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New Conception
New Conception song posted here:

Grand Again

I don't like it much.  The riffs are all percussive and "modern"-sounding, and Roy is once again abusing the vocal effects.
Yeesh, this makes modern Kamelot sound interesting and artistic in comparison.  That's another legend we're not getting back, it seems  Sad
Metal Always. Metal Only.
Yeah...strange, but I'm trying to like it. "Feather Moves" is a little better than this, but yeah, I think Conception may be long gone.
Metal is forever
In every Single matter
Metal is forever
Nations come together
Roy Khan in the studio is like "Hmmmm, which effect will make me sound like a muppet screaming inside a cardboard box?"
There's got to be more people out there that like these shit riffs than there are people wise to the fact that the guitar is a melody instrument and not percussion. Well, we can say that the djent kiddies have been more detrimental to metal than the hipster trendies trying to gentrify metal; the extended range guitar crowd convince more old bands on what it is to be 'relevant' than the latter.
I'll never understand why Khan, one of the greatest metal vocalists of all time, drowns his vocals in effects. It has never made any sense to me.

At the very least though, I hope all this new activity inspires the band to rerelease the classic albums. I've never had any physical copies.

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