use some web building tips sometime haha.

Some information on Dale's zine and label:

CANADIAN ASSAULT, c/o Dale Roy, 8687 Jones Road, Slatington, PA. 18080, USA metaldale AT


Nachtmystium "Live Blitzkrieg" LP (Close to sold out) $16 US Post Paid
Autopsy Kitchen Records release AKR001
Release date: December 25th 2003
500 pressed, hand numbered

Nachtmystium/Xasthur split 7" $7 US / $9 World (Regular Version)
AKR002 Release date: March 12th, 2004
1,000 pressed in total
100 were printed in a special edition on clear vinyl with a split tshirt of the bands & was sold out before the release date. The regular black vinyl is selling nicely but still plenty left at the moment.

Nachtmystium "Demise" 2004 CD
AKR003 Release date: Early Spring 2004
AKR003 has finally been established as the new full length offering from Nachtmystium titled "Demise". Autopsy Kitchen Records will be pressing the CD version of this album only. The vinyl will be available via Asgard Musik of Australia - Autopsy Kitchen will be offering the vinyl wholesale for a limited time immediately after release for US customers only. Write if interested. Also note that the cover art on the CD version will differ from that of the vinyl. Also of note is that the vinyl is not under license from Regimental Records as is printed on the back sleeve of the "Demise" gatefold. Autopsy Kitchen now has full rights to this release. The CD will be available soon and plans are to include a slipcase cover with every copy.

Abscess "Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men" LP
AKR004 Release date: Spring 2004
AKR's 4th release will be available immediately after the "Demise" CD if all goes as planned and this is one I hope to spread the word far and wide on. It's already been licensed from Relapse Records and is none other than the wickedly just plain perverse "Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men" courtesy of Abscess! Yeah, the exclamation clearly means we are ecstatic about this record. The classic Abscess line up as far as I'm concerned of Clint Bower, Danny Coralles, Freeway, and Chris Reifert. If some of those names sound familiar well they really should be as they are about one half of the former heaviest, doomiest, darkest, stonedist, and undeniably sickest death metal band to ever grace our record collections; Autopsy. In the Hall of Fame of sleaze this record reigns supreme. One of my all time favorites and an essential vinyl release as far as I'm concerned which is why we're doing it. Expect it before summer in a press of around 500 copies all in brown (what else?) vinyl.

Chemikiller Debut Album
AKR005 Release date: July 2004
Marauding blackthrash goatwarriors Chemikiller are now signed to AKR for their debut full length album!
No Vikings...
No Corpsepaint...
No Keyboards...
No Gothic Stage Names...
Just Black Fucking Metal...
AKR005 is planned and inked in blood as well. A band we've all come to admire around here over the years, Delaware blackgoatholocaustthrash Chemikiller. Featuring the founder Ramrod on guitar and vocals and he has since added an actual line up for the new album which is unheard of in the Chemikiller camp. Also appearing on the album will be Joel Grind of the maniacal mutant thrash band Toxic Holocaust on drums as well as Lord Vic of Rampage on bass guitar. Expect no less than to

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